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Fantasy Adventure in Rales

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Silencer Lucio

Dreaming Melody
A world where Magic is real.

A world where you will be able to shape your own adventure.

You, who wish to escape your reality, be it wishing you could live in a world of fantasy. You, who wish that you were able to have superpowers. You, who wish this world weren't so boring.

Will you relinquish the ties you have with your world?

A cherry voice pops in a void of white, glimmering purple and blue snow falling from above. "We call you folks as; Wishers. Congratulations, through the celestial realms and universe. Your wish has reached me."

When you wake up the next day. A piece of paper appears to be floating in front of you. It reads


A world of possibilities for Fantasy lovers. More often than not it is for ordinary out if this world mortals to experience what life is like, surrounded by Magic but that is not important for the time being. Explore and learn.

A rather lavish Inn nested just bordering the Town of Agnis and Soryatl Forest, behind it are a source of natural Hot Spring.

This is where our newly arrived Wishers- will be vomited out in front of by the universal power and they will stay until they are deemed ready to venture further. They will be given accomodations and necessities, basic weapons and the likes as well as basic training. But not for free, of course. They will be given paid jobs in the Inn to compensate for the accommodation. Anyone caught slacking or causing trouble will be punished accordingly.

Owner of Wanderer's Law. His name is popular amongst the residents of Agnis and the surrounding areas. Prince of the Night, Protector of Agnis.

Orivin is a man of little words unless he needs to explain something in relation to this world to the Wishers. He has no tolerance for unkemptness and those who half-ass their work.

Get to know him better and perhaps you'd find something interesting beneath his facade of stone.

Tip: He is a man of actions more than words.

•First MPA encounter in RALES

Faceclaim: Ayn from For All Times

A decently sized town that could be considered a 'starter town' in game terms. Nothing too special or notable, they are mostly off the radar but that also pose quite a few problems. Agnis' people are not known to have much affinity with Magic. This leads to fending their town from monsters and magical creatures to be rather difficult.

The people in this town are a closely knit bunch. Their main source of income are the fields of crops that they locally grew to be shipped to other town and cities.

Traversing through Soryatl Forest is a norm for people of Agnis despite the dangers that lurks within the shadows. So long as they walk along the provided path they will be fine. Although concerns of monster sightings worry the workers of Coldoak Mine.
Located deep into Soryatl Forest, there is a Mana Crystal Mine. Occasionally growls could be heard at night, shadows moving about.
Losenvala City
A bustling port city, tourist destinations, merchant haven.

Situated at the heart of Losenvala, Eldrose is a a guild founded by the royals of Valrise. They wore the insignia of blue rose in the shape of crescent moon. Anyone regardless of background can apply, but if found that they join with the intent of doing something malicious. The Eldrose Knight's will investigate and deal with such troublemakers.

They are lead by a royal descendant from an Elf family, commonly referred to as Niveus Hael.

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IMG_20220101_001331.jpgHe awoke long before misty dews of winter formed along the plants that thrive within such a freezing season. Chripings of forest creatures behind the building sung such mellow tones, calling for their own kind deeper within Soryatl. The lobby is particularly void of other people this fine morning, save for a man dressed in black standing behind the counter facing their main doors, diligently wiping the counter's surface until he deemed it to be thoroughly cleaned enough.

A crease formed between his brows, signaling his displease when a sudden letter appeared in front of him in a sparkle of purple and white. Hovering harmlessly in the air at eye level. He needs only a glance to recognize the writing of the mischievous God. The feeling of wanting to return to his abode and turn a blind eye grew tenfold. Yet he remained still. Crimson irises read through the contents of the letter, speaking of those who will arrive soon.

Pinching the letter's edge between his thumb and index, he soon tucked it into his inner breast pocket for later revision, the man rounded the counter. His footsteps barely audible against the tiled floor despite the hard soles of his boots.

He stops in front of the fireplace, adding several more firewood into the burning pile.

With a wave of his right hand, Wanderer's Law double doors open with ease. Crisp yet refreshing morning wind flows into the rich yet tasteful decorated lobby, swaying the tips of his hair ticklishly along his cheeks, monochrome landscape of white outside made him squint to adjust his eyesight to the brightness. The snow that piles on the Inn's designated path is at least at one's knee level. His workers would need to shovel those away.

Looking up, he could see an unnatural swirl above, around 20 feet from the ground. A mix of colors that could only be described as nightly wonders of aurora.

It did not take long for several people to be ungracefully spat out from the portal above and landed into the snow below. Either on top of one another or simply flop like a sack of rocks being thrown into water.

