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Crumb Slut
judith groves
beach party

liv ( Soap Soap )
Jude giggled as Liv spun her around in a twirl. What a fuckin' dork. She was right, though -- this party sucked ass.

"The poor maiden needs rescuing from this awful place, does she?" Jude asked, putting on a terrible British accent. She dropped to one knee, holding her hand to her heart.

Always a flair for the dramatic, this one.

"Fear not, my fair lady," she said, doing her best to keep a straight face. (It wasn't working very well.) "For I shall rescue you!" She stood, grabbing onto one of Liv's hands for leverage. "Come! To my trusty steed! We shall ride far away from this place!" She kept her hand in Liv's, pulling her toward the parking lot.

She probably looked and sounded like a crazy person, but fuck it.

"Where do you wanna go?" she asked, turning around to face Liv and walking backwards through the sand. "Playground, cemetery?" she suggested, then quickly realized those were just places she went to get high... which was not something Liv did anymore. "Or we can just... go for a drive?" she finally said as they approached her truck.

"Hop in. We'll find somewhere nice to park and look at the stars -- maybe even catch the fireworks from a more amicable distance," she said, climbing into the driver's side.

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Professional Unicorn Lover
Esther Deering | Petra Wolff | jizzyballer jizzyballer

Back home, Esther hadn’t really been the volunteering type. But it turned out that in a community that she actually liked, she was more than willing to get her hands dirty. Or… full, as the case may be. Like helping unpack fruit for some kind of salad bar shit?

Running into Petra wasn’t a surprise, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t welcome. She smiled easily at the other girl, maybe a bit too wide. “Yeah, I guess we’re gonna…” She lifted and lowered the watermelon, eyes following the motion with a considering gaze. “cube it.” It wasn’t often Esther got to help cook and cutting the shit out of something was even better, so yeah, she was ready to go on this shit.

Her gaze fell back to Petra, attention more focused than before, she leaned in, their height difference accentuated without her notice. “What’re you up to?” she asked, a hint of excited tease to her voice and more than a modest amount of genuine interest.


Professional Unicorn Lover
Aaron Deering | Xander Gardner | Winona Winona

His name was Xander and he was offering Aaron a hand to shake. Aaron stared at it. The polite thing to do would’ve been to shake it but at the moment the gross, sweaty flesh of a stranger touching his own gross, sweaty flesh was too much to bear. And he hadn’t asked for this conversation, so he lifted his gaze to once again meet Xander’s own, watching him with the same blandness he watched most things.

He nodded at the answer to a question other than the one Aaron had asked, taking a sip of lemonade in the awkward half-silence that followed, finishing it after his question came out.

And wasn’t that just a bitch of a question. “Relatively. I’ve been here long enough to be at the school, though. Not long enough for…” He looked around them with an unconcerned eye, gesturing his cup with the movement to capture everything around them, then continued once he was half looking at Xander again, “whatever this shit is.”

And then it occurred to Aaron that they were, in fact, in the same damned grade. And he hadn’t seen him around. Assuming lies was a paranoid move, but Aaron was, admittedly, a tad paranoid. “I’m a senior, too. Didn’t see you around last year.”


soap, master of hearts.
Livanna Moore
a little sleepy, a little tempted.

jizzyballer jizzyballer

"The poor maiden needs rescuing from this awful place, does she?" The blonde dropped to one knee, holding her own hand to her heart.

Liv snorted, watching her silly performance, one that she was quick to return.

“She does, I already feel faint.” Livanna said, her smile bright and her own accent thick as can be– it didn’t sound very genuine… or very good at all, but it’s the thought that counted.

It was easy enough to lift her spirits whenever she was around Jude. Something about the girl had always distracted her long enough, Liv had almost forgotten which thing had upset her in the first place.

Ever since rehab, the light that emanated from Liv was snuffed out.

Of course, not many people noticed, not many people knew her well enough.

Neither did Jude, or maybe especially Jude. They hadn’t been friends for a long time, but somehow…

"Fear not, my fair lady, for I shall rescue you!"

Despite everything, simply being around Jude was enough to light her up like the fireworks that were being set-off in the distance. “You’re so dumb,” Liv giggled, extending a hand to Jude who had promptly taken it.

"Come! To my trusty steed! We shall ride far away from this place!"

She dragged her away and provided a few places of interest. Which… neither of them seemed really interesting. Except maybe the playground, but they’d just wind up on the swings. That didn’t sound too bad, but Liv found herself saying;

“Let’s just aim for a drive, maybe we’ll find something along the way.”

