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Pro-Heroes in Action [ Warning - Spoilers Inside] BNHA

I know this site has been bombed with people searching for Boku No Hero Academia role-plays, so allow me to add to the damage by adding this search too.

The main idea for the plot is simple,

We've got all our Pro-Heroes now working full duty because All Might is off due to his retirement. This means that those Pro-Heroes that work as teachers will still need to dedicate their time to protecting the city on their time off. Simply there's no break.

We've got Overhaul and his mafia causing havoc as they still got some Quirk-Eraser bullets, we also have Shigaraki and the Nomu's going around with the League of Villains not giving it a rest... And they still got to find who is the traitor among them! Not to mention they still got to fix Mirio's Quirk problem and help Eris with her own quirk.

Now, that's not really all what the plot would be about. We can incorporate daily-lives activities that aren't always hero-related. It's all about having fun and enjoying this plot with CANON characters.


  1. Please be literate or semi-literate
  2. Learn to take initiative, but be considerate
  3. Don't kill off characters without previous discussion with everyone
  4. I know it's an AU but I would prefer to stick with the original genders of characters
  5. Canon characters don't need a character sheet, Original Characters do
  6. Pro-heroes and Villains are the protagonists
  7. OOC discussions are highly encouraged! (Discord preferred, but PMs are also fine)
  8. Romance is fine and even encouraged if you so desire, just don't make it a top priority for the overall of the rp
  9. If you're interested in the role-play, comment in the section below by quoting me and stating which character you'd like to play
  10. Any questions, please do PM me for them!


**Take into consideration that this role-play will involve villains and other characters from the manga, so if you're not up-to-date with the manga and still want to participate, expect lots of spoilers.

**Since this is an AU, it also means that Heroes can turn into Villains and that Villains can turn into Heroes.

**Take in mind that you don't need to be Pro-Hero to be on the spot-light! There are non Pro-Heroes who help and shine as well! (Ex: Naomasa Tsukauchi -Detective friend of All Might)

Hero Name:
(if applicable)
(keep it simple and brief like the explanations in the anime/manga)
Quirk Explanation: (Ex: Bakugo's sweat is nitroglycerin, hence he can make explosions out of it)
(can be text or images or both)

= Taken Characters =

  1. Wing Hero "Hawks" (Dark Enforcer)
  2. The Rabbit Hero "Mirko" (sr901)
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So when you say "canon characters", does that only include the original canon or does it include the spin off as well?
But thinking of it better (my apologies) you can include spin off characters as well! Though since not everyone is familiar with them, perhaps just a brief explanation of the character?
Name: Hiro-Jin
Hero Name: Kong
Age: 15
Height: 5'10"
Quirk: Monkey form, this quirk is a mutation quirk that well, gives Hiro the physical Characteristics of a Monkey!
Quirk Explanation: A genetic mutation quirk, this quirk gives him the body of a monkey. A long strong tail and feet like hands, able to hold objects, most of the times he uses it to hang upside down. Able to climb large and rough terrains, as well as incredible balance and sense of their surroundings to move through any type of terrain with ease. Practical superhuman sense of smell, even catching the smallest wiffs of different scents, enhanced sense of hearing, enhanced agility and strength. Also the user of this quirk had a strange lust for banannas.
(can be text or images or both)


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