Leaning his shoulder against the doorframe, arms crossed over his chest loosely. His crimson irises cautiously scanning the new arrivals and their attempt to process what had happened. Only after the Wishers were able to get back on their feet did he speak up from Wanderer's Law threshold, his voice a calm baritone. "Welcome." Pushing himself off the doorframe with ease and grace. The man motioned them to come inside.
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The Worldwalker, The Heretic, The Pyrokene
They wouldn't believe me if I told them, thought Jin to himself. He offered a quiet chuckle to the still, silent air around him. He was in his room, cool and undisturbed. The spacious condo graced itself with clean, peach walls illuminated with little orange lights either sticking into the corners, or lining across the edges. The living room had a sofa at the center, and two smaller chairs at both sides. These and the other minimalistic furniture across the room were wooden, although Jin wondered how much of these were real wood coming from real trees. That was hard to come by, especially in Tokyo. There was a TV mounted on one of the room's walls; a couple or so plants stood beside it. Fake, Jin presumed. On another side of the room, though, was a whole glass wall, overlooking the night city below him. He was on the 23rd floor. Up there, in his little tower, everything seemed so... in order. The harmonized illumination of lights from the buildings below him, the running around of the cars in the dark streets like fireflies, just looked so united when one would view them up in the air. Within that city, though, when one would truly take a stroll out in the night, Jin knew. Nothing was ever united in Tokyo, except for the lights.

They wouldn't believe me at all. They'll say I've been doing drugs, or something. Put in a cyber-dream by a net-ninja. I don't even have a chip. Jin had not told anyone, but he had been getting... dreams... lately. They weren't the ones you'd except from a twenty-something-year-old son of one of the rising companies in the city, no. Instead of parties and women, Jin was dreaming of... another world. He had dismissed them as any other dream; they were all just creations from pure imagination. But, he had never forgotten of how colorful they were, how alive everything felt like. If I just told them what I dreamed of were fields rich in color, and mountains with pure snow, they'd probably think nothing of it. But that wasn't the only thing I was dreaming about... no.

No, Jin dreamed of something else. He dreamed of old cities, kingdoms. He dreamed of dragons and other beasts. Magic. The strangest of all, he dreamed of making a wish. There in one of the green fields he was dreaming of, he kneeled down and bowed, as if to address another clan member, and he wished to the wind. End this all. Help me find a way to escape, he remembered himself say. They'll kill us.

It's probably just a reflection, of what is to come. Of what I really want to do, or where I really want to go. He sat down on the sofa with a heavy sigh, his back completely digging down to the foam. He looked out to the overlooking glass wall. I want to die. Yes. I have to die. They're gonna come for us. There's no turning back, now. He stood up, again, and walked towards the view. Yes, I could just jump. Fastest and easiest way to end this all. Without pain, even. If I kill myself, they won't be able to use me. That's right. Better chance for mother and father to survive this. He slowly tapped his head against the glass panel, looking down on his predicted place of death. That was it. Two weeks ago, he had already resigned himself to his death. All he needed now was a good place to go. Where better place than here?

That midnight, he dreamed again. He was lying on his back, tucked soundly in his bed, when a light appeared. Purple and white hung above him, a swirl of bright colors in the air. Then a voice, a cherry voice, whispered to him. "We call you folks as; Wishers. Congratulations, through the celestial realms and universe. Your wish has reached me," the voice said, then it was gone.

He had been having lesser dreams since then, except for the time when paper had suddenly floated in front of him. Paper. Real paper. He had only seen these things in a museum. Now, it was floating in front of him. It was a contract. If he accepted, he would be transported to the world it called 'Rales'. There, he would be free, with the dragons, the kingdoms, and the magic. My dreams are getting more childish, he thought. Still, it must be a reflection of my yearning to escape... even if it's through death.

All it needed, it seemed, was his signature at the end. Funny, Jin thought again. I never actually thought I'd need to use my signature. Does my dream not have DNA-signers? He signed, stroking on the paper with the Korean symbols for his name. His adoptive father thought it was best to keep as much of his family heritage intact with him. Thus, the Korean symbols as his signature. His adoptive father also refused to make him use the family name 'Kiratani', explaining how 'Jin' is now the last few reminders of his real family. He should honor it... even until his death.

The night was dark; darker than before. He used to be able to see the stars glinting on the night sky, seeing as how high he was from Tokyo's pollution. Now, the clouds must've obscured him. There was no moon, too. I thought maybe I could see the stars one last time... since this is going to be my last day. He moved on, looking down on the smooth beige rug beneath him. He was kneeling now, his knees closed and his palms resting on his thighs. A tanto, a short Japanese sword, rested a few inches away from him. This is it. One last thing to do.

Jin didn't even blink. The lights were off, except for the light in the kitchen, so the knife boastfully gleamed in the darkness of the room when he had unsheathed it. His kimono glowed brightly against the kitchen light, too. It was black, decorated with gold cherry blossom petals across it, with similar gold lines across the edges. He undressed himself from the stomach up, pulling his arms out of the kimono's sleeves and pushing them down to the floor. Then, he steadied the knife.

