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Realistic or Modern No Wolf is an Island

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“What?” Josh thought that he might have misheard. It wouldn’t have been the first time. The young man occasionally had his head in the clouds either as a result of his own volition or because of the other guy. His parents had just told him that in a few months time, they would be departing Houston for a town called Lycaon Bay. “Come again?” They told him the same thing. So I didn’t get it wrong? Anger clawed at him. How could they do this to me? The other guy was so appalled that he had to get his two cents in. Josh’s upper lip curled and a growl bubbled from his throat. His father Takeo Nakayama returned his rage, “Don’t you dare growl at us Joshua Ryota Nakayama!”

Josh’s lips quivered as he was caught in a maelstrom of anger, sadness, hopelessness, and futility. All separately and all at once. Before he further did something or said something that he would regret, he ran upstairs to his room. I am not going to be completing my high school career at St. Isidore High. All his hopes and dreams were evaporating before his eyes. For the past three school years, he had played Running Back for the Ravens and they had won the state championship the previous fall. I am now going to be spending my Senior year in some faraway town I have never heard of or been to.

Josh slammed the door shut. His chest heaved. I didn’t mean to growl at them. It just happened, that’s all. He felt crummy and just wanted to crawl into a hole. When he was a child and felt upset, he would crawl under the bed. Now, he was too big to do that. He tossed his school uniform into the basket at the foot of his bed. He then discarded his human guise as well.

At face value, Joshua Nakayama was a young human male with an athletic build. He was five foot and ten inches tall with a weight of 180 pounds. His eyes were dark brown and his jet black hair was in a crew cut. Many considered him attractive. Human, he was not. Beings like him were given different names by different people all over the world: lycanthrope, loup garou, werewolf, among others. As far as he knew, he was the only one of his kind out there.

Josh sought comfort in his fur and shifted away from human until he resembled a natural wolf, just one that was as large as his human self. He curled up on his bed feeling morose. He had even swapped out his human vocal chords which caused canine whimpers to emanate from him.

His mother Mariko called out from the other side of the door, “Son? Have something to eat? You need to eat. Please?” Josh could have denied the rumblings in his stomach, but he was feeling truly hungry. He switched his voice back and uttered from his muzzle, “Just give me a second.” Paws became human-shaped and his body resumed a bipedal structure, but he still looked like a wolf. The way he appeared right now, he would not look out of place in a movie featuring anthropomorphic animals. Up goes his special cargo shorts which had a hole in the back for his tail. As he opened the door back up, he slipped on a tank. He headed down the stairs to the dining room for a quiet meal.

Where was Lycaon Bay? How far was away was it? It was as far removed from Houston as could be. He had never seen anything resembling mountains except for a vacation to the Grand Canyon when he was 12. Did it snow there? Snow here, if you could call that, might as well be dandruff. He still disliked that they were moving, but he decided to try to make the best of this as best he could.

Each day brought Josh and his parents closer to the beginning of the new chapter. One weekend, his folks headed to Lycaon Bay to finalize the paperwork for their new house. They told their son that he might like this new house because it had a basement. Instead of his gym stuff sharing space with other things in the garage, he could set up his equipment in the new house’s basement. He took placement exams online for Lycaon High and had been accepted to take his place among other the other Seniors once he arrived. By the time he set foot on campus, the Fall semester would have been in session for two weeks already.

Stuff packed, memories packed. Ready, set, go. A taxi picked them up from the airport and took them to their new house where the realtor was waiting. Keys were presented and they stepped inside together. It was a busy weekend as the trio cleaned house while they waited for the moving truck. The truck arrives and the furniture is brought inside and is carried to the rooms that they will occupy. The house quickly fills up with boxes. Over the next several days, they will be emptied and belongings set in their spots. For now, only the most critical were opened.

They either went out to eat or brought food home to maximize their time. Sunday night and they looked at their progress. Although there is still much to do, they decide they are ready enough for tomorrow. Josh gets ready for bed. His bed has been set up with fresh sheets applied and his closet is full of clothes. He climbs inside and his eyes close. Ready enough.

