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Realistic or Modern Newcastle (Open!!)



No, I don't have too many characters.
Drake Martin
the party woooo
swim trunks and a t-shirt

Stella, Jan jazzyball jazzyball
He'd been officially freed from the confines of rehab for... about three days now, and Drake had been chomping at the bit to do something with himself. The whole first month of his summer was over, and he'd done nothing but sit inside some cold, white walls, so it was time now to par-tay. Especially 'cause this was gonna be way better than the alternative.

Which 'course would be him chilling at home in the new apartment his brother had purchased and moved them into while he was gone. Yeah, imagine his confusion when Mason had driven them past their old apartment building, and to a different crappy place. He hadn't asked why the sudden change to the new place, 'cause he knew why and it just kinda felt like an elephant in the room. Somethin' neither brother was gonna mention first.

Getting used to the whole new living situation wasn't all that great, though. They had one bed. One. Why Mason had got a big bed instead of bringing the twins from their old room here was beyond him, but it meant the brothers were sharing a bed again like when they were real little. 'Cept this time, they had a toddler between them -- a toddler that'd just turned four, and was too big to be sharing a bed with them, and who'd taken to aggressively kicking Drake at night "in her sleep."

(Yes, she really was sleeping, but no, Drake didn't buy it for a second and thought she was out to get him.)

Naturally, though, with this whole party thing, Drake'd asked the first person he knew to have some fun. Stella Patrick, although his little friend was way more worried than he thought she needed to be. Yeah, yeah, so he'd had a little bump in the road, a little near death experience, who cares? It wasn't all that big of a deal, although clearly to her, it was, and after a couple hours in, well--



He hadn't meant to ditch her, it'd just kinda happened, and he'd find her again later.

But for now, the boy was clutching a bag full of totally not illegal fireworks, and skulking his way through the crowd, all right up until he bumped into some girl, and he turned around, blinking at her, not recognizing her in the least bit.

"Hi, I'm Drake," he said, a flashy grin on his face. "Do ya like fire?"
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𝙝𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙨'𝙨 𝙥𝙧 𝙢𝙖𝙣𝙖𝙜𝙚𝙧

cash miura

♡coded by uxie♡

A deep, ancient exhale escaped him, and he rubbed at his eyes.

The sound of a buzzsaw continued to drone in his ear, though the machine had long been turned off. The shop was shut down for the day, though he'd gone in and done some freelance work. At home, resting against his full length mirror, right before the sticky, painted-over-one-too-many-times entryway, was his latest project. An antiquated rocking chair, carved with florals, and over seventy hours of work. Cash's hands were still lined with oil, slippery against the handlebars of his bike, as he'd just finished making the wood well-fed before.

The evening's promise called to him in a siren-like fashion. He had been trying to repair all of the broken ties, even years later, though admittedly, his age and lack of college experience made him an outlier. Of course, his cousins promised to attend, given they were home for college, and Jace. He was giddy to see his friend.

The waves were what brought on the roar of the false buzzsaw, and the smell of firewood brought him back to summer. Camping: Kira, Daisy, Emmett, and him. They didn't have fireworks, which were spurting off into the sky with a scream, but they did have marshmallows. His feet sunk into the sand, but he eyed a similar trio, missing his aunt, Akira, and instead adding her husband, George. He waved to Daisy, who was attending a new college in the fall, and she gave a small wave back.

If you're there, I'll stop by. It'll upset Emmett if you just join in, though.

She had made it clear, and he had no choice but to oblige. Her text indicated as such.

Sometimes his veins burned with anger, but admittedly, he knew why. She hated him, and it was a righteous kind of anger. Cash had abandoned them in their grief, a sibling experience he missed out on. An ultimate crime.

Still, he wished she'd let him in.

That was where his sigh had come from. Locked away where he kept his memories of Aunt Kira.

Thankfully, his eyes spotted a mop of blond and a jolt to his step took shape. "Jace!" he called out, slinging an arm around the boy.



𝙝𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙨'𝙨 𝙥𝙧 𝙢𝙖𝙣𝙖𝙜𝙚𝙧

ronnie volkov

mike -- ditto ditto

♡coded by uxie♡

"Мочи перхоти."

The insult slipped from her tongue with falsified authenticity and concealed playfulness. A thorn, whose prescence poked into her. He certainly had a knack for grinding her gears. Mike Reid.

He managed to bother her yet excited her simply with his prescence. Veronika opted to make herself known, instead of cowering and pretending he didn't exist. Admittedly, that was sometimes more enjoyable than pestering him. Still, Ronnie sauntered her way forward, thick sandals stuck to the sand, before coming up next to him. Poking him in the side, she smiled. "Do you come everywhere I am just to bother me?"

Fluffing a pile of her brunette hair across her shoulder as though accenting her words with a tendril-scarf, she tried to hide the fact that her fingers were jittery.

Twenty minutes prior, and she was muttering a different swear. Her car's brake lights, misshapen, refracted off the asphalt, heightened by the dimming light. A similar red and blue glow shadowed her convertible, which she'd already struggled with earlier.

The officer knocked on her window. "Evening," he announced.

"Good afternoon," she responded, overly formal and her accent stronger than ever. "I mean, evening," she realized once her bleary eyes shifted towards the clock on the dash. "Is there a reason I'm being pulled over?" Ronnie asked, shifty.

His brow shift in refrain. "Your tail light is out. Just wanted to tell you."

A laugh, giddy and almost as flirtatious as her greeting towards Mike, slipped out. "Oh! I'll be sure to get that fixed. Thank you, officer."

His face remained in its perched expression. "Uh-huh. Can I see your license and registration?"

She resisted the urge to rub at her dry, surely red eyes. "Of course!" The formality in her voice was stinging.

Ten minutes later, and he sent her away. "My daughter's always listening to her music," he told her, though there was a hint of disdain. "She's going through a phase," he added.

As though she hadn't learned her lesson, upon sidling up to her... whatever Mike would be considered by conventional standards, she pulled out her dab pen and took a rip. She tilted it towards him in offering before rummaging through her floppy purse for her vape in tandem.

"What have you been up to, Mike Wasowski?" The joke slipped out easily, and she began to settle into a less high-strung high.



𝙝𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙨'𝙨 𝙥𝙧 𝙢𝙖𝙣𝙖𝙜𝙚𝙧

des merriweather

♡coded by uxie♡

Fleeing from their apartment before Ava, she accidentally slammed the door behind her.

Her feet stomped their way down the concrete, big boots thundering, and she slipped quickly into the seat of her sputtering car. Its engine turned over like a restless toddler in bed, until it finally caught and roared to life. Des smirked, cutting her groan at the inconvenience short. Shifting, her dress manipulated itself around her thighs and knees, and suddenly she worried she was improperly dressed for the occasion.

Then again, she pondered, did it really matter? Her outfit was exactly how she'd imagined it, especially after working tirelessly on convincing the fabric to lay just so and beating the hell out of her crappy, after-market resell machine. With summer in session, there was little to no access to the expensive, corporate sewing machines university had to offer. Of course, she'd somehow managed to impress and foster good will from her favorite professor, and she technically had access to the studio, but what a drag. Especially with gas prices as they were, and her dislike for working more than she had to.

Rolling down the window, she pulled a cigarette out of her bag, lit it, and took a drag. It poured out the window, dragged away by the high speed wind that was sure to give her hair the outlandish spikes she preferred, all without the extra twenty minutes it would take to achieve said look inorganically. In these moments, Desdemona was immensely grateful and proud to be a resident of Newcastle.