He sighed, now, repeating in his head how it should happen. First, he'd plunge the knife in his lower chest. Then, he'd grab the gun to his right, shoot the glass wall, and jump. That was it. That was his own version of the seppuku, not that anyone cared. No one would be able to cut off his head, so he figured jumping off the building had to do.

This is it, he said to himself. One final farewell.

His grip tightened, the knife gleaming in the darkness one last time, then... he vanished. A light, white and purple, and a puff of sprinkling snow, was the only thing that had replaced him. The knife abruptly dropped to the floor, bloodless.

Jin gathered his wits. He was falling, now. But... He looked around him. This isn't the city. I'm not falling in Tokyo. Nothing like that, no. He was falling in a tunnel of purple, blue, and white, all brightly gleaming in their proud colors. Before he could think another thought, he felt his back hitting... something soft. He tried to feel his hands as he looked at the sky, now absent of the bright, magical colors. Snow, he thought to himself as he sat up properly. This is snow... and it's daytime! He looked up at the sky again. Moonless and starless, but now replaced with the daybreak of winter. Where am I? Wait a second... No...

He touched his body, palming his abdomen and feeling his kimono as his eyes shot down to where he thought a wound would be. He breathed heavily. Don't tell me, I'm dreaming! But... this isn't the work of a net-ninja. I'm clean... I don't have a chip in my brain. This isn't... This isn't some trick in the cyberspace... What the hell? He felt the snow on his hands. It felt so real. You gotta be kidding me... is this... Rales?!

It didn't make any sense. None of it did. He was supposed to be dead. He wasn't supposed to be in his... dream. This wasn't a cyberdream, as well. All his life, he was clean from any bio-upgrades, to prevent something like brain-hacking. So, this wasn't the work of a net-ninja at all. He wasn't in endless cyberspace. This was... different. This was... real. Where the hell am I?! He shouted in his head, as if dismissing his own previous answer to the question. This can't be Rales. Rales is a dream.

His train of thought stopped, when a man had spoken. "Welcome," said the stranger. He was standing at the doorway of... a fully wooden building? In a place filled with... snow-capped trees?

His sudden confusion began to manifest in his face. His eyes narrowed, then his eyebrows furrowed, then he eyed the man in the doorway. He raised an eyebrow, "What?"


knows things
"...so this is Rales." Exclaimed Dahlia, who laid with her back on the snow besides the kimono-wearing guy after suddenly falling through some sort of portal. Though she managed to hide it, she almost chuckled by sheer bewilderment of the situation. "...Its real." She said as she brought a handful of snow and brought it up to her face.

But this exitement only lasted but a moment, as she became more aware of the rest of the people around her. ...yeah, it was not time to play around yet. She was surrounded by people she assumed where in a similar situation to her, hypothesis supported by the confused expression of the man besides her, as well as being looked on by a red eyed man welcoming them from the entrance of an older style building.

Confused and disoriented people were usually quite dangerous, specially a group of them, so the first thing she did was standing up from the floor and take some steps away from them. And well... she didn't abandon her world just to be confused on the floor. She knows how this kind of thing goes.

If this where a videogame, that red eyed man welcoming them from the entrance of the building would definitely be an important character ready to declare them the chosenheroes of this world or some other cliché of the sort. Probably some sort of guide or maybe even the same Quazirier individual who sent the floating letter... well, there was only one way to know for sure. "Hey..." Dahlia spoke to the man. "Are you the one who brought us here?" She went straight to the point.




beholder of the wind

Who is she?


Curious and calm



Another world



Among those spat out from the unnatural swirl above was a girl with blonde hair. Like many of her companions, she landed in the soft snow above. A few moments later and green eyes opened. Her eyes flickered while they observed their new surroundings. This wasn't war-ridden London. It hadn't been this cold nor had it begun to snow either. Was this Rales? She slowly started to sit up. Her attention was divided between the building before her and the other people around her. It appeared to be an inn of some sort. The clothes worn by some were outright exotic and interesting with all kinds of designs. She felt a little plain with her beige dress and brown Mary Janes in comparison to them. Brushing herself free of any snow that was stubborn enough to cling on, the girl pushed herself to stand up. That's when she heard it. A voice. It was unlike the cheery one heard in her strange dream. This one was more deep and calm.

Like a ghost, she hadn't noticed when a man appeared nor when the doors to the establishment opened. Oh goodness. Were his eyes red? But the shock soon dispersed when she remembered where she was. This wasn't Earth anymore. The contract had said that things imagined just as pure fantasy existed in this world. Even magic was real. So perhaps having colored eyes like his were of the norm here? Someone asked the scarlet-eyed man a question, a girl with short black hair and green eyes that were darker than her own. It was a great one she had to admit. Was he the one whom brought them all here? She herself didn't think so. No offense to the man but he didn't exactly look the part of a god or someone capable of sending multiple people across to another world.