Monday morning is here. Josh’s parents have already departed for their new jobs. He wakes up, showers and clothes himself. No uniforms here so he gets to wear what he wants within reason. Here are his crisp jeans and his maroon-grey striped polo. They go on and he laces up his black and yellow sneakers. He starts up his red truck and heads to Lycaon High. He was told to report to the campus at least 30 minutes before first period. Entering, he steps inside the Dean’s office which is located right by the main doors on the right. He was expected and is personally escorted by the Dean to Administration. There, he gets his picture taken to complete the student ID that was waiting for him. Once laminated, it is slid into a protective pocket and a lanyard in the school’s colors is attached. Josh accepts the finished product and drapes it over his head. He is then directed to the Vice Principal’s office to obtain his class schedule and his locker information.

He can’t leave the room just yet. Josh was told that a fellow Senior would be his guide today. A volunteer was sought among Seniors who had the same schedule as him and one stepped forward. He waits patiently with his backpack and supplies ready to be used.


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Chazz Garrison woke up two hours early that morning after dreaming of werewolves...again. That was the third time this week, and he wasn't sure why. He had a fascination for mythical creatures, sure, but there was never one singling itself out from his mind. This was an oddity all on its own. Rather than trying to go back to sleep, Chazz went to his desk and wrote in his journal, describing a beautiful wolf with thick black fur and a strong build. Its brown eyes detailing the internal sorrow he felt.

Chazz had never vividly imagined a creature from his mind before, so maybe this was an inspiration for him. Something that his mind told him he had to write about. He's read enough wolf shifter novels to know what most shifters were like, impulsive, protective, anal, brooding, possessive. It was kind of hot. Chazz wondered what it would be like to garner the attention of someone like that. Someone who would take one look at him and think, "Mine! Mate! Mine!"

Chazz giggled at the thought. This was why books were better than real life. In real life, dating was a pain in the ass especially for a gay man. Most gays were only interested in sex and nothing more. He longed to find someone who wanted more in life than just to fuck and party his life away. He wanted a REAL connection. Then again, Chazz wasn't usually the type that most gays would considered drool-worthy.

Chazz was...decent looking, for a book nerd. He had wavy dirty blond hair, and green eyes hidden behind red rimmed glasses. He has a small frame but admittedly was soft around the waist. He wasn't fat by any means, but he wasn't firm either. It was an oddity on its own.

A knock sounded at his bedroom door and his Mom stepped inside. "Honey, it's six-thirty. You're going to be late!"

Shit, I couldn't have that. There was a new guy coming to school today and the vice principle had asked me to be his personal tour guide. "Getting dressed now, thanks Mom."

Once she closed my door, I put on a pair a black and purple skinny jeans, a purple shirt with a rainbow wolf picture on the front, then a black and white striped shirt over it. After brushing my teeth, brushing my hair, and moisturizing my face, I sprayed on some of my favorite cologne and was ready to go.

I stuffed my journal in my backpack and headed out of the door. With my earbuds blasting rock music, I made it to school just in time. Entering the building the first thing I did was step into the principle's office. The lady at the front counter waved at me as she always did whenever I stopped in, and I stepped into the Vice Principle's office.

Chazz's feet planted at the sight of the most gorgeous specimen to ever grace the school grounds. From what little Chazz was told, this new guy was a senior too. His had an athletic build with short black hair and intense brown eyes. He wore jeans and a striped polo that hugged his biceps perfectly.

Fuck, he was beautiful, and I was supposed to be his tour guide. This should be interesting.

"U-Um...hi," my voice squeaked so I cleared it, and tried again. "You must be the new guy I'm showing around today? I-I'm Chazz Garrison, nice to meet you."


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Josh raised an eyebrow when Chazz introduced himself. Twitchy fellow, isn’t he? I bet a slight breeze could topple him over. Best to say something. He extends his and and shakes his classmate's hand. “Call me Josh Nakayama. Nice to meet you.” There is no way I am going to let you have the privilege of calling me Ryota though.

Who did have this special privilege? It began a few years back when he joined his best bud Brett McPherson for football tryouts. Here was quintessential football fan if he ever heard one. Brett had played ever since his pee-wee days and had asked Josh to join ever since those days. The answer had always been a polite no. Blame my parents. They were always afraid I would have an accident. If the other guy shows back home, no big deal. Being in public was another thing all together. You wouldn’t be able to explain away a human boy becoming a wolf. Now you are asking to trust a young teenager to restrain his energy? What if he got carried away and hurt someone badly? Their fears were assuaged because he had learned to regulate his strength after years of training. He felt alive out there. Just one thing bothered him. There was already someone with the same name. He declared to his teammates before his first game, “Call me Ryota.” The name stuck. Josh caged the wolf inside while out there on the field or otherwise in public. The wolf was only let out at home. It was a fair trade.

