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Fantasy Overworld: Treacherous Lands (Characters) [Closed]

Endless Thundaza

{As this is a sequel to a roleplay on another site, this story is only open to certain players. Thanks for understanding}

Much has happened within the two years since Arcanum's newest monarch, King Jynn, has inherited the throne from his mother, the late Queen Shiva de la Alexandria. But the most prominent change to the land was the dissolution of the magical barrier separating the World Below and the Overworld. Created by Jynn's grandfather, King Alexander, to separate the humans from the magical entities of the Ovwerworld; feys. Unfortunately, hundreds of years of separation has caused the magic that used to pour into the human world to disappear, causing life within it to become harsh. However, the humans and feys managed to find a truce amongst each other, and King Jynn felt that it was time to destroy the barrier.

During the two years, magic was slowly seeping back to the human world. But the change was slow, and it would take decades for the land to regain the magic it once had. To help the humans get by, Jynn offered to negotiate with the ruler of the Kingdom of Sondon, King Alderon Niles. The hope is to open trade between the Overworld and World Below. However, the removal of the barrier and the gradual return of magic have not gone unnoticed, and it would appear that not everyone is welcoming of these fey allies Alderon has made...

A couple of rules before creating a character to embark on this adventure:
1.) No god-modding.
2.) No mass elimination or auto hitting.
3.) No meta gaming, you may have knowledge of what other players are doing, but your character may not.
4.) Do not dominate the plot.
5.) Romance is allowed, but keep things PG-13.
6.) Being a fey grants aging immortality, they are not invincible.
7.) All RPN rule apply here.
8.) To show you have read these rules, please type Arcanum at the bottom of your character sheet.
9.) Have fun!

Here is a template of the Character Sheet,




Age (If fey, they are immortal, but can appear a certain age):


Magic (If any):




If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me or my co-host, Stardustblade358 Stardustblade358 !

And a special shout-out to Mystics Apprentice Mystics Apprentice for the original story! All credit goes to her!
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Playful Anomaly
Roleplay Type(s)
Name: Helios Silverstrider
Gender: Male
Race: Spriggan Fey
Age Apparent: 26
Clothing inspired by: QuinnyIlada
Notable Physical Attributes:
  • Has Vertical Slit Pupils
  • Has permanent scarring around the neck, wrists, ankles and across his back

  • Animalia Shapeshifting
He is capable of shapeshifting into all kinds of animals and beasts (mythical included, such as griffins). In order to shapeshift into one, he must know of their existence, seen one physically, and learned of their basic biology in order to properly transform and use their bodies as an advantage. This also includes having consumed part of them, at least the blood. The grander the transformation, the more it takes out of him. Shapeshifting has limitations. He cannot transform into something smaller than a mouse, or larger than a dragon. To attempt to do so, or even succeed at all, would have permanent decremental consequences.
  • Animalistic Speech
He is capable of speaking with and understanding animals and beasts. He may understand their intentions and needs, and in turn the magic produced by his voice allows him to be understood in return by relaying his own intentions and needs. He is not capable of controlling them, however. He is merely capable of communicating. Whether said beings end up being cooperative or not is up to them. Hence, Helios usually tends to overcompensate when asking them for help.
  • Chimeric Shapeshifting
After the events of Overworld, his shapeshifting has evolved into a Chimeric state of shapeshifting. Rather than transform his entire body, he is capable of transforming parts of his body into animalistic limbs without having to lose his humanoid shape completely, a way of partial shapeshifting. Said body parts do have to correspond to the parts on his body (such as long his arms in order to turn them into wings). In addition he is capable of altering current full body transformations in order to add nonconventional characteristics to use to his advantage. (Example being with him transformed into a wolf, but gaining the characteristic to shoot out the tongue like a chameleon). Similar to his partial shapeshifting, the changes have to make sense, and have to give and take in correspondence to what is changed.