Parking, she left the windows cracked, refusing to subject herself to the potential of suffocating, stale air, even though she surely wouldn't return to her vehicle until it was much later and cooler. Satisfied with the pleasant click of her locks, she slung her bag across her body and jingled her keys. The cigarette still lit, she managed her way across the blacktop to the edge of the beach.

Her choice in shoe had been a bit impractical.

Shrugging, Des teased at her hair with her pointed nails and trekked onward, though only for ten feet or so. She stopped near the trash can, admiring the pattern made by the metal of the container, and crossed her arms across her body as she finished her smoke. Looking around, Des felt suddenly quite alone and wishing she'd forced her roommate to let her attend together. She didn't even like fireworks.

Eyeing people from the side, refusing to meet anyone head on as the lonesomeness began to stir, she spotted a spike of blonde within speaking distance of. She seemed familiar, as though they'd passed by one another before, before Des placed her as a girl who frequented the park near her house. The camera slung around her neck weighed then, tugging itself to attention.

Stubbing out the cigarette and tossing it in the trash, she stumbled her way towards the young woman. Hands grasped around the camera like a baby holding its blankie, she smiled, charisma irking, before asking, "Mind if I take a picture?"



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Brody Jesson
cool cool cool
blue swim shorts w/ unbuttoned shirt

Willa starkravingsane starkravingsane
Something about beach parties really spoke to Justin. The smell of crackling fire, the lapping sound of the waves, the feeling of the sand beneath his feet. It all really just presented some kind of picturesque view that brought a lopsided grin to his face.

Well, and the girls in their bikinis. That always brought a smile to his face, especially when that was coupled with some drinks. Of course, since this was some dumb family friendly festival, there was going to be no getting a hold of alcohol for him. Disappointing, really, but hey, didn't meant he couldn't still have fun.

There was still a red solo cup in his hand, albeit filled with lemonade instead of whiskey. He'd arrived with Amy, but they'd kind of split off after arriving, although he'd made sure to find her before he left -- or make sure she had some ride home. It didn't matter what might happen tonight, Justin wasn't some kind of... lousy dude that forgot his best friend at a party because, what, he was trying to get in some chick's pants?

Nah, he couldn't even think of anyone that would be that scummy.

But with Amy now off doing her own thing, it meant that Justin was... hopelessly alone. Previously, he would've sought out the attentions of Mercedes Camus, but after their "breakup," he figured that wasn't the greatest idea.

Pity, too. She was a really good kisser.

Taking a sip from his cup, Justin started to meander through the crowds, right up until his gaze settled on a pretty brunette he hadn't seen before. She looked to be about his age, which made her all the more intriguing.

After all, someone he didn't recognize and his age? Totally his type.

With no hesitation (he'd mastered the art of hitting on vacationing girls), he made his way over to her.

"Hey," he said with a lil nod of his head. "I'm Justin. You're... I haven't seen you around before. Where're you from?"

Hey, it was a fine art. You had to start out slow.
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We've Going Hard for Too Long
Elizabeth Olsen Facebook Watch GIF by Sorry For Your Loss

Avery Ljungberg
Location: Bon Fire
Outfit: Shorts and Gray Sleeveless T-Shirt
Mood: Not only pissed off but also not wanting a comversation
Interaction: Des ( demonology demonology )
It is the 4th of July, which meant that there are fireworks, lots of booze, and the annual 4th of July Bon Fire at Newcastle. But for Avery, it was a normal day for sure besides the partying and she is driving on her way to the party, with a loud yawn like a lion is roaring to know who is the true leader of the jungle. She didn't give a fuck about what was about to happen in the bonfire, but she has to attend it. But she is also playing music whilst heading towards the party, her phone started playing Nobody Compares to You before she hummed the lyrics since she uses bluetooth to listen some music if she is driving.

And her outfit is quite unique of some sort, she wears shorts that are navy blue, a gray sleeveless t-shirt, and wears a bra in case she has to take a dip if the bon fire is.

But her style of clothing is more on of a tomboyish style. And she doesn't care about it at all.

After a few minutes of driving towards the location of the bonfire. Avery parked her widebody R35 GTR that has a amount of 1,206 horsepower. Closing the driver's door and noticed someone with a camera slung around her neck and was trying not t-

Did she wanted to take a picture of her?

How could she be able to interact with her in all of this? She would unexpectedly got butterflies on her stomach. Has the girl got to be a stalker or something?

"Uh.... sure?," Avery spoke to the girl who asked her for a picture, what a way to be fucking nervous there, Avery.

Realizing that the woman that asked her is also beautiful, the way she holds the camera was like carrying a newborn son or daughter, her eyes were like dusk that catches her own mind. Stop thinking about her, god damn it!

"A-and by the way, what camera is that?," She pointed at the woman's camera to know if it is a Nikon or a Canon camera. "I'm just a noob when it comes to cameras... I'm more into cars, y'know."


No, I don't have too many characters.
Logan Cruz
baby spit stained clothes

Dex hery hery
"Oh... please, just... would you-- no. No, no, no, no."

There was a stressed exhale of breath through Logan Cruz's mouth as she glared down at her baby. Her fingers curled into her hands, nails pressing against the palms of her hands as she pressed them into the bed on either side of the child on her bed. She'd been trying forever to try and get his arm through the shirt, but he just... he wasn't fucking cooperating, and as he started to wiggle more, his fucking diaper popped off.

For a moment, she just stared down.

Then, she stood up, and she took a few steps away from Axel, grabbing a pillow in one hand as she did so.

She pressed the pillow against the wall, and then slammed her face into it as a scream tore from her lungs.

Once she was done, she turned around, her back slamming against the wall, and Logan let herself slowly sink to the ground. Tears had started to well up in her eyes due to a mixture of frustration and just pure fucking exhaustion. There was hardly anything left in the girl, and she knew that she looked like shit. There were bags under her eyes from months left sleepless, and the amount of baby spit up that crusted her hair, and stained her clothes...

A fist slammed into the floor beside her.

After a moment of trying to breathe, Logan pushed herself back up to exhausted legs, and made her way back over to the baby. She stared down at it, willing herself to feel... something, but she didn't. She couldn't. There wasn't any kind of feeling of love or whatever the fuck was supposed to happen when someone became a parent, and Logan couldn't figure out where she'd gone so fucking wrong.

With one last, shaky breath, Logan once again set about getting her baby dressed for his first adventure out to somewhere that wasn't daycare.


Once she'd actually gotten to the festival, it occurred to Logan that perhaps she should've put a little more time into trying to make herself look alright. After all, her dad was probably going to be here, and fucking Michael Reid. And she didn't want either of them to see her and think that she couldn't handle this whole... baby thing or whatever the fuck. Because she was fine.

Logan was fine. She had everything under control.

As she wandered, her gaze kept diverting itself from the gazes of judgmental people. In all honesty, they probably weren't even talking about her, they probably hadn't even noticed her, but like... well, it got to her, you know?

She needed a drink.

"Hey," Logan said as she made her way over to the bar. As she did so, she made sure to speak to someone that wasn't Raven. "Could I ah... could I get an... alcohol?"

The quizzical look on the bartender's face at her question was answer enough.

"Shit... can you drink when you're like..." she trailed off, not wanting to say breastfeeding allowed because like... ew, and she also hadn't totally mastered it, which was kind of embarrassing as fuck. "Never mind. I'm a minor, anyway. That could get you charged with a misdemeanor. Distributing alcohol to a minor. You'd probably only have to pay $250, do a little bit of community service, but that's ahh..." she laughed.