This Chazz would have to be really super special to be allowed to call me by my middle name. Would I even find that super special someone here? He looked at him and said, “Time’s slipping through our fingers. Let’s get going.” He turned to the Vice Principal and extended his thanks. Josh looked at the map as he made his way to his locker. Already he was getting the looks and the whispers. He blocked them out and focused on his guide. He looked at his schedule and asked about the teachers they shared. Who was strict? Who was easy-going? Questions were also posed that Chazz might not be able to answer. “What’s your school gym like? Can any student work out there or do you have to be on a team? Unless you count carrying boxes or help move furniture, I’ve not worked out one bit.” He probably isn’t the sort to go for fitness, but I’ve got no one to talk with.”

First period was Government with Mr. Weiss, a tall bald man, whose appearance reminded Josh of the behaviorist B.F. Skinner. It was probably his easiest class before lunch but only because interest in Social Studies had been imbued in him for years. His mother’s side of the family believed in civil service greatly. His grandfather served a suspicious country in World War II before returning stateside to enter public service as a postman and later a postmaster. His uncle served in the Marines for a tour before returning to the states to serve the public as a policeman. His mother was the reason for their move. The local judge had announced his retirement and his mother had been selected to replace him.

That class ended and was replaced with another, and another. It is time for lunch. Under normal circumstances, he would have made his own lunch. We’ve not gone to the grocery store. I can’t feed off of imaginary food. He stood in the cafeteria line and talked with Chazz about the food. “What looks good to you?” A sliver of meatloaf, a scoop of mashed potatoes, and some green beans now occupy the plate which he accepts and places it on the tray. A juice box and an orange are placed also. He exits the line and he hears a boisterous beckon, “Yo! New guy! Over here.” The young men in the front are clearly school nobility, they are the jocks, and eager for kindred spirit Josh to join them at their table.

He looks at them and back at Chazz. Their call was entrancing. He longed to be with his friends back home. To sit with them, he would be able to imagine that he was still there. Emotion clashed with politeness. There was only room for one victor here in this place today.

Josh looks at Chazz regretfully. He can be two beings, but the two beings shared the same body as a time-share. He couldn't be in two places at once. Soft voiced, "Okay then." He sits with the other young men who look at Chazz. No words are said, just looks which tell him to move on.
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So the first half of school was an interesting experience for Chazz to say the least. There was definitely something...different...about the new guy. Josh Nakayama. Chazz couldn't place his finger on it. Josh's obvious jock-like presence didn't scream "asshole" but there was definitely an air of intensity in his aura. The moment they shook hands, Chazz felt a jolt of electricity run along his spine, a feeling he never experienced before.

before first period, Chazz did his best to answer all of Josh's questions, including about gym and working out. Chazz HATED gym class with a fiery passion, but he knew enough to give the new guy the answers he wanted, which included that we did have a weights room available for students, but only during lunch period and after school.

During Government class, Chazz as admittedly distracted by the gruff yet handsome new guy. He kindof reminded Chazz of the wolf from his dream. That sparked an idea, and Chazz pulled out his journal. He began creating his new wolf shifter protagonist, shamefully basing it off Josh and even giving his character the same name. Josh as a wolf, Chazz could see it. He embarked all the personalities one would expect from a shifter. Beautiful, alpha, distant, wild on the inside, but tame on the outside. Every gay book nerd's fantasy. Thankfully his journal had a lock, and he wore the key around his neck.

By the time lunch period hit, Josh was already getting attention from all the asshole jocks of the school. When they called for Josh to sit with them, of course he accepted. Why wouldn't he? Despite feeling disappointed, Chazz knew he shouldn't expect anything else. School life painted in black and white, and any spec of color never went outside the lines. Everything and everyone had their place and stayed where they belonged. Josh belonged with the brainless meatheads of the school, and Chazz belonged with the outsiders. the geeks who talked books, anime, and KPOP. It was a role Chazz loved being in.