Seeing as no one else made a move to go inside when the man had motioned for it she decided to take the first step. Crunch, crunch, crunch. The snow crunched under her as she walked.
"Thank you."
Was her first words to him when she reached the double doors. Why was she thanking him? To be polite of course. Even in such a situation, it was always good to be polite. Upon stepping inside she stopped by the entrance. She didn't know her way around this place and guessed that once everybody was inside things would be explained.

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Edgy time over, now for ice cream
When the voice first spoke to him, he thought it was some weird fever dream. Like a dream that wasn't a nightmare but still an unpleasant one, showing the more unwelcome part of his psyche. It wasn't a rare sight, so he decided to roll with it anyways. He expected an equally unpleasant continuation of the dream. What he did not expect was to go through a legit looking paperwork, and to be actually sent to another world.
To be fair, he should've thought of it coming when the dream actually gave him a choice. The usual ones played out like a cutscene in a game. It was quite off for a dream, too realistic. But regret was no use, as he had signed the deal. Not to mention that in the real world he had nothing better to do than dream anyways. Maybe, if he was sent to a fantasy world in his fever dream, he'd have a better chance at life. He closed his eyes and embraced this opportunity that may have came from upon heaven itself.

Was it a golden platform surrounded by winged beings? Or a dark abyss with stars in the distance inhabited by a mysterious deity? Some other surreal space he couldn't think of?
It looked like snow. It felt like snow. It tasted like snow. It was snow. It was snow, in another world. What a memorable start. Was he sent face first into the snow, right into an imperial ambush? Mir slowly pulled himself off of the cold, snowy ground. He was still his good old self, nothing new. Quite disappointing, but he had no complaints. Getting something without a cost was not really his type anyways. Everything had consequences. Sooner or later.
After he was done inspecting himself, Mir turned around to investigate his surroundings. Seeing how no one has attacked a helpless stranger face first in the snow, he was safe at the moment. Or so he hoped. What met his eyes first were fellow people that got thrown into the snow along with him. Could they be in a similar situation to him? He didn't know. There were woods, a building in the middle of the woods, and a man who was standing in front of the building. Mir was too invested in looking around that he hardly registered what the figure had said. But he managed to catch the gesture inviting him and the rest into the building.
Mir reached for his pocket for the mask he kept, instead finding a long piece of cloth that seemed to be a replacement for it. He slowly wrapped it around his face.
He cleared his throat as he felt his voice crack.
"This is very confusing. I hope... we get some explanation."

Knight boi

Kaito was one of the first ones he in here in matter of fact it would be a long wait but some people suddenly appeared hear and he sent a glare that was unintentionally threatening to them, though part of his figure was slightly non-threatening he was chewing snow after all like it was some type of snack.

Back in the streets when it snowed, him and hi sister were outside constantly even if they were not dress appropriately, it was free hydration after all, they would just let the snow met in their mouths and also just throw balls at each other for the time they had until the got cold.

Kaito had looked back at the other man who’s pupils were the hint of a red color of sorts, definitely would be weird back in his world. He noticed that some girl was already asking questions, and another girl who seemed like she couldn’t harm a fly, in his acknowledgment people like her never made it in the lower class, but still rude to assume such a thing.

He continued eating the snow quitely, it would be wise in his part to let the others ask questions for him until he got a grasp on what this world would be like. Then after more knowledge would be gained he can step in and start to lead the others.

He realized that they were soon to go and he panicked as he stuffed heavy amounts of snow into his mouth equivalent to squirrels that carried nuts in their mouths. He then looked at the man and nodded his head telling him he’s ready to go.


The Moosic Man
Location: Unknown
Mentions: N/A
Interaction: N/A

A swirling hue of purple and blue snow filled Alisa's vision as the ground beneath her opened up, swallowing her into the unknown. She read the contract sure, but that was hardly at the forefront of her mind at the moment. This was definitely not normal, though to be fair, none of the events leading up to this were normal. Before she had a chance to collect her thoughts however, her vision had changed from shifting purples and blues to an unmistakable stark white. It felt soft? Cold? Seemed like snow at the very least.

Pulling herself not so gracefully off of the ground and rubbing the snow out of her face, she was greeted with an unfamiliar sight. Crimson red eyes stared back at her as a voice spoke out.


The man straightened his stance after speaking and motioned for everyone to follow him. Alisa then realized she wasn't the only one here. Quickly glancing around she noticed the others in various states of confusion and dissary.