Oh god. She was rambling.

"Sorry, I ah... bye."

And with that, Logan turned and walked as fast as she could away. As she started to shift Axel from one arm to the other, her brother of all people showed up, and in an instant, Axel was being lifted out of her arms.

"Shit-- Dex, be careful," Logan warned. "You gotta support his head."
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No, I don't have too many characters.
Ashton West
bikini top, shorts, duh

Jared Kitsune2202 Kitsune2202
The beaches here literally just like... always made her miss home. Like sure, whatever, they weren't terrible, but the blistering heat made it nearly insufferable. And the freaking ocean was so damn warm here that it didn't provide, like, any kind of relief. Ugh. Yeah, summers were way better back in New York City, but was that really a surprise? Like everything was better in NYC.

Maybe she was a little biased.

But hey, a benefit to this whole place was that they actually knew how to party. Like she'd only been to a couple parties that she'd managed to find out about through the annoying the fuck out of Jace, but still. Oh, and they were nothing compared to a couple raves that she'd visited when she was on tour with Liv, but at least it was better than being stuck at home staring at her stupid ceiling.

Yeah, so with a night of freedom finally being gifted to her, well...

She totally had her night planned out.

Well, not really, but she was intending to make it the best night ever. You know, to tide her over for the next two weeks or whatever that she'd find herself stuck at home on a tight leash.

And the first thing on any list for a night of fun was a drink in hand, which she intended to get. See, half of getting a drink when you were underaged was just being confident as hell, and Ash totally had too much of that. So she walked up to the bar, a smile on her face, as she leaned against it, folding her arms and resting them on the edge.

"Vodka cran, please," she said to the dark-haired bartender that approached her, all the while keeping the smile on her face.

Unfortunately, the confidence obviously had no toll on the bartender in front of her. "ID," she said, with a roll of her eyes.

Ash matched the woman's gaze with a roll of her own eyes. With a huff, she leaned away from the bar, her hand going to pull the fake ID that she'd bought a while back from where she'd kept it... yep, in her bikini top. What? It's not like she wanted to lug a bag around all night, and she wasn't going to keep it somewhere that someone who knew her would see it and ask questions. But with a smug smile, she held it out to the girl.

The girl had leaned forward to check it, but straightened back up after seeing Ash's totally legit ID card.

"Ah, Easton. You don't look a day over seventeen."

(What? She'd never said that she'd gotten it from the smartest people.)

Dramatically, Ash pressed a hand over her chest, and then slipped her ID back to where it had previously been stored. "Such a flatterer. I'd offer you tips to look, like, you know... pretty, young, whatever. But clearly," she trailed off, a smile spreading across her face. "You don't need it."

As the bartender made her drink, however, Ash did find herself glancing around, just to kind of make sure that no one she knew would catch her over here. Luckily, the drink was finished quickly enough, and Ash went to grab it, but the chick pulled it away last minute.

"Only because I like you, Barbie."

There was another roll of her eyes, and Ash took the drink. "Creative," she teased, before placing a twenty on the bar. "I'll see you around." She said, and then finally stepped away from the bar, this time with drink in hand.

She took a sip of it, her steps slowing down as she kind of looked around for where to go, and--

Her eyebrows drew together, head kind of tilting to the side for a moment when she saw someone that she swore she could remember. She tried to place the name for a minute, and then it clicked, and like... how could she forget?

"Jared," Ash greeted as she walked towards him. "Long time no see. You're looking..." she studied him for a moment, followed by a little shrug of her shoulders. "Good, I guess." She glanced around, before her pale eyes settled back on him. "Are you alone?"

Listen, her options for like... talking to were limited.
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soap, master of hearts.
Raven Rivera
just hand me the paycheck

jasmyn jasmyn

A whiskey glass slid on the wood countertop, a napkin placed near it while the man who received said drink had muttered a thank you the waitress barely even acknowledged before turning to the next customer.

Raven hated parties.

Correction: working parties.

She probably could’ve gotten someone to cover for her but—

A ten was slid onto the bar, the older man had thrown a wink her way, and Raven didn’t react, but forced a smile, pocketing the money in the inner corner of her bra.

Money was money.

Besides, working parties like these were better than overtime— it wasn’t really surprising. The rich felt generous when they were intoxicated, either that or they couldn’t tell the difference between a five or a twenty dollar bill.

A customer had signed a receipt and left a five dollar tip and Raven pocketed that as well.

4th Of July.

A cause for celebration, to profess love for America and— It was mostly an excuse to get drunk and watch some fireworks, let’s be honest.

This town? They needed holidays like this.

Forget about the kids because they’d find a way to party or enjoy themselves on a normal monday. The people her age traveled freely and hit up LA whenever they could’ve.

It was for the suburban moms, the tried and true ‘bachelors’ that weren’t eligible anymore by the time they turned thirty-nine, and the rich who always felt the need to make a big deal out of anything.

She strained the drink, the red liquid filling the glass.

The younger girl reached for the drink, but before she was able to grab it, Raven pulled away.

“Only because I like you, Barbie.”

It wasn’t a lie— she was quite fond of her, but those words had a hidden meaning behind them;

Don’t ask me again.

Thankfully nobody had noticed, fake IDs were one thing, but this particular blonde wasn’t a nobody.

“Creative, I’ll see you around.”

The owners of LUX were one of those stereotypical luxury families who oversaw every small decision for their businesses, Raven probably wouldn’t have gotten the job if she had gone through the ‘normal’ application process.

Her gaze lingered on Zach while he served a few girls.

It wasn’t charity.

He put in a good word and the owner went for it.

She was glad that her boss didn’t do a background check and just threw her into the first shift as a test-run.

It was a pretty easy test-run considering the first day was slow and all she had to do was undo a few buttons on her dress shirt, chat up some customers and they were easily smitten.

Maybe not her boss’s bitch of a wife, but that wasn’t Raven’s problem.

She was drying off a glass when a brunette walked up to the bar.

Raven looked at her in acknowledgment, putting the glass away.

Well-dressed, carried herself on confidence, and Raven hasn’t heard her speak yet but based on her appearance alone, she screamed money.

Born into it?

“A pineapple margarita with a strawberry instead of the pineapple slice and EXTRA sugar on the rim.”


An amused breath escaped her nose, and a grin tugged at the edges of her lips.

“Is that decaf, too?”

The ill-attempt of a joke probably went over her head and Raven’s fingers tapped on the bar, both girls seemingly awaiting for the other to make a move.

Oh my god—

“I’m gonna have to see your ID, princess.”
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soap, master of hearts.
Livanna Moore

jazzyball jazzyball



Not drinks.


Not smoking.

She isn’t even gonna give that last one a second thought. It’s been three months since Liv was released from rehab.
After a ton of begging, pleading and… maybe there were a few tears,

her parents had decided to let her move in with Evie despite their obvious concerns over her sobriety and ability to get into trouble within the blink of an eye.

Even as parents, they knew they couldn’t keep a tight enough leash on Livanna, because what teenager wants to hang out with her parents?

Okay, her parents were pretty cool but nevermind that— pairing Liv with a friend she was obsessed with didn’t sound so bad.

It was rare for Liv to stray away from Evie, therefore, Evie was the debbie-downer and safety net for Livanna Moore.

How’d that happen?

Well, it started on one fateful tour.