  • Intelligent Shapeshifting
After the events of the Overworld, he has grown capable of doing what is called "Intelligent Shapeshifting". In short, much like a doppelganger, he is capable of shapeshifting into more intelligent, sentient species. (Such as Typhon's species) He has only done this once.
Weapons: N/A
Personality: Helios is a gentle, soft-hearted soul that would give the clothes off his back to those who require it. A stubborn optimist masked by a solemn exterior, he values knowledge, truth and life above all else. When not working in politics, or isolating himself among the nature of the world, he can be found handwriting a multiworld Bestiary and historical biographies and accounts. For he believes that memories are eternally precious, and everything should be left behind in writing or otherwise for the future generations to use for their causes. When speaking he is polite and courteous, and will speak his truths among sweet words. He is very much in tune with his animalistic nature, so much so that at times he will feel more comfortable remaining in animal form and can be seen enjoying his free time remaining in such shapes while enjoying the world from a different perspective. He is a careful person who will sit back and gather information, atmosphere and facts on a situation before putting forth his opinions, in the end calculating the most positive outcome possible.

He is passionate towards the conservation of life, regardless of how big or small. He has come to respect the circle of life and its commandments, and dislikes the idea of a useless or meaningless death for anyone or anything. In his mind death that comes should arrive with a purpose, such as those animals that die so that others may eat from their flesh. Or those that are hunted to keep others warm with their pelts and fed with their meat. Poisoning animals or hunting them for mere sport are two things he finds abhorrent, and will speak out about without much hesitation. Due to this he refuses to take a life unless it is through the laws of the circle of life (as in hunting for food), or if it is something that threatens to disrupt its core nature His strict belief of the laws of nature come due to his powers, making him empathetic and sympathetic with the beings of the wilds,at times more so than the human and fey that share the world with them. Hence in arguments between nature and man, he will always begin the argument by siding with nature, and will find a way to make sure coexistence is obtained by any means.

He has long overcome his innate fear and hatred of humans, and sees them as the equal beings he long came to love all those years ago with a much added perspective and respect through his relationships with them. If anything he has a soft spot for them due to their mortal nature.

Yet he does still carry the scars of his years of imprisonment, most of them through fears that have manifested due to his trauma. He has Trypanophobia (fear of needles) and Merinthophobia (fear of restraints/being restrained), and will fight tooth and nail to get away and avoid situations where either is involved, if not thrown into a full blown incomprehensible panic. He cannot remain in isolated or enclosed artificial spaces for long without panicking and needing the outside air. As long as there is an entrance, exit or merely a way to move forward, he is capable of being rational. However going alongside his Merinthophobia, to be locked away or trapped somewhere against his will with no way out will cause him to regress into his time in captivity. This activates his fight and flight, in which he will fight to free himself until he is capable of doing so or exhausts himself, even if it means that it will cause physical harm to himself and others. To be unable to escape any of the previous confrontations would result in a mental regression, where he finds himself back in the cell where he was locked away for years on end.

He is a person who usually yearns and learns through physical contact, whether it be a hug, pat or even just a ruffle of the hair. But he must be able to see it, sense it or expect said physical contact coming. Otherwise it will lead him to be jumpy, if not anxious at being touched without permission or warning, as he is always on guard. In turn he does ask prior to offering his own physical expressions, through words or gestures, before doing so to anyone. There are a few people in his life who he trusts deeply enough that he does not keep his guard up around for.

He has a bad habit of preferring to eat with his hands than with utensils (Something that has had to be corrected for formal dinners), and has no problem with eating raw meat. Besides the general things he does on his free time, his hobbies also include a bit of gardening, and taking naps in sunny spots. He is fluent in Basic Fey, Basic Human, Spriggan and Draconic.

Bio: Born from the union between a Fey and a Spriggan, he developed the capability of shapeshifting into animals at a very young age. His attunement towards the nature part of the world was very apparent from the very beginning, showing empathy to the animals and the circle of life revolving around it. At one point in his life he left his household and spent years living in the wild among different animal packs and families before eventually returning home. After these events his own mother decided that it would be best to move him to the capital, Kilkis Seres in order to have him socialize with other Fey of his age.