.·͙*̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩̥͙ ✩ *̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩͙‧͙ .​

She didn’t feel like listening to any music.

Maybe in fear that something of hers’ would’ve came on the radio and the last thing she wanted was to be disappointed by yet another person who had disliked her ‘new’ sound.

Jude wasn’t like that, Liv knew that. She wasn't a sugar coater either, but Liv was afraid she might be just to spare her feelings...

and honestly, Liv was just really tired of being lied to.

Who lied to her?

Well, that was the million dollar question.

Could’ve been her parents when they said they believed she was getting better, could’ve been Evie when she said she liked her outfit, could’ve been Ash when she said;

"I like it! It's really good, promise."

She just couldn't shake the feeling that no matter what she did, Liv was being treated like a broken toy.

The radio stood off and they rode in silence. It was more peaceful without the many party-goers, the music, and the heat from the fire that had felt so hot despite being so far away from it. She rolled down her window and put a hand out.

Liv always found that entertaining.

The whole ‘windsurfing’ thing she would do as a kid whenever she stuck her hand out the window. “I should probably text Evie,” She spoke aloud, mainly to herself.

If she was Evie, she wouldn’t want herself roaming around without knowing where she was, not that… Liv particularly cared a bunch to let Evie know her whereabouts all the time, it was just…

She didn’t really wanna be accused of anything.

Liv pulled her phone up and noticed it was like, severely on the brink of dying. She probably wouldn’t have been able to get a text out before the 1% gave up on her.

“Aw,” Liv opened the glovebox to Jude’s car, “Do you have a charger somewhere around–” The brunette rummaged around for barely a few seconds before a few things had fallen to the floor and Liv muttered a string of apologies.

“I’m sorry, sorry, sorr–”

And then the words died on her lips when she noticed what it was. Weed wasn’t anything serious to her, granted, Liv had strayed away from that too since it was looked down upon in AA.

Opioids were more her style, but…

Her gaze lingered a little too long on the small bag of white powder.

She’d done coke, like… a lot.

A lot to the point where she overdosed.

And at first, Liv felt a pit of guilt in her stomach from the memories associated with it, but within those few seconds, she felt a strong sense of–

Livanna had taken both bags, shoving them back into the glovebox and thinning her lips, looking everywhere but there.

She knew that Jude was still using, she’d never stopped, it was just…

It was her own fault for the secret temptation that sat in her chest, those few thoughts that threatened to leave her mouth and influence her actions.

In a desperate attempt to ease whatever tension that filled the air, Liv said the first thing that came to mind.

“Did you know that spider monkeys don’t have thumbs?”

.·͙*̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩̥͙ ✩ *̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩͙‧͙ .​

The cold slushie was a brilliant dose to serotonin to her taste-buds and the momentary brain-freeze had saved Liv from thinking about anything other than the extreme pain. “Owwwww,” the brunette pinched her nose and waited for it to pass.

The pair had laid on the roof of the car, looking at the stars, their faces illuminated by the moonlight and the many lights that were upon the overlook.

It’d been Jude’s idea to come here and Liv was all for it.

“Okay, let’s do confessions. Not like, the jesus-confession stuff, but the stuff where you– you know what I mean.”

In case she didn’t, Liv thought it was a great idea to go first.

“I think it’s dumb you hate pineapples on pizza.” Her mouth struggled to find the straw, because– she was laying down obviously, but the mission was accomplished and Liv was distracted with her sugary-goodness and good company.

For now.
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Crumb Slut
matt lukeson
beach party
kill me

slut ( Winona Winona )
This fucking idiot.

He didn't know why he ever let Damien Slater into his pants. A momentary lapse of judgement, he supposed. Well, multiple momentary lapses of judgement... Whatever, he always regretted it and swore he was never gonna sleep with that jerkoff again.

"You're a real charmer, ya know that?" Matt grunted. He watched as Damien played with his lighter, cursing as he burnt himself. Matt chuckled.

Getting high did sound kinda good, though. Matt might've hated alcohol with a burning passion, but weed was a whole different story. Rolling his eyes, he conceded and pulled a joint he had rolled earlier from his pocket.

"You know, playing with fire is one of the signs of psychopathy," he said, placing the joint between his lips. He felt around in the sand for a minute until his fingers wrapped around the cool plastic of Damien's lighter. He shook the sand off of it, then brought it up to the joint and lit it. He then placed it in his pocket, not bothering to give it back to Damien. "Should I be concerned, Slater? Have you been wetting the bed too?" he joked, taking a deep drag and feeling the smoke coat his lungs.