A shorter man in a kimono was also brushing the snow off of himself and looking around in either confusion or intrigue, it was hard to tell honestly.
As that was taking place two girls had already approached the Crimson eyed man and begun speaking.

"Hey... are you the one who brought us here?"

"Thank you."

Another had been strangely shoving snow into his mouth and one seemed to be observing his surroundings whilst placing some sort of cloth over his face.

"This is very confusing. I hope... we get some explanation."

Some seemed more accepting of this situation than others but nonetheless, the important thing was to figure out what was going on. She knew she was transported to a world called Rales, as is evident by the portal opening under her and the man with red eyes and strange clothes, but what were the rest of them doing here? Might they have also been telephoned here? She decided to keep quiet for the moment to see how things played out from the rest of the group. The last thing she wanted to do was start making enemies in a place she'd never even heard about until 5 minutes ago. Following the gesture from the man and quickly catching up to the others, she began brushing the rest of the snow off of herself as she passed through the wooden structure.

Silencer Lucio

Dreaming Melody
Unsurprisingly cluttered.

The man trained his eyes on them, like one would when in the presence of confused children who are all eager to get answers of why and how they've been summoned to a different world. Some seem to have more sense than the others in terms of general safety and basic communication. Again, unsurprising to an extent. He has seen and heard it all, the reactions, questions. This isn't his first encounter with Wishers no thanks to the insufferable God called Quazirier.

Effortlessly his crimson irises shifted to those who began to enter the lobby first. Momentarily settling his gaze down at the woman with golden locks upon hearing her gratitude, at least manners are not completely left forgotten in the midst of confusion and unfamiliarity. A soft sounding hum rose from him to acknowledge the young lady's 'Thank you.'

Only after all of them stepped inside, that he began to interact once more.
"Any questions you have, should it be within my realm of knowledge. Will be answered. For now simply follow me so we can talk in a more private space." There is a pause as he turns his head to briefly glance at the man whose upper body is exposed, not understanding why the man is like that. Nor does he want to know. "Put your clothes on properly for the sake of decency. Please."

The lobby itself is more than spacious, a chandelier hung from the roof. Glass paned windows were closed at the moment, white, delicate curtains were drawn to the side to let light shine into the lobby. A line of red carpet embroidered with gold laid from the main door and ends at the front counter. Polished wooden tables and chairs took up the spaces near the windows. Shelves behind the counter were neatly filled with various displays ranging from glimmering crystal ornaments, to simple sea shells. Though the tiles might look wooden, it was simply designed that way to fit the Inn's outer design. Intricate carving of wood decorates the walls, highlights of gold and white. The fire dances within its own space in the fireplace from the chill that seeps in through open doors where the man stood.

His towers over most of them in height, standing at 180cm it was not a surprise in the least. Or perhaps all those who came from a world of no magic grew up to be short? Whose he to know how other worlds work.

The man led them further into the building, where a smaller double door is situated to the left. It opens before he could reach for the handle, revealing two young women in maid uniforms, fitted for winter season. One holding a large bouquet of red flowers in her arms, while the other maid held a woven basket filled with medium sized vases.

"Oh, good morning." They greeted.

"Good morning. Please bring some hot drinks to my office for the guests."

"Yes, Master." In unison the girls responded, they quickly stepped aside to let the man and his guests pass. If one were to look closely under the lace headband that they wore. Their ears are long and pointed. Unlike that of a human. Their pupils are sharp, akin to a cat. While their curious gaze lingers upon the strange clothed guests, whispering to each other with smiles and giggles before going into the lobby.

The door leads to an open hallway, connected to an open inner courtyard with each path leading to another building further out, the Inn is certainly bigger than one would expect. Ginkgo trees decorated the spaces outside. Unnaturally still luscious in leaves despite the season, painting the snow beneath in patches of golden shimmer.

He minds his pace, calculated to ensure the shorter of the group would not be having to stride to follow along. All the while fixing the sleeves that were tucked under his vambraces. His cloak reached just above his ankles, hiding the entirety of his back. Dressed in layers of attire that would make a Sister of the Church and shy maiden combined look scandalous, but still displayed a certain formality and clean look.

There were voices in the near distance out in the open garden, misted by early morning fog still. Outgoing and playful bunch currently shoving the excess snow that had piled up the night before. Several snowmen of various sizes line the courtyard path. An airy 'hmph.' could be heard from the man.

Following sets of stairs leading up to a 'Staff Only' gate. He pushes it open, now on the second floor where several uniformed staff are currently chatting away around a table while preparing for another day of work. Among the chatters if one were to strain their ears and focus- for whatever reason. They would caught something along the lines of
'-a bet'
'did you see the snowmen the children-'
'-nt spring to come already'
'climb the roof to get the snow off'
and followed with a laugh that abruptly turn into a whined 'ow-'

At a glance some are simply human, while some have interesting features such as horns and tails despite their humanoid form.