It would be there that he would meet a Fey named Arianna, and through her another Fey named Ren. The three became inspirable, and would do everything together, including sharing their hopes and stories. It would be in the royal library where they would discover the hidden truth and the existence of the world below. The three made a pact, and a plan was conducted. In the end the three of them would escape the Overworld and left for the Human World, branded as traitors to their world. They would spend the following years exploring the human world, enjoying its beauty and meeting its people. The tale of three wondrous creatures from the sky above reached the ears of a King with a sickly daughter, and would invite the three of them to his castle as royal guests. The three Feys would accept, and have a wonderful time. Yet it as eventually shown to be a trap, the three of them incapacitated by a special poison that would hinder their magical capabilities. Ren managed to escape, while Helios and Arianna were captured as prisoners.

Helios and Arianna were locked away in isolation, where they were used for experimentation and for their blood, which had inherited magical capabilities that could possibly enhance the human form. This went on for years. By the time that the King was ready to explore to the world above, and in turn human rebels were ready to break out the mysterious prisoners of another world, Arianna had long perished.

After the events of Overworld, and much loss, including that of Arianna, Auron, Ren, Henry and many more, he took a few months of enjoying his newly gained freedom. He had come to the realization that he only wished to explore and enjoy lives in its perspectives, he had knowledge that needed to be passed onto the next generation in a way that the bird's songs could not do. In time he took work under Jynn as an ambassador, and has also worked on his own personal literary pieces. He is currently working on numerous pieces of work, including a personal account of the adventures with his two friends, their escape of the Overworld, as well as his time under human capture, and everything that he experienced after. He is also working on multiple bestiaries, using his knowledge and powers to write what he hopes to be the most in depth and detailed bestiary that can help future generations understand the beasts they coexist with.

  • His father is a Spriggan fighter, and his mother is a retired Alchemist
  • The dragon shaped jewelry he wears belonged to Ren, and it is something he will carry with him until death
  • The face paint he wears comes from the Spriggan tradition of carving symbols into their masks and armor as they grow and gain new perspectives. He wears neither, and instead uses face paint to symbolize it instead.
  • He has a playlist:

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Endless Thundaza

Name: Jynn de la Alexandria
Gender: Male
Race: Eidolon Fey
Age: 1997 (Appears in his mid 20’s)

-Magnetic Sensing

This ability allows Jynn to pick up magnetic disturbances within 100 feet of him, meaning he can detect even the slightest movements and vibrations, including those hidden under the ground or individuals using invisibility spells. He could also use this to easily navigate through environments where visibility is limited.

-Thunder Magic
Jynn has mastery over the power of electricity. With this power, he is able to call down lightning, create projectiles, conjure thunderstorms, create plasma force fields, and he is even able to solidify lightning into objects such as weapons.

-Dark Thunder
Jynn has mastered his most powerful magic: Dark Thunder. His powers are amplified to the extreme, and objects or individuals normally resistant or immune to electricity are now affected. This state lasts for only 5 minutes (2 posts).

-Dragon Element (When weapon is equipped)
When Jynn wields Le Limier, he is able to inflict his foes with dragonblight. When a fey is affected, they temporarily lose access to their powers for 2 minutes (1 post). When a human is affected, their strength is lessened for a similar amount of time.

Le Limier (Modified)

Jynn has traded in his old weapon in favor of a modified Le Limier consisting of Shagaru Magala materials. Jynn has attached a second edge to a normally single edge sword, as well as enchanting it. With this weapon, Jynn is able to inflict dragonblight on foes. With his attachment, it is also able to wield his thunder magic.

Personality: Jynn is a rather laid back and caring ruler, always looking for ways to improve the lives of his people. He prefers to be out and about, socializing with others, being around nature, and being amidst the front lines in battle, as opposed to lounging around his home when he has free time. Unlike his grandfather before him, Jynn is willing to help the humans in the World Below as well, even though some fey are skeptical about this decision.