"Anyway, I didn't bring any swim trunks."

Another puff, then he passed the joint to Damien.
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Ghostly Presence
Tate Shepard
an alley somewhere why do you care?
adrenaline high
something gay idk

Jade jasmyn jasmyn
The sky was lit up with the sparkling chaos that was fireworks. Tate’s neck was craned up to watch as the stray sparks sizzled out right above them. It was a smokey haze where they had set up right behind some dumpsters near where the parade had taken place earlier that day. There were still people milling about, food stands set up on the perimeter, waiting for the official firework show to start. As the last firework they had shot off faded from the sky, Tate turned to look at her current partner in crime. Jade Jennings was a year older than her and possibly a little crazier. She worked with Tate’s aunt so it was only natural that they would end up finding a sort of camaraderie with each other, as they both had similar tastes in fun. Aunt Eva liked her well enough, Tate thought it was probably because she reminded Eva of herself when she was their age. Not that she had ever told Tate as much, Eva had this weird block up when it came to her past and maybe it was because it was so wrapped up with Tate’s dad’s and Eva still found it hard to talk about him. Sometimes Tate found herself wondering if she should be feeling the same way but everytime she looked at the urn Eva kept on their TV stand, all she felt was dull stinging. Another firework crackled and boomed above their heads. Tate laughed, full and loud, her previous thoughts forgotten.

“Where the fuck did you get those? They’re loud as shit.” Tate questioned her friend excitedly, crouching down to light up another. The lighter in her hand flicked on with practiced ease and she jumped away as the rocket shook and rumbled before its first and final voyage began. It was one of those ones that popped and then made fizzy noises as its sparks trailed down to the ground. It hadn’t gone quite high enough though, and a spark landed on the pavement right next to Tate’s foot. She jumped to the side, stomping her shoe on the group to put it out like a spent cigarette. The sound of footsteps quickly approaching them caused Tate to whirl around just in time to spot the flashing of badges and beams of flashlights. Cops. Awesome.

“Shit, go, go, go.” Tate collided into Jade, pushing the other girl out in front of her. Sneaker clad feet skidding, rubber against asphalt, as they took off. Behind them Tate could hear the two officers take off too, their flashlight beams skittering wildly in the dark. Somewhere above them, the city's firework show started. Booms and pops were the soundtrack to their escape as the two of them ran, hopping over a fence at the edge of the park. The sounds of the police shouting and running faded to the background as she and Jade made a good distance. Tate grinned, turning to run backwards and watch the two men fade into specks.

“Too slow, oink oink boys!” She turned around right just in time to notice they’d found their way into the downtown streets, an alley behind some department stores cropping up to their right. Tate grabbed Jade by the elbow, steering them into the dark. Breath held, she listened as their pursuers ran right past them. She breathed again the hint of a laugh still on her tongue.

“They suck. Idiots.” Tate leaned against the brick of the walls climbing up either side of them, “They really gotta hire some faster guys, maybe they’ve been eating too many donuts.” Eva would have had her head if she’d gotten caught. Tate thought she was more afraid of that woman than she was of the police. Maybe it was because Eva was allowed to throw things at her, or that “I’m not angry I’m disappointed” face she made every time Tate did anything remotely bad.

“You’re going to ruin any chance you have of getting recruited, Tate. You’ve worked too hard to waste it all getting in trouble with my damn employee.”

Sometimes it was like Tate could hear Eva Shepard wherever she went. That was scary. She was like a ghost…or a psychic with telepathic abilities. Tate shook her head, dislodging her aunt’s warnings as she did. No, outta my head freaky woman.

“I think that’s probably a record escape time.” Tate grinned at Jade, "We should probably go see what's happening at the beach huh?"
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Emergency Member
Jared D.
Small world

The Drip

Val, Maggie, Ash

Winona Winona

A bit of light hearted banter to start off the night was apparently just what the doctor ordered. Seeing her relaxed stature made him mimic the gesture himself. "Oh really? And who would you think would be better suited?" He hummed taking a glance around himself for a moment before his eyes landed back on her, "Trust me the picking is slim." giving her an all too knowing look.

What could you expect from a small town like this outside of LA. There weren't really any big characters, just different flavored stereotypes and tropes. Even them? The rich and wealth running the show was like out of a boring novella his mother would watch or read about from time to time. Seeing his mother get so invested in her telenovela's was the few times she looked...normal.

Her immediate jerk response to his joke about his sister told him everything he needed to know about her. Ahhh so there was still hope for the girl.