Still, his fascination with the new guy didn't waver in the slightest. Sighing, Chazz left Josh to his new friends while he stepped through the glass doors leading to the courtyard where his own group of friends waited. The walls separating the cafeteria and the courtyard was floor to ceiling glass so Chazz was still able to catch glimpses of Josh mingling with his new friends.

His glum mood died when one of his friends started playing KPOP music and began dancing on the tables. They motioned for Chazz to join them, and even though his face flushed with embarrassment every time, he still grew enough balls to jump up and dance with the rest of them. Was it sad he loved memorizing the choreography of his favorite KPOP artists? Probably? But he also loved learning enough Korean to sing along as well. So, there he was, dancing and singing his nerdy heart out with their small crowd clapping and cheering. If only Josh was around to enjoy the fun with him, but you could never get everything you wanted.


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Josh sits down at the table occupied by five young men and he looks at the plate before he sniffs it out. That was how he handled food and especially foodstuff that was prepared by others. Seems okay enough. He crosses himself and began to eat. Fair, but I probably could do better.

“Josh is it?” Thus spoke the guy with the curly red hair and freckles. He looks at the others and declares, “The one and only Joshua Nakayama.” Freckles introduces himself as Clancy Flynn before the other four. Clancy says, “You look pretty built. Check this out.” He tugs on his sleeve and flexes his left arm. The others do the same. So that’s it then. That didn’t take long. Seemingly by instinct, Josh shows his own inflated bicep which is 16 inches round. The others are easily impressed and ask him about his workout routine which he shares. He also adds in the meal plan he set for himself. Eventually, conversation turns to sports. “Play baseball?”

Oh, I must play baseball since I’m Japanese? You automatically assume that? Yeesh. “No. Football football. Running Back.” They seem to need more convincing. He takes out his phone and shows his videos. He is an exceedingly jubilant young man with white pants, shoulder pads covered by a black and purple jersey which displays the number 29. His helmet is clutched in his hand. Next to him is an equally happy guy with blond curtained hair. “That’s Brett, my best bud from back home. He plays quarterback. This is when we won state last fall.” They quiz him on his stats and Josh is told that they would have liked to have seen him in action beyond video clips. Unfortunately, football season already started and were set to play their third game this Friday. One suggests, “Ever consider wrestling? Season’s starting up in about a couple of months.”

Josh muses. Wrestling? “Nope. Never really thought about it.” He looks forward and chews on the green beans incessantly while he gives it great consideration. There goes Chazz on the table dancing away the lunch period. You will never catch me doing that. I do not dance. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Brett had to literally drag me kicking and screaming to Wishes to help celebrate his birthday. I didn’t much care for the scene, but I did like being with him. The memory of the two dancing young men with hands around waists was still as vibrant today as back then earlier this year. He was so lost in his mind that he didn’t notice his phone was buzzing until Clancy said, “Dude? I think your phone’s ringing.” Snap and he's brought back into the cafeteria.

There is his father’s face with the word Tosan underneath. He swipes and answers it, switching to Japanese. “How’s it going so far?” Josh answers, “Interesting. My special guide is quirky, but we are all quirky in our own way. He’s out dancing in the courtyard.” His father asks, “Where are you now?” The young man answers, “Lunch room sitting with other jocks. They are looking at me funny." Another question, “Got the list?” Josh smiles, “Yup.” His father says his goodbyes, “I’ll let you get back to lunch. See you later.” Josh ends the call, “Bye Dad.” He looks up at the others and goes back to English, “Dad just checking up on me.” Not much more to say as the bell rings about 15 minutes later.

The rest of the day passes by uneventfully. As he leaves final period, he turns to Chazz. "Thank you for showing me around today. I will see you tomorrow." Josh gathers his belongings at his locker and heads out to his truck. Clancy and the other guys walk by. They stop and ask him if he would like to go to the gym with them. “Sorry.” He sees Chazz out of the corner of his eye, “I’ve got errands to run. Rain check?” Clancy says, “Catch you later then.” The others call out, “Laters.”

Josh sets his phone up and turns on his playlist. The heavenly voices of the Japanese boy band Nova Dream comes out of the speakers. Engines a go. While he sings along, he is off to the grocery store.
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