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The Opening Post.

Love of Cyanide

Hot Blooded Writer
thanks for breaking on me thread, here we go again!

Yahallaho! Welcome to the thread which I slap plot bunnies and other things of the sort into and hope someone takes interest. This doesn't mean you can't approach me with a plot or series of your own you'd be interested in playing out! I'll list a few main ones down below though I might forget a few so really just poke me if you think there's a series that has potential. I'm fine with most types of pairings. As of now genres I'm most interested in are as follows(in no particular order): Mystery, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Horror. I'm fond of plots that slowly unfold rather than an infodump at the beginning(though a general guideline when it comes to an RP is definitely key) so I'm good providing the plot and it'd be great if you'd be up to do so as well! The biggest thing to take note of though is that I may not accept a request or proposition either from having too many roleplays in my hands or other things I've got to do.

Anyway, let's get moving on!

Plot Bunnies

Woop woop woop here they be! Ordered in how much I want to do a plot from here.

Main Wants: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fantasy(low), Action(the only prompt with this at the moment so gimme ALL OF IT), and Mystery
[Muse A] is a 'Hunter'. More a treasure hunter than a person who hunts, [Muse A] makes their money through obtaining relics from the 'Old World' Takthus. Takthus is a place 'out of time'. A distortion of another world imprinted on their world. Thus 'what shouldn't exist' exists in that space, endless as an entire planet of it's own. Those things are called ABArts(Abnormal Artefacts). ABArts do not extend to just physical objects rather than even to physical beings. 'Monsters' so to say. Defying normal physics and science, they, too, are an 'existence that is impossible'. This distortion is impervious to 'possibility', or more simply, human weapons so it has to be faced with 'impossibility' in the form of another ABArt.

These Abnormal Artefacts also allow for break throughs in 'technology that should not exist'. So that objects can be made with the properties of those within Takthus. However, in order to create that technology and further it they require energy and materials gathered from Takthus. That is the purpose of Hunters. Employed or freelancers, they sell what they gather from Takthus to companies that then push those resources to the government or to their own goals. So to say, Hunters within Takthus, a place that technically lacks laws of any sort(that can be constantly enforced practically), can and have gotten quite violent to get their next paycheck. After all, no one of a particular 'wanting to live' mindset would make way to Takthus to pay the bills. Except [Muse A] and whoever else, of course.

[Muse A] finds a ABArts on one of many expeditions but isn't quite sure what it is. [Muse B] is that ABArt. On the outside a simplistic black box without any particular function yet on the inside something akin to a living ABArt. One part of a hundred different boxes, they were an intrinsic part of the 'Old World'. That is to say, what was inside of these black boxes, were an existence that requires a 'possibility'(host) but, in return, could manipulate the impossibility of Takthus. A rumour between those who knew what these boxes did spread that inevitable lead to conflict. 'What if you had all 100 of them? Could you take monopoly of Takthus? Its phenomena?'. So, an invisible war raging in the background of Takthus for these and [Muse A] had just entered. Of course, [Muse A] has no idea. They end up going to sell it, except, as expected, the expedition goes wrong and [Muse A] is attacked by a group of Hunters.

Left with no option, after their Combat ABArt breaks, [Muse B] ends up finally breaking out, cementing [Muse A]'s place in this war they unintentionally entered.


Additional Notes: Way too into world building. If you show interest, let me know if you want me to take the reigns on it or if you want to add or ask something!

Main Wants: Comedy, dancing(duh), slice of life-ish, drama, and possible romance.
[Muse A] is your stereotypical Yes-man. Willing to do anything as long as they're asked(no matter when), they're the sort of person to end up in heaps of trouble for it. Yet, at the very least they can say they came out stronger for it?

[Muse B] is a dancer. As long as they could remember they were dancing. Moving about and taking lessons. Yet, dancing, nowadays, was pretty boring. Nothing to it made their heart flush and fill them with that painful adrenaline.

[Muse A] is your Yes-man and [Muse B] is the dancer.

On an errand, [Muse A] ends up rushing to get something somewhere for another person who asked politely. Then, a twist of fate, and they meet. In an unconventional manner, at least. A wet spot from the slight shower on the streets and imbalance caused by what they was carried- and down they went, hitting their head.

So, then, that was their meeting. [Muse A] laying unconscious outside of the dance studio [Muse B] was exiting.


Main Wants: Horror, Psychological Horror, Action, Romance, and gimme that extra spicy dash of tragedy
[Muse A] is a delinquent. A hellion through and through, fighting since day one.

Recently kicked out of his home, they're forced to take refuge in a boarding home, even worse they have a bunkmate, [Muse B]. A week passes and they settle in, becoming close with [Muse B]. Yet come the morning of the second week, they can't get out of the boarding house, all exits blocked and unbreakable. Soon they find a letter on a table at the lobby of the boarding house. The first three words are as follows.

'Kill all hommunculi'

At the bottom are pictures, of all the residents.

Including their bunkmate.

OOC Info: Not entirely for the faint of heart. Also, I want a healthy dose of despair in this RP.


Main Wants: Adventure, Comedy, and a shot of expresso depresso
In a month, the world ends.

The human population dwindling to less than 100 persons across the entirety of the globe, as well as the slowly dropping temperature it's only a matter of time until the world ends. [Muse A] and [Muse B] are children who've lived through the entirety of the year that the world began to end, [Muse A] having experienced lots of what the world has and [Muse B] whose been in cryogenic stasis up until last week.

The date is December 1st, only 29 days remaining until the world ends


More to come(Moreso since I'm too lazy to get the ideas out of google docs at the moment)!
Series of Interest

* = More interested in something like this

Type-MOON Properties(Fate/, Tsukihime, etc.)*
Air Gear*
Jojo's Bizzare Adventures*
Contact Information

Haha! It's a near-empty tab since you can just private message me to chat or otherwise roleplay!

I do have a discord though, so ask in DMs for that and I'll lob it at you.

Love of Cyanide

Hot Blooded Writer
A~ah right, right, yeah, do you have a particular plot in mind from the get go or do you want to discuss what you're interested in, in PMs?

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