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Fantasy Player Needed for Female role (romance possible)


I am looking for a player for my RPG, Elemental Connections. I need someone who is definitely reliable too because I am getting players who are joining and don't do anything. If you're busy, I understand. This rpg is slow paced and things have been hectic for players who were finishing school for the year/semester. If you do join, I would really appreciate if you keep me in the loop of when life gets busy for you. Anyway, here's the synopsis for the RPG-

You're a college student living out your regular life and thinking everything is fine. Well, what if everything you knew as reality was wrong? What would you do if you belong to a group of individuals that weren't originally from Earth? Well, technically you were born on Earth, but in another life you were born on a parallel planet called Remura and you posses the ability to use magic. Remura is a planet where mystical creatures exist and magic was just another part of life. You were one of the guardians of this planet, but one day a corrupted force came to this planet and devastated everything. You tried stopping this force but were killed in the process. Your soul was then sent to Earth to be reborn. Now this same Corrupted source wants to conquer Earth and you must now reawaken to defeat it. The gods, the ones responsible for you being reborn on Earth, send a guide to help you and awaken your powers and together with your fellow guardians, you must travel back to Remura to save your old homeland before this Corrupted being can gain enough power to attack Earth. Note- the college you go it is really a University since it has dorms. Also it's located in a fictional town in Upper State New York.

Still early in the RPG. We're at the point where the Guide uses the spell to unlock the past life memories of the guardians. So it's a great time to join. Most of the OOC action is in the Discord group, but it's not required to join if you don't have an account. Currently here's the open role-

Female Metal User

There's a possibility of a male open slot because I am trying to get in contact with the person who reserved it.

Anyway, if this interest you here's the link to the main page- Fantasy - Elemental Connections (Fantasy Romance)

Please read ALL of the rules before making a reservation in the OOC page. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask okay? Thank you for your interest!

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