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Hello Everyone!
I'm here looking for some partners to have some fun with in a long term RP!
While I'm new to the site, I am Not new to roleplaying, and have about 5+ years or so under my belt.
First, I'll start off with a little info about me, then go on to the few rules I have And what I expect out of a partner. Lastly, will be the fandoms that I'm looking to rp in!

Now! A tidbit about me;
You can call me Pickle, or Chip, or Pickle chip!
I'm 21F who uses She/They pronouns, and I do work a job, with roleplaying as a hobby so while I am fairly active, I'm not on 24/7
When it comes to my writing style, I think I'm pretty flexible, writing from 2 paragraphs, to 10. But I typically just mirror my partner. Although I will Never put out one liners as I know they are an easy way to kill the rp.
I am 100% with OOC chatter! I love talking outside the rp, gushing over our oc's and their pairings, sending memes and videos. All of that is stuff I adore!
And lastly, I'm new to this site, but I'd be more than happy to rp here or discord!

Now, what do I expect out of my partners?

1) Be 18+, I am not really comfortable Roleplaying with minors
2) Be somewhat active. A rely every day or two would be great. But if you know you're going to be gone longer, tell me!
3) Be LGBTQ friendly! I love my queer ships, and even if we don't end up doing one, I will not tolerate any homophobia or Transphobia
4) Ghosting is okay. You don't have to tell me why you don't want to rp anymore. But if you don't want to rp anymore for any reason, at least leave the chat (or server if on discord), so I'm not waiting for something that wont come.
5) Please please please no one liners. I just cannot reply to someone who doesn't put in the effort. I am going to be putting effort into my replies, so I expect the same!
With the boring stuff out of the way, here are the fandoms I'm hoping to rp at the moment!
For these, I'd love to double up oc x cc, the ones that are italicized and bolded are the also ones I'd be interested in oc x oc
1) Creepypasta.
2) Welcome Home
3) Poppy playtime (specifically Chapter 3)
4) Something from Disney. (for this, we can do a split Rp.)
5) She-ra and the princess of power (2018)
6) How to Train Your Dragon
7) Fallout 4
8)MHA (I'm only on season 3, and I haven't read the manga, but I'd like to try this out!)

For these fandoms, I love to include things like romance, angst, a few darker elements, and more!

Thank you for sticking around! If you're interested or have anymore questions, please let me know!!
Just message me with a lil bit about you, and what fandoms you'd like to rp in!
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Hai!! I'd love to do a MHA rp with you!! PM me if your interested. I have a post in 1 x 1 forums and you can also find it on my page if you'd like to see the ships and AU's I do!
Hai!! I'd love to do a MHA rp with you!! PM me if your interested. I have a post in 1 x 1 forums and you can also find it on my page if you'd like to see the ships and AU's I do!
Heya! I'd love to!
I looked over your post that you've made, but would you be alright with Oc x cc (if doubling), or oc x oc pairings?
I usually just do cc x cc, but I'd be fine with a oc x cc, 1 x 1?
Sorry, I don't usually double!! Would you do an oc x oc, 1 x 1?

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