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Realistic or Modern •Let's write, a perfect imperfect mess.-

Sub Genres
LGTBQ, Romance, Slice of Life


Just a girl, trying to find her way.♡☆
Who am I?!
-25 yr old working full time.
-Live in the Eastern Time Zone.
-Dog mom, Cat Mom, and girlfriend.

Down to the writinggg:
-I write female oc's.
-Im okay with ghosting.
-Id like to say when im feeling inspired i can write 5+ paragraphs.
-Discord friendly.
-no triggers.
-usually on way too often.


#1. The couple got together when they were young. Had a life and the relationship slowly fell apart. Its been about 10 years, the couple may or may not recognize each other as they end up, meeting once again. Thier lives are so very different. Can they somehow, like each other again?

#2. Character A has been part of the spot light thier whole lives, never given the chance to live a normal life. A one night stand and makes things, complicated, to say the least.

- Modern twists on Disney movies?!
-send me your ideas also?!
-I love me some cliches! If you have some, please dont hesitate to shoot em my way.
-Also!! I have discord! C:​

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