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Fantasy Pantheon Academy


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I mean I don't really mind either :P I guess It will probably be set with the first post in all honesty


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Welcome! I am looking for people who would be interested in a new Series.

Pantheon Academy!
Demigods from across the Globe, Greek, Celtic, Japanese, Hindu, Roman, Egyptian, Sumerian, Norse, Polynesian, Mayan, Chinese, Aztec, Voodoo, Persian all children of the God's are welcome!

Want to Play Basketball with Heracles!?, Science Class With Thoth!? Divination Classes with Brenton!? Tango with a Hydra!? Eating Contest against THOR!?

Pantheon Academy's Mission Statement

"To make sure the next Generation of Heroes understand what is at stake for the world. To develop their abilities and Powers for they can save the world and or keep order with it."

-Amaterasu Principle (Headmistress) of Pantheon Academy

Looking for
Teachers (Consists of Revived Heroes and Gods/Goddess)
Students (All students are in 3 categories. Demigods*Children of Gods with mortals, Reincarnation of God's(Only Norse and Hindu) and Demihuman's*Children of Famous Monsters who side with the God's example (Gorgon, Minotaur ext.)

If it exists in Mythology Then it Exists here at Pantheon Academy!

(note due to how religion works all modern Religions have been removed from this world so no Buddha or Jesus because it will get people mad and determined to be like a Child of a Angel or a Demon -_- Sorry only Mythology's listed above are allowed *Though if there is one that you think should be up here FEEL free to message me :3))
Im interested


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Yep, and is Amaterasu going to have wolf ears on her head? Because her demigod would have that too. ^33^


"You are a Ocean of Gray Waves..."
Yep, and is Amaterasu going to have wolf ears on her head? Because her demigod would have that too. ^33^
LOL going for that type aye? I am actually gonna use the Cosplayer for the Smite Amaterasu as her image It seems we may go with more realistic images But of course you are free to make it however you wish


True Black Rose Beauty
Ok, and you never said that we can't use anime pictures. Also, Amaterasu with wolf ears is cute and pretty. ^;3^

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