Anyone who could see that Maggie was not the right sort of crowd still had some brain cells left. Even if she immediately fumbled and started apologizing. Then again she was still his sister so people of course would tread lightly when it came to talking about her.

Truth be told he didn't like it when strangers spoke about her because in a way they were speaking down on his family name and he couldn't have that. However he was more more lenient with people who ACTUALLY knew them. People who were close to them and knew how Maggie was? he didn't care much because they were speaking the truth. The only time he would intervein was if they were lying about her. Maggie does enough ridiculous and embarrassing things already without people adding imaginary bullshit.

"Don't apologize you're fine. She is...a lot...to say the least." He simply shrugged and waved off. No need in dampening the mood.

He started walking in the direction of the bar once more, and motioned for her to follow, "Seems like I've gotta play a bit of catch up." He winked playfully at her cup

He wasn't sure why he was surprised by her question, but he was for the first time in a while thrown off guard a bit. "Who 's fun?" He blinked stumped for a moment. He was a bit stuck for a moment because honestly he tried to spend as little time as possible in this town. Truth be told he had no idea. He imagine she was looking for people wilder then himself and the few people he was close to, but less then Maggie and her gang of hooligans.

"You're still in school right? The boy is the one who graduated?" He asked trying to make sure his facts were straight. Hey if he was going to point her in the direction of subtle trouble it didn't need to be anyone catching a case ok.

"I think I can only tell you who Magnolia likes to be around so the do not's. A girl named Mick something...Magnolia calls her Micky D or whatever. Two of her favorites are Jade and Raven. Always seeing on twitter about some Duck guy, but I think his name is Drake?" he shrugged because he knew faced better then names. He only paid attention to who Maggie was around because he had to.

Once they made their way to the bar a quick name drop and he was immediately served no questions ask, no ID needed. He turned towards Ash, "Need a re-fill?" Technically Val had just said Evie still had to pay, and it's also not like he couldn't just cover her himself.

While waiting he started back on his original point now that he'd had time to think. "I think I've heard Val talking about some girl named Mercedes before, so she might be your level of fun. I think I've heard of a girl named Elena brought up too. Tho that I think was something about jewelry? Evie has a little bother in school named Ed or something. Just be on the lookout for the last name Sinclaire. I've never spoken to him, but hey. Cheers to new friends right?" He grinned casually leaning against the bar.

He'd much rather steer her in the direction of his own friends connections because let's fact it they'd be the better company. Also tho it'd give him the chance to keep an eye out and see what kinda girl Ash really is, and just how useful her connection can be.

"That's all I've got sadly. I don't tend to stick around here too much." With that he grabbed his drink and took a sip. Nothing sooths the soul like a whiskey and coke. Classic.

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Crumb Slut
artie gardner
beach party

casper ( mikaluvkitties mikaluvkitties )
Artie was absolutely sucked into this drawing. So much so that they barely heard the girl once she spoke.

Artie had always loves art. And not just, like, because it was their name. (Though, that was pretty cool.)

They had tried many times over the years to create art of their own, but it never came to them very easily. And sure, they probably could've gotten good if they put in the effort. But they're the kinda person who gives up on things if they aren't immediately good at it.

Yes, it's very possible they have undiagnosed ADHD.

"Yeah, that's me!" Artie finally replied, handing the sketchbook back to Casper. "Thanks for letting me look at that." Not that they really gave her an option. Artie smiled.

"Casper," they said, rattling the name around in their head in an effort to make some sort of connection. "You were... a grade below me, yeah? I think I remember you."
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Crumb Slut
petra wolff
beach party
her usual chipper self

esther ( mikaluvkitties mikaluvkitties )
Petra liked Esther. Her family had started coming to temple awhile ago, and Petra was immediately envious of Esther's confidence and sureness in herself and her identity. And when Esther started volunteering in a lot of the same groups that Petra did, it was easy for them to become friends.

When Esther asked what she was up to, Petra placed her hands on her hips and looked around the beach. What was she up to? It had seemed like everything was going pretty smoothly, and Petra didn't really have anything else planned. She supposed she could track down her mother and see if she needed anything, but...

She turned back to Esther. "I'm gonna help you with that watermelon," she said with a curt nod. Because really, it was very large and would get cut up much faster if they split the work.

With a wave of her hand, she led Esther over toward one of the buffet tables.

She motioned for Esther to set the watermelon down as she grabbed some knives and a bowl. Once the watermelon was in place, Petra cut it in half. One for her, and one for Esther.

