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[Pretty Pretty Slaughter Crossover] Down For The Count (Dark Anti-Magical Girl Horror RP)


Ippen, Shinde Miru?

They hate them. They look down from their neon towers at the filth ridden slums and scoff. No-one is coming, and for good reason too. They are scum, lowly, filthy, and any other negative adjective those "elite" wish to rightfully assign to you. Maybe it was not always this way, perhaps at one time you were happier, and not so down in the dumps. At one time all the days seem to meld together into one amorphous mass, and day after day is spent surviving - just wanting to seek that next high. At one time they were afraid, but not anymore. A mysterious "benefactor" appeared from the shadows bestowing the power to turn their vices into purpose. They began to realize that many of them shared this common ability, the ability to turn degeneracy into purpose. With this common ability, many began to group together in the slums of a War-Torn "Super" Detroit, eventually forming what would be called "The Paper Kingdom." The name was derived from the sheer amount of missing posters that went up when these "lowly" girls went missing in mass.

At-first, the Paper Kingdom was just a means of collaboration among these unfortunate individuals. A mutual deal between junkies to use each-others powers to survive, but soon the state of world affairs became clear. These goody-two shoes "Magical Girls" were popping up all over the place claiming that the world was going to be eaten by giant monsters. The residents of the Paper Kingdom were not of the same origin, but their all female grouping, and odd powers put them in public perception as "Magical Girls." The truth was they were anything but that, and adopted the name of the Downers to try to avoid confusion, but regardless they were still grouped together. This added attention brought to public eye to their vice-filled kingdom.

Then it happened, those who did not agree with your kingdom, the Virtues descended upon your vice-filled wasteland. "Give up your sinful ways and come with us," their prissy leader shouted.

"Like hell we will, bitch" shouted back an unnamed Downer, and then all hell broke loose. The Virtues utilized their superior magical power, training, and equipment to raze The Paper Kingdom into nothing. Those Downers that survived the razing of their little piece of heaven scattered to wind. Many ended up succumbing to fates worst than death without their precious kingdom to keep them safe. Even more turned themselves in to act as hunters for Super Detroit's high tech-police force, Metro. You were different, and with a little bit of help, survived alongside a small group of Downers. Every day is a struggle - addiction is very real problem and many among you are addicted to various controlled substances, while others have emotional issues and harm themselves.

Then it began to happen, as if your problems were not bad enough, those shadowy things began to appear. First in the corner of your eyes, and now in clear view. Were they demons? Were they angels? Were they even real? All that the Downers knew is that they became more intense, more real, and more vivid when they were under the influence of their vices. Downers began to call them "Shades." These Shades began to guide Downers to ancient tombs beneath Detroit with mysterious ancient technology hidden in them. This led to a new era in Downer "history" the Relic War. A glorified get rich quick scheme, powerful individuals would pay top dollar for these peculiar bits of miraculous technology, but what happens when these technologies begin to flood the public? Do the Downers take responsibility and try to protect these tombs, or do they get rich quick, and not worry about the fallout.

It's all up to them...


Downers are Anti-Magical girls that get power from their "vice." For example, a Downer might be addicted to cocaine, and when they utilize cocaine they gain the ability to move at super-speed for as long as their high-lasts. The side-effect, drawbacks, and addiction to these various vices are still present, but Downers have a level of resistance to them. They are located out of a largely changed Detroit Michigan that is divided into two sections. One side is a crime-ridden wasteland, and the other is a beautiful utopia. High-tech law enforcement work around the clock to make sure the "undesirables" from the other side of the city stay on their side.

Downers only means of utilizing their powers is if they maintain constant usage of their vice. Vices can be any amount of things from gambling, video games, food, or self-harm. They must maintain a constant stream of usage or they will become disconnected from their power set until they can maintain that high once more. They will suffer standard withdrawal effect. Eventually, the "Shade" your girl is seeing will become manifested and offer new powers while fighting alongside your girl.

Extended Universe

The above thread is the lore page for the RP that this is a spin-off of. It will exist in the same universe, but will be done from a different angle. I will be making an independent lore page for this RP with relevant information. Once accepted into the RP, you will be linked to our discord which will have special channels for this RP, but you will be able to talk to players of the other RP to create a sense of community. (I am planning an eventual cross-over.)

One and Only "Trigger Warning"

This RP, and its sister RP, deals with very serious subject matter. I do not pull any punches when I write gore. I also do not pull any punches when making antagonists. Many of the antagonists I write have absolutely horrible traits such as being racist, homophobic, mass murderers, or some other risky subject matter. This RP in particular will include all of the following along with extreme drug use, self-harm, and other mature content that will be dealt with in a respectful manner.

Lore Summary/Glossary

One of my lovely RPers, @Kitt, has compiled a lore summary/glossary of key figures and terms. It also has summaries of our characters to help get a better feel for what kinds of people you can make.

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I’m kinda down just because of the username, If spots are still about please send me the link so I can ask questions


That description is just amazing, if still needed I'd like to express my interest.
Of course!
Uh, from what I understood the crossover refers to another RP SadistPoet is GMing, the one that was linked above.
Correct! Down for the Count is hosted in the same universe as its sister roleplay, Pretty Pretty Slaughter. The reason it was listed as a crossover is because of the mentions of some traits present in the sister roleplay, due to them being connected. As SadistPoet stated, a crossover may be eventually put in action. However the two take place in completely different cities and areas; Pretty Pretty Slaughter is in New York City, while Down for the Count is in inner "Super Detroit". I hope that cleared up any confusion!


Ippen, Shinde Miru?
Updated the interest thread with a lore summary/glossary. We are still looking for roughly 2 to 3 more lucky individuals.


Ippen, Shinde Miru?
Here is one last bump for good measure. I put the current lore below to see if that generates any interest.



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Wow this idea seems really cool and well thought-out in terms of lore, I'd definitely be interested if you're still looking for people!

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