The crowd screaming her name, applause, glowsticks, an entire set and stadiums dedicated to Ash and Liv.

And then there was Evie.

She was their designer artist, whatever she was, she was a goddess.

They clicked super quickly, and when I mean clicked, Liv had asked her a stream of questions and platonically fell in love faster than you could spell her name.


It was the freaking fourth of July and Liv was inherently sober.

Was it a bad sign that she was a little… upset at that fact? Probably, but she wasn’t gonna pay any mind to it.

She’d taken an uber with Ed, and it was super cool because one of her songs had actually came on the radio and—

I’ll just tell you.

Liv excitedly sat up, leaning closer to the driver's seat, Ed’s crutches were laying across both their laps, so when the brunette had sat up, the crutches buried themselves in Ed’s stomach.

Liv didn’t notice though.

“What do you think of this song?” She asked the driver.

It was one of her own, like… one that she’d written, recorded, the whole nine yards.

“Oh, it’s… okay?”

“It’s my song!”

“Oh! That’s—“ The older man had caught her eye in the rearview mirror.

“I heard about you! You’re that uh… popstar.”

“Um, yeah! I—“

“How did rehab go?”

Liv sat back at those words, sinking further into the backseat next to Ed.

“It went well.”

Liv stood quiet for the rest of the car ride to the beach.

After the overdose, the label had gotten worried over her behavior and had actually allowed her creative control.

For about a week.

The song didn’t hit the charts, only a few hundred thousand listens— it wasn’t anything like the others, but Liv was confident that she’d done a good job, and…

If she liked it, did everyone else really matter?

Trick question, of course they mattered but, why couldn’t they like it! Everyone kept saying Liv had changed, her style wasn’t the same, nobody liked the ‘new’ Liv.

The sad truth was that Liv was just being herself, creating the music that she wanted to make, it was her own sound— and it’s been hers for a while, this was just the first time she’s ever shared it with the world.

And it felt like everyone hated her for it.

Suddenly, Liv just didn’t feel in the partying mood anymore.

People were pickin’ at the bonfire, drinking, smoking and Liv was just watching enviously. The music felt more EDM and even with the high intensity, the bass, the vocals.

Liv just looked and felt uncharacteristically drained.

And then she was attacked.

Whoever had jumped onto her back, Liv had done her best to support them by leaning forward more.

"Hey," They said in a deep voice, and Liv already knew who it was, the voice… wasn’t working for her very well, but it was cute and their proximity was enough to release butterflies in her stomach.

“Woah! Hahah— hey,”

The shorter girl burst out into a fit of giggles, already letting Jude down so she could face her.

"I gotta tell you... You look incredibly hot. Come here often?"

It was said as a joke, but you’d never catch Liv this close to the beach… like, ever.

She was deathly— and I mean deathly afraid of the ocean.

“I actually just dressed up for some boring ol’ girl to tell me I looked pretty, so…”

Liv had done a little twirl with the sweater that she’d borrowed from Evie.

She and Jude had met in AA after Jude had attended with her older sister.

By that time, Liv had been there for a few weeks and it was easy to click with someone who seemed as sick of it as she was.

Though, she’s memorized a ton of things by now.

She’s a real rehab pro, nowadays.

That probably wasn’t a good thing to brag about…

Liv had taken Jude by the hand, forcing her to do one of her own twirls.

“What are we doingggg, this party is super boring and maybe now that you’re here, you can entertain me?” Liv smiled, cheek to cheek and awfully bright.

One might say it was forced, but that’s okay.

Fake it’ till you make it, boys. ; )

“We cannn dance,” Liv turned Jude to face the three-lonely party-goers that were lazily swaying out of rhythm to the music.

“Chat up some hotties,” Jude was then turned to some super-emo lookin’ pair… who were probably dating, but Liv didn’t know that.

“Or run away somewhere really nice just the two of us?”

Did she genuinely have an interest in any of these options?

Maybe the latter.
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music box

New Member

ready to fuck some shit up

edge of all the action at the party

Neon green swim trunks and T-shirt


aaah dunno what to say here

sean artuingo

Ah, a Fourth of July party. Celebrating... independence? Yeah, independence from the British. Sean was surprised he remembered that much from 5th-grade history. Let's see, what else.

"Uh...manifest destiny, migration. Lewis and Clark. Civil war, that's important..." the mumbles drew strange looks from other people, but most just ignored him and his neon getup. It was usually this way; most did not go out to talk with the psychotic teen mumbling under his breath about shit that happened centuries ago for no particular reason. He preferred it that way. So he was the one that got to make people uncomfortable by springing weird-ass questions on them.

Even so, there was a limit. He shut his mouth as he rounded the corner of the street, revealing the party was already in full force. Bonfire, a few people swimming, whatevs. Normally Sean didn't go out to town parties like this, but Fourth of July celebrations always held a special place in his heart. It was, of course, only four days before his birthday, so it felt like a huge party, just for him. Like the fireworks were God's way of marking the entrance of his beautiful soul into the world. If only.

In reality, God had treated him like a piece of shit today, and the days before weren't much better. There was a buildup of a burning feeling in his gut. It was a need to do things, even when he wanted to be apathetic. All he wanted was to watch TV and rest in bed, even if his brain was telling him to get some fresh air. But now was the day when he used all that pent-up energy, so hopefully, that feeling would go away.

He hung around there for a few minutes, grabbing a can of coke and sipping on it while absentmindedly watching the bonfire and thinking random thoughts. But it was boring, just standing there. Time to up the chaos. So he started scanning around the edge of the party, looking for an awkward, uncomfortable loner, and it didn't take long to find her.

Redheaded, curly hair kept in a way that made him think she definitely didn't do much with it. Jeans and a hoodie, and standing far away from anyone else that it was clear there was nobody to back her up. Perfect.

Sean started walking. Then speedwalking. Then jogging. As he approached, he made eye contact. I'm not moving, so step to the side. She got the message and took a step to the right, but at the last moment, he swerved into her shoulder. The can of coke, still cool and very much still filled with sticky fizzy sugariness, was accidentally jostled out of his hand, splashing copious amounts of the stuff everywhere. Including both of them.

He faced her, anger written clear on his face. "Hey? What the fuck was that? Why did you ram into me like that?" His hands went to his shirt, wiping in a futile attempt to prevent staining.

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the fool

  • filler

Dex really liked the color red, but you know what color he liked more? White. And you know what color he liked even more than that? Blue. So, despite (or, perhaps because of) his astounding lack of awareness for the history of tonight's holiday occasion, it was his favorite time out of the year. With everyone clad in all his favorite colors, not to mention a huge uptick in tacky, star-spangled decor, it felt like a way late birthday party.

And if anything was an ode to Dexter Cruz, it was stripping down and getting shitfaced. The absurdly-muscular high school senior arrived to the scene in his beachiest outfit, which consisted of his favorite blue board shorts and a scandalously-unbuttoned white shirt. It was no wonder the local frat boys were already working on recruiting the brainless boy for the following year; he had the exact look. Like, exact down to the Ray-Ban sunglasses.

And though he had the full intent to drink like he was a new pledge, it was not long after the serious conversation he had shared with his dad about being smart, e.g. not embarrassing the family in front of important people again. With the mayor not far out of his line of sight, even Dex experienced the pressure of their presence enough to compose himself for the time being.