"So," she started as they began cutting the watermelon in tandem. She dared to pop a cube into her mouth as she spoke. "How's your-- ah!" Petra looked down at the sharp pain that was now radiating from her finger. "Oh, crap."

She had cut herself.

Pretty bad.

Like, blood all over the watermelon bad.

And Petra did not do blood.

"Oh no," she said, already feeling the nausea set in. "Oh no, oh no. Esther. Oh no. I'm gonna be sick."

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soap, master of hearts.
Mercedes Camus
lover boy

police station
i told you the bag was--
Drake & Jan Winona Winona jizzyballer jizzyballer


Who in the holy-hell was this wanna-be that was trying to steal her best friend, avoid her polite offer of a lighter, and ignore her obviously great warning. Mercedes crossed her arms and began to stare daggers at the back of her head when Drake had suddenly pulled out his phone, already recording and Mer forced a smile for the camera.

It was a good vlog.

Fourth of July and stuff.

The first firework lit perfectly fine, and then… it sparked… and the bag had caught on fire, just as Mercedes expected but of course, nobody listens to Mer. Not CK, not Donna, not her parents– not Drake and certainly not this… best friend stealing bitch--

the camera was thrown to her and she had tried her best to film whatever disaster that was occurring, but she was kind of panicking.

Mercedes' jaw dropped in shock at the display and soon enough she was being ushered away by Drake and the blonde/not blonde.

“Are you literally kidd–”

A flashlight had blinded her momentarily and she blinked, letting go of Drake’s hand to cover her eyes.

"Put your hands up."

“Oh f–”

.·͙*̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩̥͙ ✩ *̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩͙‧͙ .

Mercedes sat in the middle of the police car, silence filled the vehicle while slight rattles came from the blonde as she attempted to sink further into the chair, she sat between Drake and the new stupid... whatever she was. Drake's new friend.

She was a little squirmy when she was nervous, so Mer attempted to get comfortable until one of her criminal companions had 'politely' asked her to stop. This was her first time in handcuffs. Well, she’d been restrained before but that was with zip ties and it was because she stole a pair of sunglasses. This was entirely different. Mercedes has never been in the back of a police car.

She… was kinda scared shitless and because of that–

“... I told you the bag was too close.”

Mercedes was taking every opportunity for an ‘I told you so.’

Because none of this would’ve happened if they would’ve just listened to her– okay, odds were it totally would’ve happened because it was a really bad idea to trust someone else but herself and Drake to light the fireworks.

It was the new girl’s fault.


Shut up.


Parents? Brother? Oh-my-god, Mercedes life was o-v-e-r- over.

“I’m dead, I’m dead.”

She could already hear him scolding her right now, but forget about him, what were her parents going to do? After the whole shoplifting thing, they took away her car.

Her freaking car.

What's next? Her phone?

She should’ve known better. She can’t function without her phone! What if they ban Drake? Let’s be honest, her parents tried forbidding her to see Drake for like, 5ever.

They still sorta think she doesn’t hang out with him.


Jokes on the–

Not the time! It’s not the time to be witty. Mercedes was a goner.

They were escorted out of the car and were talked to one by one, information was extracted or whatever and at first Mer totally had tried to be all slick and cool with it, but they had found her stupid school ID anyway and placed the three kids in a holding cell.

“We’ll have to call your–”

“My parents are out of town! Ha… uh…” Mer glanced at Drake and towards Jan, shrugging all nonchalantly...

“Uh, our parents. It’s like… this business thing. You wouldn’t really get it…”

That'd work perfectly! If their parents were out of town, then the police would have to let them go... right? Listen, she's never been arrested before, she doesn't know how this works.

“We’ll have to call somebody for each of you, a parent or guardian.”

Mercedes sat up a little straighter at that, because she totally could not risk her parents picking her up from the police station. They’d use that against her for like, ever. This is almost worse than Donna and there is no freaking way that she’s being sent-off too.

Know which battles or pick or whatever, right?

“Uh, my brother. I have an older brother. He can… come.”

Oh, she was so fucked.

.·͙*̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩̥͙ ✩ *̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩͙‧͙ .

The girl and Drake had given the police their siblings' information and the three were sitting in silence. Mercedes snuck glances over at the girl and away. Mer was pissed, like, super-pissed. But she was also scared, like, really fucking scared of the punishment that was coming her way.

Because no matter what CK said, there was no way something like this could stay a secret for long. If they tried and this came out anyway? It'd be both of their asses on the line and while CK is a raging asshole sometimes...

