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Multiple Settings Nobody Lives Here (closed!)


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Boop here! Thank you for giving this thread a chance. I'm still new to this site, but hopefully, I won't take long to figure this place out.

About me!
  • Timezone: EET.
  • A long-time roleplayer.
  • Posts are 3+ paragraphs long, third-person, and present tense. You can write your posts however you like. I obsessively spellcheck them but English is my second language, so I will make mistakes. I apologize in advance.
  • I enjoy planning RP's out to the smallest detail, so I'm very chatty OOC. These days I prefer to do my planning through Discord DM's. Just ask and I'll share my info!
  • My mains tend to be slightly more unconventional male characters: aliens, scary ghouls, cyborgs on the edge of cyber psychosis, etc.
  • I love romance, but I prefer to write against male mains. M// is my jam.
  • I'm an eternal optimist. I'm cool with dark topics, grey and black morality, violence, and gore, but constant bleakness makes me apathetic. I like RP's about overcoming the odds, seeing beauty in darkness, and finding safety despite the cruelty of the world. I might write scary-looking mains, but I don't write them to be purposefully cruel.
  • I can be very flaky. I'm a student and tend to be very tired after I get home, so I might ghost you without warning. Just poke me. Repeatedly. Hopefully, I won't be too embarrassed to say something.
  • That said, because of my own admittedly rude disappearing acts, I'm totally cool with you ghosting me.

Looking for
  • Partners 18+
  • Characters that aren't very young, either. I don't write teen characters, and writing a 50-year-old against a 19-year-old in a romantic setting is not my cuppa.
  • Multi-para writing partner who puts some effort into their grammar
  • Someone to plot and trade ideas with! I tend to have a ton of ideas, but often have trouble structuring them into a full plot. I'm at my best when my partner is proactive.
  • Someone who's willing to get the RP started in a short amount of time. I'm cool waiting for actual posts, but if planning out the RP takes a long time I tend to lose interest fairly quickly.

Settings (always home-brew, often inspired by my favorites)
  • Urban/Modern low fantasy with horror elements
  • High fantasy
  • Cyberpunk
  • Post-apocalypse
  • Soft sci-fi
Complete no-goes
  • Realistic modern slice of life
  • Any school setting


Nobody Lives Here

On the desolate, windswept coast, the lighthouse stands alone overlooking the deep, dark sea, its house abandoned, the bed still undone. Within its walls, the air is thick with the stillness of neglect. Abandoned furniture gathers dust, the forgotten possessions the only witness to the previous owner's disappearance.

Among these items lies a worn journal, the pages of which are covered in a thick layer of ink that stains your hands. The journal proves to be unreadable but for a few, repeating letters, writing out a desperate demand of someone, something.

oPEn - tHe - Door - OPE n - The - DOor - opeN -

A lighthouse needs a keeper. It needs someone looking to build a new life in the middle of nowhere, someone willing to deal with paranormal circumstances, strange dreams, and the sea air. This place will be your new home. Ominous demands and the mysterious disappearance of the previous lighthouse keeper won't change that.

(Something is trapped within the lighthouse. It finds your mind fascinating.)

Key Tropes: Modern or Fantasy, Lovecraft Lite, Horror-adjacent, Ascended Demon, Did You Just Romance Cthulhu, My Species Doth Protest Too Much, Eldritch Locations

... Listen I just wanna play not-Omeluum okay, let me play Omeluum from BG3, and let's have it fall in love!

Other ideas

A boisterous cyberpsycho's looking for a way out of self-inflicted poverty. He's looking for a mechanic or a driver, possibly both. Is anyone willing to give street racing a try? Cyberpunk, rags to riches, drug addiction metaphor.

A kind older gentleman is looking for a science fiction plot to slot himself into. He enjoys building miniatures and having long talks on the bridge. He occasionally works as a medic but is also an expert in xenobiology.

Two soldiers on opposite sides of a war are separated from their groups and have to survive on an unknown planet together or die alone. Aliens, enemies to lovers, mutual respect, overcoming cultural differences. Enemy Mine but gay.
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