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The Overarching plot will involve a war between human and elves...

Looking for very literate partners to collaborate with. I have a setting I have been fleshing out for while, so let's talk characters and plots!

Almost 500 years ago, Gauge was hit by a massive object from space. The entire Southern Continent of Euboa was devastated, all ancient Human civilizations erased from history. Those that survived fled to the mysterious Northern Continent of Lamruil.

For centuries Humans lived in harmony with the other Noble races. Till a great enemy has emerged to finish the Humans off once and for all...

The Noble Races: (Our characters will be human. Magic is extremely rare among humans, so if you want to be a magic user we can discuss background in more detail to fit the Narrative.)

Human: They once flourished in the Larger Southern Continent of Euboa. Their population has grown in recent generations.

Elves: Coming from off planet sometime in the past, the Elves have inhabited Lamruil for Millennia. Over time they have forgotten their mission to protect and watch over Gauge. Instead becoming possessive and Materialistic over time.

Orcs: 1800 years ago, according to their own historians, the Orcs just suddenly
arrived on Gauge. A mighty warband of orcs were defending their home planet from Demonic invasion. The Orcs managed to outflank a Mighty Demon Lord, but before they could deliver the decisive blow. The Demon snapped his fingers, sending the bulk of the orc host to a planet in another dimension, that planet was Gauge.

Halfling: Related to the now extict Dwarves, Halflings are a witty and inventive people.

Lizardkin: Also refugees of Euboa and even rarer than humans, lizardkin seldom leave their island home.

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