She sorta doesn't want another brother to be sent off.

That really sucked.

"I don't even know your name and you managed to get both of us thrown in jail. Good job." She wasn't really... angry at her. Even though she was blatantly blaming her-- Mer was sort of using this as an excuse to get her emotions out.




"But if you had both just listened, we wouldn't be in this situation."
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the fool

  • filler

Kira was tired of games. She loved to win—and she always did—but there was no shaking the feeling of being the town's designated colossal loser. No degree, job, or personal accomplishment could change that. And so, as per usual, she buried herself into her work with the one-track mind that brought her this far without stopping.

Unfortunately, tonight would present another game: dodge everyone from high school (e.g. those who knew the old Kira). Though she'd been back in town at the local four-year for just over a year, it had been a piece of cake avoiding anyone capable of dredging up old memories. Memories of high school popularity (whatever that meant), memories of old flames and friends... anything that stood for that easier, happier period of life. She wanted nothing to do with any of that.

The only thing Kira could take comfort in was the fact that Remy, the ex-husband, was still far away in Wisconsin, the Swiss cheese-brained dingbat. The painful experience of reconnecting with old hometown characters paled in comparison to confronting him for the first time in a year. What could she possibly say to the man who stole years of her life chasing selfish pipe dreams? But really, it's hard to say who dragged who along for that turbulent ride.

And so, while Kira's excuse was that the bonfire would be a minor press opportunity given the disasters known to follow Newcastle events, she and Raven both agreed that the aspiring reporter was due for some fresh air. As in, far away from spaghetti and box rosé and closer to short skirts and red-white-blue cocktails.

"Dammit. Dammit. Dammit. Dammit," the brunette muttered under her breath, taking in shallow breaths in the driver's seat of her car. Even from the vantage point of the nearest parking lot to the beach, it was clear that the event was packed. Easier to hide in, but even more of a chance to stumble on unfriendly faces. As far as they knew, she was still the girl who got married young, then up and left. Some naïve, stuck-up bitch she was, right? No thanks to the arrogant speeches Remy used to give about fame and fortune around high school graduation.

With one last deep breath, she swung open the door of her car, shoving all anxious thoughts out of her mind. Her motions melded into those of a robot: step out, close the door, turn 45 degrees... don't have a fucking meltdown next to a minivan full of fourteen year-olds. It was all methodical. The only alternative was madness and for now, she was only at the brink.

One nice thing about autopilot was that Kira's motions often took a page from her formerly-confident self, raising her head up high and transforming her stride into an unwavering stalk. People of all ages were milling about, most with a drink of some form in their hands. It was like a house party if it looked like an outdoor barbecue. Her flats kicked up dust as she made her way down the hill and closer to the action, which meant toward the orange glow of the fire.

Oh, who was she kidding? Kira's path took her straight toward the nearest bar, thank god for that. If she started chugging something now, she could probably regain her faculties by the time the crowd dissipated. If not, she was no stranger to sobering up in her car, miserably contemplating to no satisfying end. Though this close to the public, it wasn't unheard of to gain a DUI charge even in a parked car. If it was one thing she gained from legal studies, it was that tidbit of knowledge.

The bar looked less impressive up close, much like everything else in this town. "Hi," she breathed hesitantly, keeping her eyes trained on the ground as she made for a little wooden stool against the bar table. It probably wasn't made for an extended stay like Kira planned, but a woman as easily-spooked as her needed the safe place. Finally, she looked up with a smile at the bartender, her facial features seemingly hung by puppet strings. Her eyes were hollow like one, too.

And then, near-immediately, they widened into big, brown moons. This bartender had a tragically familiar face. "Oh, um..." Old habit, pretending to forget names. In some way, she surmised it was a defense mechanism, one that she couldn't always help. "Zach. Hey!" She forced her smile wider, her unsteady voice rising in pitch.

"Hey... it's been a while. How have you been?" She looked him up and down, head to torso. He looked clean. Still quiet as a mouse and with the presence of one, as it seemed. To this day, she still regretted being such a bitch to soft guys like him. It was never big things, but as a group of toxic little teenagers, they knew what they were doing. If it wasn't for her friendship with Hav, well...

"You haven't forgotten me yet, have you?" She faked laughter, partially because she didn't deserve to be remembered. She didn't want to be, as embarrassing as she was, looking back. "It's been so long since high school. I hope Hav's doing good, whatever she's doing." Seriously, she did. But her hope was better utilized elsewhere; Havana Lombardi was one wild character, but she was one of those people who could spin diamonds out of dust if it came down to it.

