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Fandom Oddities of Fabletown (Fables)


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Once upon a time, a community of fairy tale characters known as Fables were exiled from their home and forced to migrate to New York City, living in a secret community known as Fabletown. They have kept their secret from the mundane world, or 'mundies,' a slang term used by Fables for those oblivious to their presence, with the use of a magic spell known as Glamour. Glamour is a high-demand substance, used by Fables to keep their appearances human and blend in. The spell normally lasts around a month, so there's high demand for more. Some sellers have taken to the black market, making Glamour that doesn't wear off. The year is 1978. Fables live in (mostly) harmony, but there's the dark and seedy side of the community that draws the most attention. This is where we begin.

This RP is meant to be a prequel/alternate universe take of the Fables comics and The Wolf Among Us video game. The roleplay is mature and will feature a dive into heavy topics of the criminal underworld such as sex, drugs, murder, and addiction. Even though the roleplay will be centered around these topics, anything too NSFW (overly lewd) will have to be left out. Characters from the comics/game can be used and are encouraged, but OCs are also accepted. Every character must be a Fable.

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