Stepping into one of the closed off hallways to the left. He fishes out a set of keys from his back pocket, unlocking one of the doors. The copper name plate beside the door reads 'Orivin's Office.'

Bookshelves lining the left wall, neatly stacked files and scrolls behind clear glass. Marble fireplace sits on the right side, firewood unlit, that is until sparks of embers began to appear when he entered, flames engulfed the blocks of wood. In the middle of the room there is a coffee table. Surrounding it are plush burgundy sofa set with black frames. All set atop a fluffy grey carpet of intricate patterns.

He closes the door behind him once they're all inside and gestured for them to sit down on the sofa.

A desk is situated beside a large glass door that would lead to a balcony. Where they could see the white landscape and towering Ginkgo trees.

Neatly piled papers sits on the desk's surface, along with quill pens, ink cases, letters which were sealed with blue wax, though it's design was hard to see from such an angle, not to mention it is small. Facing away from them is a small picture frame.

"Before we begin. I believe an introduction is in order. Whether you introduce yourself with a fake or real name, it is yours to choose."

The man leans against the edge of his desk, facing them. "My name is Orivin. The owner of this establishment, if you have not noticed."

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The Worldwalker, The Heretic, The Pyrokene
Kei Kiratani
Jin Hyun-Ki
Character Soundtrack | Jin's Theme
Location | Somewhere... far from Tokyo
Outfit | Black-Gold Sakura Kimono

Either Jin's confusion had decreased, or his mind just had another thing to be confused at. Because, apparently, there were others like him. Yes, others who were also spat out of a portal of purple and blue, others who were also confused and just as clueless as he was. When he had realized this, his gaze turned towards those like him who had either their back dug deep into the snow... or their face. Jin, after thoughtfully considering it, had decided to keep quiet. There was nothing else for him to do but to observe. Rash and sudden decisions, like either hissing at the man by the doorway or laughing at the predicament he was in, was best left to a time when he would have... ample information. One of these guys will eventually have to take the initiative and make the first move, he thought, covertly eyeing the people with him. Indeed, eventually one of them did. A girl, roughly with the same height as him, stood up from the snow and asked if the man by the door was the one who brought them there. And... Jin tried to peer at her a little closer... were those eyes dark green?

Another one stood again, this time giving the man a polite 'Thank you'. She entered inside. When the moments were still again with silence or subtle interactions, he trailed off... his eyes once again staring at the snow. This isn't a dream. This... this is real.

He couldn't contain it. He didn't know if it was relief, surprise, or just pure confusion that led him to do it... but he chuckled, inwardly. Jin laughed under his breath, one eyebrow raised as he continued staring at the ground. "It's real," he whispered to himself. "Rales... is real."

Jin's laughter was short and abrupt. The man, the host, by the doorway made sure of it. He looked at Jin. "Put your clothes on properly for the sake of decency. Please," the host said. Suddenly, Jin's expression changed. His face shifted to a blank stare for a moment, when the words of the host ringed in his ears. Suddenly, he felt cold. Cold and... a little embarrassed. The winter was chilling him to the bone. He could feel it now. He just remembered... he only had his kimono on, and he had removed his arms from the sleeves to show his upper body. That was for the seppuku. It was supposed to be for the seppuku!

He glared at the host, teeth gritted, momentarily offended. "Tsk!" he hissed. But, eventually, his sudden irritation had gone like the winter wind and he got up to his feet. He wore back the sleeves of his kimono, of course. He had to admit the man was right. It was indecent. He didn't mean to do it.

It was only when he stepped inside that he realized just how colorful every single one of their eyes were. The host himself flared with red, while the one who said 'Thank you' earlier had a bright green glimmer. Just as he thought that two green-eyed women were enough, he glanced at another one who also had emerald green--

Jin paused. No, he froze. Then, he hid his face. Alisa?! Alisa Spears?! From Spear Tech?! What was she doing here? He wondered, quite loudly in his head. He tried to hide himself from her as best and as unnoticeable as he could. It was best that nobody knew him for the time being. A person with no name, he had realized throughout his life, was a person that rarely could be harmed. Discretion was his first priority.

Soon, the host led them to another place in the establishment. It only got more intriguing from there. They passed through intricately-decorated rooms, caught a glimpse of maid with... cat's eyes?, and walked through a room of humanoids with either horns or tails or both. Jin snickered through it all. This is Rales.