With his dad away mingling with his law buddies, Dex could finally put his mind onto more youth-friendly priorities, like locating the nearest bar. The bonus objective was that if he got wasted enough, he'd be able to worm his way out of his "smile-and-nod" duties, something the father-son duo practiced in lieu of him speaking and telling prominent government officials the most boneheaded remarks they would ever hear in their lives.

There wasn't much—if at all—behind his eyes, which were adorned with long lashes against the backdrop of a naturally handsome face. It was perhaps an advantage that his boyish charm required no words or action given the oddities that tended to pour out of his mouth, instantly breaking any illusion of a distant, brooding heartbreaker. So, striding along the sandy ground with his hands in his pockets, he was a mysterious crush only to the non-locals unfamiliar with the DA's strapping town idiot of a son.

And just ahead was Logan, the very sister Dex had been looking forward to seeing all week. Since the baby's birth and Logan's subsequent departure from their home, there weren't many opportunities for the half-siblings to catch up on life. Given how fundamentally different they already were, it wasn't a huge strain on an already unusual sibling relationship, but it was definitely made worse by their father's adamant attitude toward cutting out what he deemed a blot to the Cruz image.

"Hello, baby," he greeted warmly, slipping two arms over his sister's shoulder from behind and relieving her of her spittle-encrusted child. Very nearly did he lift the kid by his legs, but he caught himself and made an attempt at supporting his body while heeding the rest of Logan's advice. Hell, what kind of a guy was he if not a careful one?

It was so rare he got to do this that the excitement of it all began to creep up on him in rapid waves, manifesting in various ideas for a proper uncle-nephew July 4th hangout. "Are you old enough for beach volleyball yet?" he cooed, tickling the baby's torso, "If you're like your mommy, then you suck doo-doo. Can you say, 'Logan is really bad at sports?'" He made an immediate guffaw, totally engrossed in conversation with a virtual newborn.

He finally looked up at Logan, his features instinctually softening at the sight of an individual whose well-being he could affirm at long last. "Glad you made it, Sis." He was hogging the baby at this point, rocking him side to side despite his uncomfortable wriggling and babbling. "Everybody really missed you. I was gonna bring Walnut so she could say 'hi', but I broke the cat leash doing science experiments in your room."

She hadn't been gone long enough to forget how things worked in the place where a human wrecking ball like Dexter grew up. He didn't know how to bring it up, but he hoped she missed it, even if he was "so annoying" all the time. In truth, the house was a lot quieter now that there was no father-daughter fighting anymore, which sucked because that kind of stuff usually drowned out whatever dangerous and stupid things he and his friends were up to.

Dexter Cruz


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Ava Sanders
party unfortunately
annoyed! surprise!
not summer beach wear

Sean music box music box
Why she had chosen to attend a 4th of July party in a town that she didn't know was more or less, at this point... completely behind her. By this point, standing awkwardly at the side while the close-knit town interacted with one another, she found herself completely wishing she hadn't fucking shown up, and she was prepared to just leave.

Yeah, Ava would just go home. She'd chill and play videogames later into the night, as one did when they had no social life.

But instead, before she could actually leave, some fuckhead across the way made eye contact with her. Her upper lip couldn't help but curl up in disgust, and she crossed her arms over her chest as she stared him down -- because she was not about to be intimidated by some skinny fucker.

And once he was properly put in his place, then the redhead would return back to her apartment.

The guy was moving towards her, and at first she refused to move. But then there was a roll of her eyes, and Ava stepped away to try and ya know... leave and go home. Be the bigger person for once, and keep from putting this little man in his place, but the fucker stepped out of his own way to fucking bump into her, which just caused the drink in his hand to splash all over both them and the sand as she pulled away.

"Hey? What the fuck was that? Why did you ram into me like that?" The little bitch asked.

Oh you had to be--

Her lips curled back into a cruel smile, a small, breathy laugh exiting her. Her hand, which was wet and sticky with the Coca Cola, reached forward. "You," she started, her voice trembling as she struggled to keep her cool. She wiped her hand against his shirt, and then pressed her palm against him. "Are a fucking idiot," she snarled and her pressed forward with her palm to shove him backwards.

"What the fuck is your deal?" She snapped, her voice rising as both hands came up to slam into his chest again.

Yeah, her temper was a lot shorter when doused in Coca Cola.
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Jace West
good now < 3
shirt and swim shorts probs

Cash demonology demonology
An open shirt on Jace's scrawny frame didn't really look quite right. Like, it just... well, when you weren't a muscular meathead, it was something that no one wanted to see. What a surprise, right? That no one would want to see the scrawny, pale kid's semi-exposed chest.

Well, except that he wasn't a kid. No, no, Jace was a whole adult now.

It was kind of crazy to think. It had been crazy at the time -- when he'd walked down the aisle with his newfound classmates, and he received his diploma from teachers that he hardly knew. Not exactly the graduation he'd expected. It was a lot smaller, a lot shorter than the ones were at the arts school back home that him and his sister had attended, but well... at least his parents had allowed him to wrap up his last year in public school.

He'd first arrived with said family, but they had all gone their own separate ways. His parents going one direction to talk with some boring adults, while his sister being the absolute idiot she was had taken off for the bar. But much to his annoyance, not only was she not denied what was clearly alcohol, but their parents hadn't even noticed. There was an annoyed snort from the boy, a kind of shake of his head, and then he turned.

Not his problem.

He hadn't gotten every far, however, when there was an arm slung around his shoulders. He stumbled, nearly missing his step and falling on his ass, but managed to catch himself. A grin broke out on his face when he saw who it was -- his buddy, Cash.

"Hey," he said. "What's up? Long time ahh... long time no see, yeah? Kinda?" He chuckled nervously, his gaze moving around to look at the other people gathered, before coming back to settle on Cash. "What're you up to?"

Maybe his friend would have an idea of what to do at this dumb party.
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Drake Martin
the party woooo
swim trunks and a t-shirt

Stella, Jan jazzyball jazzyball
Oh heck, this chick had the deepest Southern accent he'd ever heard in his life. Least he thought it was Southern, but it might've been somethin' real crazy. Like Martian.

"Nah, no, no, no," he said to her question, chuckling as he shook his head. Oh, this poor innocent little girl. She had no idea of the kind of things that he had in mind, especially with what was currently in the backpack that was so haphazardly slung on his back.

"Please," Drake said, scoffing a little bit at her question. "Ya gotta have more faith in me, ya know? I'm not just ah... I'm not just committing arsony," he explained, although it wouldn't be the first time that he'd accidentally set something on fire, and he was sure that it wouldn't be the last. Where Drake went, fire and destruction just kind of followed right behind him. What could he say? Old family curse.

With a wave of his hand, he gestured for the girl to follow him. "No, no, no, rather, I'm here to make this a real 4th of July celebration, ya know? Ya look new, so I bet ya didn't know that these babies," he swung the backpack around, unzipping it to reveal the contents inside -- a bunch of illegal fireworks, "are totally, completely illegal here. Can ya believe that? Sayin' no to the joy of fireworks."

There was disgusted, hurt scoff from the boy. The never of this place, was he right or was he right?

By now, they'd wandered far enough away that no one was gonna be able to hear them, so he turned towards her quickly as he stopped in his tracks. "Could get us arrested, ya sure you're still in?"
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Logan Cruz
baby spit stained clothes

Dex hery hery
There was maybe some kind of worry inside of Logan as her brother interacted with her tiny baby, but it was mostly overwhelmed by the exhaustion that was practically drowning her. Plus, what was the worst that would really happen? He'd drop Axel on his head? Well, Walnut had been dropped on the head numerous times, and the cat was still... mostly alright.