Aside from his duties, Jynn also very protective of those closest to him, willing to throw himself into danger if necessary. Along with Helios, Jynn also has a deep fascination and love for nature, not one to let others abuse its resources and wildlife for personal gain.

Biography: Jynn is the son of the late Shiva de la Alexandria, the previous Queen of Arcanum. His father is Raiden, the leader of Mystras, who he often works alongside with. Jynn is a prodigy of a forbidden marriage, and was kept from knowing his father for almost 2000 years until Shiva was assassinated, which rattled both him and Raiden. Thankfully, their relationship has been healthy since then, even despite certain instances.

During his youth, Jynn was a master hunter, taking down terrifying monsters and abominations, often not returning home for weeks, which often worried Shiva. Despite this, he continued this career for almost a century, until one hunt required him to slay a Shagaru Magala. After the long and grueling battle, Jynn and his felyne friend, Dawson, fell ill for weeks, prompting Shiva to finally put an end to Jynn’s career, fearing she may lose him, as any mother would. To this day, he still reminisces his days as a hunter.

Recently, Jynn has been busy keeping his subjects happy and thriving. For quite some time now, he has been looking forward to opening trade routes between Arcanum and the World Below. He wishes to travel to the human world to meet with King Alderon to discuss these plans.



Random Schemer
Name: Pyndragon

Gender: Female

Race: Sphinx

Age (If fey, they are immortal, but can appear a certain age): Appears late twenties, early thirties.

Humanoid Form;


True Form;

Magic (If any):
-Arcane Magic: Non-elemental spells for attack, defense, and manipulation. Generally channeled through cards.
-Eldritch Magic: alien/ancient spells
-Shape Change: From true winged quadruped form to humanoid form.
-Tarot Divination

Tarot Cards; (magical deck used for divination and attack)

The Muphrid's Cypher; Magical tome filled with magical secrets.


Personality: Pyndragon is rather self center. When she was young, she wanted power. Now, what she truly desire is comfort. She can be treacherous when the situation seems suitable, though this only seems to deepen her depression. Her intelligence and guile are her best features, and shines greatly when she gets stuck in bad situations. She will use alcohol and narcotics to excess as if trying to drown something out inside of her. She compulsively does puzzles and riddles, often getting distracted by them or using them to keep herself distracted from something else. She will often help people, but there is generally an ulterior motive to her actions.

Bio: The legendary name of Pendragon has belonged to many wizards aspiring to greatness. The most famous perhaps is the one who took part in the Hunt for the Dark Mistress, sacrificing himself to seal away a great evil. Despite the prestigious feats associated with the name, those who have researched it might believe that the name bears a curse...
Appearing since the disappearance of the magical barrier, the newest individual to take the name is a strange creature. Many aren't sure just what she is, and she doesn't say. While she attempts to appear like a sage wizard, the abuse of alcohol and other illicit substances makes her something of a pariah in society. It is at times beneficial to seek her aid, but best get rid of her quickly. Who knows what baggage she brings?
The hidden truth of Pyndragon starts with her being a sphinx. Often associated with the goddess Rawiya, they are often found safeguarding ancient treasures or libraries. There are legends of some sphinxs being made, either as a reward or curse for their life. Who would become Pyndragon spent over 10,000 years locked in a stone form, her fore paws locked around the spell book of a wizard who delved too deeply into time magic and was lost in the time stream. A few short years ago, she was released from the stone with the echos of a dying scream...and the start of a presence who at once had never been there and yet always been there. Rejoicing at her new freedom, she escaped her confinement, though a compulsion had her take the book with her. While she at first reveled in her new freedom, she found a gnawing sensation deep in her chest that wouldn't go away. Drink and some exotic substances could quiet it for a time, but never get rid of it.
Stuck in this miserable trait and with an ingrained knowledge that any attempt at greater power would earn the wraith of Rawiya, the sphinx has but one choice: Find the one who made her like this and end them. She knows they're out their as she feels them in her mind and their fate is teased in the cards. She takes the name Pyndragon and a humanoid form in her search to answer the riddle of where her target is.

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