They finally ended up in the host's office. The man, it seemed, was called Orivin. He was as nonchalant as he was unamusing to listen to. Jin's already made a bad impression of him. But, he motioned for everyone to say their names. Jin didn't think too hard to form an alias or a fake name. He knew what he wanted others to call him. Like in Tokyo, he was fine here with people calling him by his nickname, 'Kei'. But, the surname was an entirely different matter. He had realized that this could be his chance to finally use his adoptive family's name. Not that he despised 'Jin'. But, he wanted to know what kind of ring it would bring to his ears. He waited for a few others to say their names first. He wanted to say his name in between the first and last person so as not to draw too much attention. And, when it was his turn to say his name, he sternly said "Kei... Kei Kiratani."

I'm sure Alisa wouldn't notice. She'd have probably forgotten about me by now...

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"..." Dahlia's expression soured in a moment, losing the slight bit of excitement that had drived her to take the initiative back then. She was not happy at all her question was completely dismissed.

"Any questions you have, should it be within my realm of knowledge. Will be answered. For now simply follow me so we can talk in a more private space." ...yeah, it made sense, she thought. She was not going to instantly become some sort of hero and given a quest to save the world. But she was still not happy the first thing she experienced in this new world was being put asside and being told what to do. So she stayed in place for a few moments in frustration, looking at him go with narrowed eyes, and then at the rest as they followed his steps through the door.

She really thought about just leaving right then and there. She could just turn around and walk away... but didn't. Sure, it was an option, but it would probably be nothing but trouble if she did. "Sigh..." Well, not like she was strange to following a man's whim for her own benefit. She ran a hand through her hair to steel herself and joined the group at the rear.

The place was simply beautiful, far from the shitty inn she was expecting at the begining of her journey. The place was a shinning manor filled with ornate furniture, sparkling floors and servants from different fantasy races. It was all fantastic for sure, but it was not the most intersting thing here in Dahlia's eyes. Instead, she stared at her fellow denizens of the real world.

There was that blond girl at the front who just walked past everyone at the begining and went through the door before everyone as if she owned the place, the guy who ate snow like his life depended on him, the other black haired weirdo withouth much of a grip, and the hot, kimono wearing guy that kept making fun but subtle expressions while stealing glances at her... no, at the girl besides her.

She suddenly realized she had been walking closely besides another girl this entire time. It was another blonde girl who, despite being more colorful that the first one, had left next to no impression on her beforehand. For Dahlia, who was highly perceptive both by trade and by necessity, she was more curious than the fantasy creatures around. A girl without drive or presence... And so she spent most of the way to the host's office stealing long glances at her, only looking away to make sure she was still following the group.

This kept going until they arrived at an office, and Orvivin started a round of introductions. She left a small "Tsk..." under her breath, almost annoyed at being interrupted. She decided to just answer with "Dahlia", not finding any meaning on wering a fake name in a world with no ties to her real one.
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Their host seemed nice. At least that's what she thought. He even acknowledged her greeting with a simple soft hum. What questions did she have? Well, there were many but her mind decided on the most important first to ask. The exchange between the jeweled-eyed man and the man in the two-colored kimono was something she took notice of like everyone else. It was amusing, to say the least. For the sake of not offending anyone, she focused her attention elsewhere. Perhaps his attire had been messed up from the fall? One had to keep themselves open-minded after all. As they were led deeper into the building her eyes wandered. The lobby itself was simply beautiful. The rest of the place would most likely be the same. Then there were two maids carrying things in their arms. They were strange-looking. But not in the usual sense the word strange was associated with. It was a prepossessing sort of strange. Especially with their cat-like pupils.

The group was led to a door with a copper nameplate beside it that was labeled 'Orivin's Office'. She deduced that it was most likely his office. It looked like a typical office with bookshelves that stood against the wall and neatly piled papers that sit on a desk.
"I am.. "
She paused as a forlorn look passed over her before she continued with her words once more.
"Sophia. Sophia Tudor."
Gone was Alice Everleigh. She had died the moment she signed that contract and she wasn't coming back. Sophia Tudor had taken her place now.

Sophia brushed a golden lock behind her hair as the others gave their own introductions. Kei Kiratani and coupled with the kimono she guessed that he was most likely Japanese. The black-haired girl with dark green eyes was Dahlia. That was probably her real name. She seemed comfortable and confident while saying it. Wait.. what language were they speaking? Green eyes blinked.
"I'm terribly sorry to Interrupt but I must ask. How can we understand each other? Unless this is an added bonus to how we came here in the first place?"
She rambled and her English accent became more pronounced. It was the sort of thing she couldn't help. This was a mystery and she loved figuring out mysteries.

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"Translation Crystal." He replies, holding his hand out, palm up. Swirls of energy, red and white glimmer blooms in the center of his palm as if the stars themselves had been summoned. The concentrated energy soon condenses and disappears, leaving behind a blue orb to hover over the man's palm, no bigger than an egg. Intricate design and words seem to fade in and out from the inside of the orb.