There was a little twinge of heartache at the thought of Walnut. Maybe some part of Logan missed the past, when life had felt so much simpler, and she'd actually had a home to go back to -- even if at the time, she hadn't appreciated it like she should've.

"Everybody really missed you. I was gonna bring Walnut so she could say 'hi', but I broke the cat leash doing science experiments in your room."

A homesick smile appeared on her face, but it quickly fell away when his words really hit her. Her eyebrows drew together, lips turning downwards. "Science experiments?" She echoed. "Dex, you didn't do the stupid... the stupid menthol in Coca Cola in my room again, did you?" She asked, but quickly shook her head -- she didn't really want to know if she'd return home to a healthy layer of foamy, sticky coke coating her remaining possessions.

If... if she returned home.

Another aching twinge against her heart.

Her eyes settled on the baby held in Dex's arms, who was fussing as normal, but she didn't make any move to take him. She didn't really care. The baby would cry and fuss just as much in her arms as he would anyone else, so why not take the break.

"Has dad umm... you know, has he like... said... anything?" She asked, unable to hide the hopeful look in her eyes.
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Xander Gardner
the party WOOT WOOT
t-shirt and swim shorts

Aaron mikaluvkitties mikaluvkitties
See, the thing was that, with Xander having spent the last year or so pretty much closed off from the world meant that now that he was out here, at a party, some of the people he'd known before didn't even recognize him. It was kind of nice to basically have a fresh start on life, on the whole school thing altogether, but it also made it kinda lonely.

Kinda sucked having a loss of friends, ya know?

But that was fine, because Xander could just make new ones. New, better ones that wouldn't judge him, and maybe a couple that'd even be willing to stand up for him if things went too south. At least, that was the dream.

With a pleasant grin on his face, the soon-to-be senior had gotten himself a can of Coke (sponsor us, Coca Cola -- this is my third character that's mentioning your lovely beverage), and he was on his way to leisurely walking about. Xan didn't really have anyone in mind to stop and talk to, or like... what he was even doing, but hey, he was sure it would come to him at one point or another.

He shifted the backpack that he always carried with him, which was loaded up heavily with various cans of spray paint. Just in case Xan felt the urge to do a little bit of vandalism. It was always best to carry the evidence right on your back, ya know.

Hesitating when he caught someone off to the side by himself, Xan took one last drink from his can of Coca Cola as a sort of ahh... ya know, sort of like a shot of confidence. But this was a shot of pop.

"Heya," he said as he approached the also lonely fella. "I'm Xander. Are you ahh... waiting for anyone, or ya just on your own, or...?"
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Damien Slater
the party
shorts and a t-shirt

Matt jazzyball jazzyball
You know what, Slater was just going to fucking say it -- he was going to fucking say what everyone else was thinking, but were too goddamn shy to fucking say for themselves.

This party sucked ass and there would've been a million better places to be. Fuck, he'd heard about a rave happening over in LA, which wasn't that far of a drive, and he could promise you that it was gonna be a whole shit ton better than some fucked up family festival in Newcastle. See, a party not here would have drugs, and alcohol, and hot chicks, and hot guys, and...

An annoyed huff escaped his lips as he brought the bottle up to his mouth. Oh, what, you thought he was going to be drinking the beverages offered here? Ha, as if. Nah, rather, Slater had brought an old water bottle filled to the brim with some whiskey he'd found at home, and he intended to get drunk as shit off of it. Plus that coupled with the high that he'd been nursing since he arrived meant that Slater was set to make this party fun.

... Well, and hopefully not embarrass himself in any manner.

He took another long swallow from the water bottle in hand, the golden liquid burning its way down his throat and tossing and turning in the pit of his stomach. Perhaps he should've eaten before going through with this plan, but whatever. He'd deal with the consequences in the morning.

With only a slight stumble to his steps -- which he attributed to trying to move in the sand versus the more real possibility that, well, he was simply drunk -- Slater started off across the sand. His red-eyed gaze was lazily moving around the crowd, looking for someone that he could--

Oh fuck yeah.

A goofy grin crossed his face when he caught sight of Matt, a quiet little comic book nerd that clearly always loved when Slater showed up and threw himself at him (or in Slater's eyes, the other way, so shut the fuck up).

"Heyyy," he said, his words drawing out the y as he stopped in front of Matt. His lips upturned into a lopsided grin, and he held out the bottle of whiskey. "Want a drink? Whiskey -- get real fucked."

Slater was never one for beating around the bush or small talk.

"Way better than this fucking shit, right?"
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Drake Martin
the party woooo
swim trunks and a t-shirt

Stella, Jan jazzyball jazzyball
The boy's dark eyes lit up in excitement as she agreed to blowing shit up, although blowing shit up wasn't exactly what he had in mind. All Drake really wanted was to make some real pretty colors in the sky, give the kids a real good 4th of July celebration, and kind of break it back into everyone's minds that he was freaking back. Because ya know, clearly his adoring fans has missed the one and only Drake Martin while he was away on ahh...

Let's call it vacation instead of what it really was, shall we?

Much to their surprise, however, everyone was gonna find out that a lil vacation within white stonewalls wasn't enough to turn Drake away. He was still the same goofy kid he'd always been, and that wasn't gonna change at all, ya know. It'd have sucked if it had changed him.

He scoffed at her question, rolling his eyes. "I ain't tryin' to scare ya," he explained, waving his hands in front of him, "I'm just tryin' to make sure that ya know what you're gettin' yourself into, ya know? I mean, what we're doin' is real dangerous. We could... we could... blow our faces off! Or get arrested, but ya know," Drake shrugged as he decided this part of the beach was good enough, and shrugged his backpack off.

"Gettin' caught is half the fun, 'cause then ya can be all 'hell yeah, I did that,' ya know what I mean?"

Drake was about ninety percent sure that the couple fireworks he'd set out first were set up correctly. His hand fumbled in the pocket of his dry swim shorts, and then a frown came to his face. He looked up at the girl, puppy dog eyes kinda on his face.

"Could ya uh..." he lifted up a hand, and mimicked flicking his thumb. "Light 'em up for me?"
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Elder Member
Amethyst J.

Swimsuit but this outfit is over it

Slut, BJ, Alex

jazzyball jazzyball

It's the biggest community bash of the summer and Amethyst was ready! She was so excited to be at this party even if it was family friendly. What? She liked hanging out with her friends any chance she got outside of school especially in the summer time. There were so many people to catch up with since school let out because to be honest there were only a few she casually texted on a regular basis.

That mixed with the fact she'd spent a good chunk of June studying for her Security + certification exam in about a week...

Look Amy was determined to do something with herself, and if she could get a jump start on that by knocking out certain things before going to college she'd do just that. Also...it was fun, yah so sue her she liked studying computers. It was literally what the future was going to run on so we'll see who is laughing in 15 more years. HA!

Ok so she wouldn't laugh at people she doesn't have that in her, but she'd settle just for not being mocked for her interests. Or you know being called boring like her friend apparently loves to do.

Damien was one of her oldest childhood friends...but in recent years he's been becoming well...dickish. Even to her, and she isn't quite sure what to do about it. People grow and change sure, but she always figured they'd get through whatever you know? That she could support him and help him through anything that happens to either of them. That's what she wanted.