Kira kept her head low, as much as she could without slamming her head onto the counter. A heart as weak as hers could only handle one awkward encounter at a given time, which is even more absurd when accounting for the fact that she interviews all sorts of crackheads on the daily. And weirdly enough, she's good at it. Demanding, but only in the pursuit of knowledge. Not small talk.

It was probably about time to order a drink, if only to keep the conversation light. "So, Zachy, what've you got?" She peered over the bar counter, hoping to sneak a glance at whatever was stored under. If she was going to look a fool, might as well do it drunk on the good shit. "How about a cosmo? Extra shot of vodka, if you could."

Kira Gauthier


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Logan Cruz
baby spit stained clothes

Dex hery hery
There was a certain disappointment to her gaze when her brother admitted to their dad not asking about her. She tried to say to herself that she didn't care, that this didn't bother her. That she could be the bigger person and she didn't need him.

She had a kid, and being accepting in her decision to bring another life into this world should've been enough for her.

That's what she told herself, but Logan knew she was lying to herself. Growing up with only the one parent had created a young adult that was still desperately trying to get his attention and approval. Something that you would think she'd accept as impossible at this point in her life.

And then Dex suggested the worst possible thing, and Logan's eyes widened in a mixture of fear and shock -- the latter emotion only lasting for a moment before she remembered that yes, her brother was just this good-hearted and idiotic. This suggestion wasn't something out of the ordinary for the teddy bear of a boy.

"Dex, are you kidding me?" She asked, and a hand reached out to touch his arm and stop him from walking away with her bastard child. "He's gonna... he doesn't want to see us, and I don't want him to see us. Or Axel."

There was a determination in her voice, although she didn't reach out to take her child back and make her point. She was really too tired to argue this in any aspect.
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janet austin
beach party

drake ( Winona Winona ) & mer ( Soap Soap )
Being crammed into the back of a police car with these two doofs was not Jan's idea of a good time. Especially when the blonde kept squirming in her seat like she needed to take the world's biggest piss.

"Could you knock it off?" Jan snapped, her eyes boring into the back of the driver's seat in front of her. "My name is Jan, by the way. Not that you care. And... I'm sorry too." That last bit was barely a whisper, and she wasn't even sure if she had heard -- but it made her feel a little bit better, nonetheless. She leaned forward a bit, switching her attention to the cops in the front seat.

"You can call my sister. She's my, uh... legal guardian, I guess. Her name is Minty."

God, she was gonna be mad. And while Minty didn't get mad often, she was a force to be reckoned with when she did.

She slumped back in her seat, groaning.

Jail might've been better, honestly.

But that didn't seem like it was gonna be an option.

She sighed, pressing her forehead against the window and closing her eyes.

The glass was cool against her skin -- a sharp contrast to the hot tears that welled in her eyes.
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Cloud 9

black cargo shorts and a dark green opened up button up Tee

Jake, Liv, Nate, Mike

hAsh hAsh

Antonio didn't typically do parties. Kick-backs sure? Those were usually small with a chill vibe, but large crowds always gave him anxiety. He never quite understood wwhy or where it came from. Probably some childhood trauma he refuses to deal with or even acknowledge is a thing. Oh well.

However he decided to make an exception for this because it was on the beach which is a vastly more open space to spread out on. Not to mention it was his 3rd favorite place to be in town period. 1st being his room and 2nd being rooftops. Look the guy likes his privacy. If he wanted to be the center of attention he was more then capable of doing that. He's one plane ride or even just one well placed tweet from that, so nope.

Like much of his bum like aura this is 100% by choice.

The beach felt like an outdoor safe haven because it simply reminded him of better days. The bits and pieces of his childhood that actually were good. The days he had the illusion of a full happy family.

Was he going to spend any time with said family at this event? Hell no. He was off to get higher then cloud 9 if he could with his buddy Jackson. He might even say hey to his roommies if they show up. They hadn't really talked about all going or anything. Tho to be fair they didn't talk a whole lot in general. Not that he didn't like them. He liked them more then most people in fact. It just wasn't in their personalities.

Anyways he had no real plan or expectation which was kind of just how he rolled through life now in general now. He made his way by walking. He could've skateboarded, or rode his bike, but it was nice out and he wanted to enjoy it.

Along the way he checked twitter which was a rarity for him. He tried not to get all mixed up in social media drama, but Nate said something about a roommate and it pecked his interest. to bad he realized a little too late he was clearly bluffing. And while he tried to fix it...didn't work much. Though some cute girl was apparently flirting with him. That was new. Chicks typically hit on Nate or Mike rather then him.

