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Fandom Partner Search Extravaganza! (Always Looking & Super Craving Student x Professor!)


galileo ♫
hi! I'm Caylee and I've got way too much time on my hands right now, sooooooo...who wants to RP?

  • 20
  • my timezone is est and every weekday i am free from when i get up until 6pm, and then sporadically until about 9-10 pm. weekends are a always different
  • preferably pm rp only but if you want to offsite rp i only do email
  • i speak very casually in out of character chat, but i promise i'm very literate in RP and i capitalize everything
  • i do anywhere between 2-8 paragraphs per response, depending on what's happening in the rp/ how interested i am at the moment
  • please be literate and know the basics of spelling and grammar
  • i will do m/m, m/f, and f/f but always prefer to have at least 1 ship m/f
  • hopeless romantic here, so i prefer romance in all plots. at least for my pairings, your pairings can be whatever you want them to!
  • i reply very quickly when the replies are about 2-3 paragraphs per side, which is my preferred length
  • preferably 18+ please, due to possible mature themes, like swearing, violence, etc. TBH i have no triggers at all
  • since i have so much free time, i'd love if you could respond as much as possible, but if not, i totally get it. work, and life, get in the way
  • please be willing to double! i always always double unless you're okay with just playing the canon character for my OC
  • if you made it this far, tell me your favorite movie!
  • a lot of my plots start off with my oc and the canon character already knowing each other/dating, just so you know
  • no one liners please!
  • most of the time I will ignore you if you just message me "hello". i need more meat in a message, like who you can play, who you want me to play, possible plots, etc...
bolded characters are what I would like you to play for me! don't forget, I will always double! (unless you are okay with just playing the canon for my OC)
I'm also open to doing a split RP where I play a character for you from one fandom, and you play a character for me from a different fandom. (example: i play steve rogers for you, you play kylo ren for me - something like that)
also, a * indicates a pairing i am craving to do. the more stars, the more i'm craving it

star wars ~

oc x kylo ren****

marvel ~

oc x bucky barnes
oc x steve rogers
oc x tony stark (Professor Stark? c; )
oc x loki laufeyson *
oc x peter quill ******
oc x stephen strange ***

thirteen reasons why ~

oc x zach dempsey ****

jurassic world ~

oc x owen grady ***

celebrities ~

oc x chris pratt ***
oc x sebastian stan
oc x chris hemsworth
oc x tom hiddleston

random ~

bucky x steve
student x professor (maybe a marvel AU? or a celebrity AU? For this, I was thinking that if both of us wanted this plot, our characters could be friends with separate schedules that both crush on their professors. Like, maybe Professor Stan & Professor Hiddleston? c; whoever we choose, you know?)


does a fandom or a pairing jump out at you? please PM me or leave a reply down below! but before you do, PLEASE read my rules/ about me! :)
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Hey! I would love a marvel rp with you. I've played Steve Rogers and Stephen Strange before ^_^ Message me if you're interested. @Caiotic

Also, I can't think of a favorite movie. I love the Thor movies a ton. A couple French films....idk.

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