She still had hope that it would be ok in the end. That high school is just hard, and if they could survive it together things would be ok with them. She invited him tonight to hang out at the beach, but she wasn't sure if she was going to see him with the attitude he was giving her. She didn't understand why he treated her like...like she was a bother, or like he didn't wanna see her. Or worse like she was some child just because she didn't wanna smoke and have sex all the time. She liked to drink wasn't that enough?

And there is nothing boring about a good movie marathon! Anyways she'd have to wait till after all this to go see him it seemed.

Compromise is key to good friendships. Right?

Anyways she had other friends to hang out with tonight. Like Justin! Her bestie who she rode with here. It was a great kick start to the evening getting to ride shot-gun in his truck singing along to the music and just chatting up a storm. He was one of the people she did keep in touch with over the summer. You know, cause he actually acts like he enjoys her presence and wants to be with her.

And Vice versa of course, Amy loves hanging out with Justin. He's one of the few people who can get her out and about outside of her comfort zone.

The only downside of Justin?

He uhh...like to entertain over the summer so to speak. Him and the last girl she was sure were already over, but all that meant was now he was free to mix and mingle and find someone new because the summer was still in full swing. Amy didn't dislike him for it or anything, and honestly she just tended to ignore it as best she could. They were young and there was nothing wrong with having fun. He wasn't ever a dick to them as far as she knew so there wasn't any harm. It just meant she'd shy away from him at parties like this because ya girl is not the best wing-woman.

Which is not at all surprising to most. In fact the only surprising thing is the fact that she's had boyfriends at all.

The point is she didn't wanna cock-block or anything so off to wonder for the night she goes.

You know...it'd crossed her mind that maybe the friends Amy had weren't the most compatible for her, but she convinced herself that was a good thing! not all your friends have to be just like you after all.

Someone she did have more in common with even if not by a whole lot was her other close friend Alex whom she was looking for. He just had to be here somewhere. Thanks to Twitter it seemed he was now on a mission to get someone named Zack's phone number...so she wasn't sure how long he'd actually want her around either. But it couldn't hurt to say hi still.

She finally spotted him and wasted no time getting his attention, "Alex! Hey! How are you?" She chimed happily.

He smiled, waved, and pulled her into a hug before mentioning the very thing that'd just been on her mind. "Are you up to speed?" he asked. "Jade and I have a bet going on," which just caused Amy to giggle and nod, "Yah I saw! Sooooo" She playfully nudged him with her elbow, "Any luck so far? Is he cute?" Because well...she had no idea who this Zack person was.

"Should I go cheer for you from afar? I don't think I'm that great of a wing-woman you know...but maybe I can act as a Jade distraction?" She hummed brainstorming possibilities to help her friend.
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Elder Member
Magnolia D.
Time to have a good time~


Syd, Jared, Val, Jack, BJ

ditto ditto

Ah! 4th of July, America's big birthday Bash. Honestly? Could use some work, but this was Newcrest not LA no matter how much she wished it was.

And boy did she wish it was. Firstly there'd be a lot more distractions at her fingertips...tho that was the very reason she was stuck here. Why did she need a distraction you might ask? Because the wonderful life and times of Magnolia Darrington was not all it's cracked up to be.

I know shocking. You mean it might actually suck to be born into more wealth then she could possibly spend? Well it might not have been so bad if she wasn't raised by a she-devil.

Totally not still bitter about letting her rot for 6 months in Juvie for something that wasn't even her fault.

Her dastardly family aside, and their annoying emphasis on connections to other equally annoying family cut from the same cloth like Val...there was a bit of friendship drama.

Not that she'll say it aloud, but walking this fine line of a tightrope trying to still be cool with both her close friends who are still beefing with each other...not easy for her. This is why having close friends is a hassle.

And the cherry on top, you may ask? She just got out of a relationship. Ok it was a month ago but it still sucked even if she'd never admit it to literally anyone. Nope as far as she was concerned it was hot girl summer season and she was single and ready to mingle. Who know that Jack guy online or even that Justin fella might be her aim for the night depending on how things go. I mean what's better then two recently broken up hotties hooking up?

See a blast this summer has been!

Now where was the bar at?

Oh wait yah...family friendly party. Whoo hoo Newcrest...

Parties? Her zone. Family friendly parties? Not so much. Then again as mention before anything family related tended not to be.

She could get a gold medal in running away from family related things. Her own? Move across the country. Her BF? Get dumped. See? She was a god damn Olympic sprinter at dodging and jumping over to avoid the hurdles that were all the problems in her life. She was pretty sure she was in the running around here to being a poster child for commitment issues.

She glanced over at the bar anyways and noticed Raven was working it so she could totally get away with getting at least one. Still she didn't wanna get her friend in trouble or anything.

Tonight was going to be a good night even if it killed her (poor choice in words considering it definitely could considering her track record with wild nights). Apparently there was going to be a rave later so she'd make sure to save time for that, but it seemed she had some time before that and before the not so secret but somehow still kinda secret fireworks went off. What to do in the mean time...

She spotted a familiar face in the crowd and let a grin curl onto her lips popping up behind him and covering his eyes, "Guess who?" in a childish sing song voice. You know because clearly it'd help mask her totally not unique voice.
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soap, master of hearts.
Mercedes Camus
blonde redheads suck

Jan, Drake
Winona Winona jazzyball jazzyball

Dear Diary,

Today’s the fourth of july.

It’s also the day I’m going to a party as a newly single woman.

Oh, you remember, the super secret hot, sexy, abs-mc-gee boyfriend I had? Yeah. Justin was… smoke-city, but he was NOTHING compared to Matty, so I'm not really that broken up about it, you know?

Although we had the best dates…

The birds were chirping, the sun was shining and the stench of hot-dogs from a nearby cart filled their noses as they sat on a park bench, Justin leaning into her further as she grabbed his shirt to pull him closer while they made out.

A bird pooped on the bench near them, but they weren't really paying attention.

Some kind of movie was playing, probably super action-packed by the amount of explosions she heard as they kissed in the last row of the movie theater.

She broke away for a second to look at the screen.

“This movie sucks, I don’t even understand what’s happ–”

“You don’t have to.”

Mercedes didn’t even get to reply before he had pulled her back into a kiss.

Justin had snuck into her room through the window, the poor teddy bear she’d gotten for her sixth birthday as a gift was forced to watch while the two made-out on her pink comforter.

And things were getting really steamy, like… Mer wanted to touch his abs kinda steamy. But It never went farther than kissing, and whenever moments like that came around…

Mer broke the kiss, glancing down at his lips and back to his eyes.

“I don’t wanna–”

“It’s cool.”

“Cool.” She yanked him back into the kiss, knocking down the poor bear.

Like I said, the best dates.

I didn’t even hear him the first time he said we should break up.

I think it went fine, though!


“I think we should break up.”

Mercedes was picking at the paint on her nails, stupid white paint got like, dirt on it or something so easily? It was so weird.



“I think we should break up.”

“Oh. Alright.” Mercedes said, completely unfazed and continuing to rub at the smudges on her nails before it hit her, sudden realization coming across her features.

This was her chance.

The chance to NOT be seen as a child anymore, the chance to finally make her way through high school as… an ex-girlfriend. The chance for Matty to see her as desirable, because men always wanted what other men had or something right?

That’s how boys worked?

And you know what else boys liked?

Damsels in heartbreak.


Whatever it was.

Mercedes had suddenly turned to Justin, her brows furrowing and blinking a few times to mimic tears.

“I mean,”

The bleach blonde took a heavy deep breath, fluttering her eyelashes and looking away from him ever-so-dramatically. He was hot, but he was also… kind of stupid, so he’d totally fall for this.