"It allows the application of borrowed knowledge to speak and read in another language. In my establishment it's always active and covers the entirety of my land, considering the wide arrays of species and people that come and go. Although from this current predicament, the languages in which you speak is close to that of an Earthen language so I am not surprised you can understand one another without the aid of this Crystal."

Orivin places the Crystal down onto the pile of papers he has on his desk.

"I've no need to know what the reason is for you to escape your world. What I do need to make sure, is to keep you lot out of trouble until you are able to understand the basic premise of this world, be it a week of a month at the very least." Loosely crossing his arms in front of his chest. Orivin leans his weight on his left leg. "Listen well. Number 1."

1. No, there is no impending doom that will strike this world and no, you lot are not a 'chosen hero' of the sorts.​

"Quazirier is a mischievous God, it does what it wants and blesses someone to make their wish come true for a price. What kind of foolish God would entrust the safety of their world at the hands of mere strangers that have no ties to this world anyway. Number 2."

2. Magic, supernatural creatures, monsters, warriors, and Gods. Exist.​

"Rales is a world where magic blooms in every corner, each have their own cultures, languages, rules, and authority. You have only been here for 20 minutes, I do not want to hear any sort of 'I'm good to go now' like some self-proclaimed prodigy. I have seen it all from those who came before you. Their fall, their achievements. Number 3"

3. There are a lot more to do than simply wanting to fight.​

"To live a fulfilling life. To feel useful, to chase an adrenaline that your previous world could not give. Or to simply settle down somewhere like a fairytale. So long as you do not wreck havoc upon the land to the point where a God needs to intervene, you are free to do whatever you wish, just know that consequences do exist, you made that choice, live with it. Number 4"

4. Ralesian languages.​

"Much like the world in which you came. Rales has its own main and sub languages. There are five continents, we are currently on Lycia. Though the main language is still Ralesian- in which you need to learn. And no, I'm not giving any of you the Crystal or automatic translation magic, not that I can. Number 5"

5. Contract and Gods.​

"Quazirier promised you some sort of power in exchange for faith in a certain god. Most, if not all residents of Rales are religious bunch. After all, their powers come from the Gods. They pledge their unwavering loyalty to the one who bestowed them magic and in turn they can extend the strength of their power. The current Gods are as followed."

Rhallestia - Water
Lucretia - Earth
Hiezehiel - Fire
Andromeda - Ice
Evaris - Wind
Tiesa - Calamity
Quazirier- Wisdom

Orivin softly exhales after listing the Gods. He makes sure it was clear enough for the Wishers to understand and process, unrushed. The man whispered under his breath. "It's always so winding to recite that."

"Now then, any other questions?"


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Jin didn't know why, but for some reason he felt a bit more... relaxed... and relieved... when Orivin explained the nature of their arrival. As soon as Jin completely accepted the fact that Rales wasn't a cyber-dream, or a hallucination, but a real living world, he got to accept and understand everything a little better. Now that Orivin explained that the 'Quazirier' was a mischievous god, it all suddenly made sense to him. Of course, Jin thought. We're all just thrown in here because some god wanted to have fun. He was also surprised at how easy it was for him to accept the fact that there were gods. Everything else that Orivin explained to them was rather obvious, but the nature of the gods in Rales was what piqued his interest. The gods... they weren't omniscient. It seemed to him that none of the gods knew everything. When Orivin warned them not to do something dangerous enough for a god to intervene, that caused him to wonder. Why intervene, if a God can just stop it in the first place? Because the Gods don't know. I don't think they're that smart, or powerful. I don't think they know everything that's going to happen. I don't know... In the end, Jin still wasn't sure how to address his own wonders. To him, now, he certainly knew one thing. The gods are just sources of power. One, in particular, felt and sounded like power. Hiezehiel, Fire, Jin repeated in his head.

Suddenly, he was annoyed at the fact that they were all still listening to him, unnecessarily quiet. It felt like a strict orientation instead of a warm welcome. Aren't we supposed to be guests? Visitors? He covertly eyed how 'obedient' the atmosphere was to Orivin. Then why do I feel like we're servants or something? Orivin must be getting the wrong idea. We're not gonna follow him around if it's not necessary.

It was time for him to speak up. He had been quiet for too long; and if he wasn't going to speak openly sooner or later, he'd just be getting even more attention. Jin took a step back, pausing to see Orivin's initial reaction for him breaking away from the still atmosphere they had created by quietly listening. Then, with closed eyes and a subtle smile secretly directed to Orivin, he turned away. He looked for the closest chair he could sit in--there, by the fire--and casually threw his body into the chair. He smiled, leaning his head back against the chair as he closed his eyes again. Orivin did ask if we had any other questions... so...

"I suppose we can relax now and actually enjoy this world? What's the finest dish this place has to offer?" Jin asked, amused with himself.

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