“I’d miss you, of course…”

“I know, I know,” He started.

I don’t really remember what he said after that, but… I kind of hate that it gave him an ego-boost? But he was a really good kisser. Like, really good. Wait. What was I even talking about again?


Fourth of july.

I’m single and ready to Matty-mingle. Wish me luck, me. I’m getting laid tonight.

Not really because I don’t think I’m ready for that kind of commitment? But if Matty asked I’d probably pretend to think about it before I said no.

ANYWAY, I have to hurry because CK’s waiting for me and I have to look cute for my newly secret single-debut.


Mercedes was on a mission.

Find Drake Martin.

And kill him.

Drake was her best friend, closer friend than everyone in this world combined, they knew each other's secrets, they made blood-pacts, they…

They just go way back, alright?

And this guy thought he was able to keep something from her?

Nuh-uh. That was best friend rule #1.

Don’t. Keep. Things. From. Each other.


”Pinky promise or else your heart explodes.” Young Mer held out her pinky, shoulder length, messy brunette hair that she had trouble keeping in the very neat pigtails her family was so intent on tying them in.

”My heart isn’t going to explode.”

”Yeah it is, Donna told me that if I ever told someone what he did, my heart would explode and I’ll die and then I’ll never find my frog prince guy.”

“I think we’ll both find our frog prince guys.” Drake replied, lifting his own pinky finger to intertwine with hers.


“Drake Riley Martin!" Mercedes exclaimed, bare-foot and walking across the beach, feeling the sand go between her toes and as much as she hated that stupid, gross feeling.

She had a bone to pick with him.


“I’ve been looking for you everywhere and now you’re–”

Her eyes shot to Jan and she narrowed them instantly, crossing her arms.

“So now you’re cheating on me with another friend?”

She was only half-joking.


Drake had told Mercedes he wasn’t telling her what was in his bag, and no matter how many times she asked, he just said no, so… He should be prepared to feel Mer’s wrath.


Oh, look.



Most of her anger faded after that part.

“How–” She started, Mer’s arm hit Drake square in the chest harshly.

Most of her anger, remember?

"could you be lighting fireworks without me! Best friend rule number thirty-two, never use flammable objects without each other. Is that what was in the bag?”

Mercedes had just finally turned to Jan, giving her a lil’ head-nod.

“I’m the better blonde, nobody can replace me, just letting you know now–” Technically, she was more redhead than blonde, and Mercedes was a fake-blonde, but that didn’t matter in this circumstance.

Mercedes needed to mark her territory.

Her Drake-itory. But now that she was here…

And super sober, and super bored… why not have some fun?

The blonde pulled out a zippo lighter, throwing it to Jan. It was conveniently American flag themed or somethin' like that.

Pretty cool, huh?

She stole that lighter from Justin when he dropped her off the day of the breakup.

At least she got something out of the relationship besides major street-cred.

“Hey, uh, but before you do that, I think the bag is too close.” Mercedes gestured towards the backpack filled with other fireworks.

“You should totally listen to the better blonde, just... saying."
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Val, Maggie, Ash

Winona Winona

This wasn't his favorite kind of scene, but it was a scene none the less. He preferred areas more clean, less sandy and sticky. AC for sure, but hey what kind of socialite doesn't socialize at big events and show face? One that is actually more introverted then anyone realizes. People drain Jared because most lack common sense. Just being around some of them felt like his brain cells where dying.

Key example? Twitter conversations. He hated getting on twitter, and couldn't stand it when he had to get into dumb arguments over it. Social media is both the best and worst part of the 21st century. It was nothing but a trap and he knew too much about the law and about public image to get caught up in that. Well most of the time. Every one an then if certain people were involved his curiosity would get the better of him.

So of course he DM'd his girl Val.

Turns out it was nothing of too much worth, but he still liked to bee in the loop when it came to those in his inner circle because included in his eternally long list of dislikes is being blindsided by new information from outside sources that he feels he should've been privy to first. He can't stand being the last to know something.

He'd also keep that little tid bit about the journalist in his back pocket. You never know when reporters can come in handy.

Outside of the little social media squabble he was texting her because well...he was bored. She was one of the few people who could keep him genuinely entertained. You know actually crack a smile or something like that. Hey, if his girlfriend couldn't then no one could. She was always good company in his eyes. Which is why it dampened his mood to know she originally wasn't coming, and even at this rate was going to be extremely late.

He'd even gotten her a present.

Lots of people might think Val was high maintenance or a prima donna...and she was. But that's only a problem if you're a basic bitch. She had class and taste that rivaled his own. He knew she'd love it because she loved the finer things in life just like him. Just another reason why they worked so well together.

With a sigh he finally pocketed his phone in favor of going to get that free drink just as someone approached him. He looked down and immediately recognized the blonde girl before him. He made it a point to memorize people of interest. The West's? A family of interest for sure.

He let a naturally charming grin curl onto his lips as he's done a million times before, "Back at yah." Ash was someone at one point he would've loved to invite to be a part of his inner circle. Now? She's got some maturing to do. "For now unfortunately. I mean unless you want to save me from such a fate?" He chuckled lightly extending the offer with a smirk. But a good time for the night? She was still in good enough graces for that.

She at least was someone unlike Evie he knew Val wouldn't be upset about him being around one on one. Because let's face it, she wasn't his type and no one knew that and him better then her.

Did he like Ash? In general. It's just...she was dangerously close to becoming just like his sister. What he heard through the grape vine that she'd been sent from NY too. He wasn't sure if it had been just a rumor or not, until now. "Unless you'd rather find my sister." He teased a bit. Today seemed the day everyone was comparing the two and he couldn't help but laugh at it.

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Her and Jared? They'd never really talked or interacted too much before, so she hadn't really been sure what he'd do when she came up. Like, part of her had expected him to be dismissive or something stupid, so there was kind of a relaxed smile on her face when he actually replied to her and didn't just try to get rid of her as fast as possible.

Like literally, thank god, because she needed something tonight. Her need for social interaction was like... she was freaking desperate at this point. Like, do you know how much being stuck at home for like three months absolutely sucked? Especially when you were like Ash, and you were used to like... like nearly daily parties.

At his question, she couldn't help but grin. "I am just, like, so touched that you'd actually want me to save you from loneliness," she joked, giving a little bit of a heartfelt frown, which didn't last long before she was back to her grin. With drink still in hand, she moved so that she was standing next to Jared and could actually see the other people at the party -- all of which she... did not recognize.

God, she missed New York.

He mentioned his sister, and Ash let out a scoff. Wait. Fuck.

"Sorry," she quickly said, hoping that it didn't come off as rude (although it probably was a little bit) and would cause Jared to like... leave her alone again. But she was pretty sure that Jared and Maggie had a strained relationship, kind of like her and Jace's. "I just... your sister's great, but umm..." she trailed off, staring down into the drink in her hand, before she shrugged and looked back up at him. "Not really my kind of person, you know?"

Yeah, that made total sense.

She wasn't even sure what it was about Maggie that she didn't really like -- just that she didn't.

Not that she hated her or anything.

Ash took a sip from her drink, although she was trying to consolidate it since she wasn't too sure that she'd be able to sneak another one.

"Okay, you've been here a little longer than me," she started. "Who here is, like, cool, and who do I avoid at all costs? I'm talking like... like who's really fun? Like not Maggie level crazy, but ya know, like... halfway fun."
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