It didn't bother him the two guys were really good looking and had cars and stuff. So even in his mind they were the better choice. He hated disappointing people even though that's all he's done for like 10 years now it feels. Last thing he wants is to add this girl to that list.

Just as he arrived he got Jack's text and chuckled a bit under his breath, 'I'm just getting here. Give me a sec speedy.'

He pocketed the phone and it didn't take long to find him, "Ey man!" He grinned, "You won't believe what just happened annnnnd I am gonna need a favor mi amigo." He laughed scratching the back of his head.
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the fool

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Like a cartoon character discovering inertia, Dex's body jerked to a staggered halt. With his sister's hand clasped around his brawny shoulder, his head lurched forward, then slingshot back with the rest of his now stationary body. Axel bounced in his arm, somehow exhibiting a more peaceful demeanor than the tall boy had ever seen in his few visits with the kid.

"Dad doesn't know what he wants," he tried to explain, shaking his head with misplaced pity. He inched closer to Logan, offering an easygoing smile. Some people just weren't content trusting that things would be okay. Dex could never sympathize with that sentiment, but the very least he could do for his poor sister was try. No one in his life liked to admit it, but the truth was that a bit of faith could go miles further than a calculated maneuver. In the end, Logan still was her father's child and it showed.

It was in that philosophy that the high schooler naively believed he could become an attorney like his dad, if only to cheer on his clients with blind trust. As long as they didn't mind the probability of a few extra years of jailtime, that was. But in his opinion, the fun was always worth it.

Though Logan appeared crestfallen as ever, Dex couldn't let this rare one-on-one go to waste. "Things are hard, but... it's fine!" Probably. "Listen, we'll get all that baby goop off your shirt, maybe you can grab the two of us a couple drinks..." He did a little shimmy, a callback to all the dancing in the living room they'd done as kids. Back when grades and opinions and conditional love weren't quite so relevant as they were now.

"Come on! Bar time, bar time!" he cheered, his infectious, trademark jubilance spreading in the air. The baby bounced up and down as his holder jittered giddily; the three of them looked so natural, like a fractured but complete family. Without the added context, Dex almost looked like a doting big brother, the kind he always wanted to be. What a curse it was, their father's promiscuity ending at his conception.

There was no place for worry in Dex's world. "Now hurry up and smile. Race you!" Without waiting a single beat, he turned on his heel and dashed into the crowd, baby in tow. If Logan was going to sit still, sulking and stagnating in her own exaggerated powerlessness, then Dex would just have to kickstart her heart. Hope the baby got all the puke out of its system...

Dexter Cruz


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just vibin' honestly

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    This is new to me. I’m trying my very best.
    Blake Prince

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There was a party happening tonight, at the beach. Just the sort of scene Blake would typically find herself in the middle of.

But she wasn’t going.

It didn’t matter that she’d spent the last few hours painstakingly applying makeup and choosing the perfect outfit, or that she now sat ready to go on the edge of her bed, phone in hand. It didn’t matter that it was the Fourth of July and all of her friends—if you could call them that—would be having fun without her.

Mason was coming over.

When that would be Blake hadn’t an idea, he had a habit of coming and going as he pleased. He had his own life and a thousand important things to do, and she’d have to wait. She wondered if he knew how different this was for her. Making friends, and being nice and keeping things civil.

But she was trying.

Trying her damn hardest to drop the attitude, and to open up more. To let things slide. To be a person worthy of the praise she desired, instead of simply scaring it out of people. She’d even been kinder to Mer and Drake, and tried making plans with that one girl…what was her name? Raven? And that baseball boy. Caine.

Jade, on the other hand…the girl was a whole other story. It was like she always found the easiest ways to get under Blake’s skin. And yeah, maybe she was a little jealous. Jealous of her loving friends who jumped to her rescue in a heartbeat, and her ease talking to people, and her relationship with Mason.

Why was she jealous?

She was Blake fucking Prince, Hollywood princess and Little Miss California not one, not two, but three years in a row. She had everything she needed and more. She had the fame, grades and money. She lived in a mansion in the best part of town, and drove a sports car. There were people out there who’d kill to have a life like hers.

So why was she jealous?

With a disheartened sigh, Blake stood up, thin legs wobbling under her a bit before steadying, a familiar dizziness filling her head. She needed to eat, probably. But that could wait.

Crossing the room to where her massive mirror was leaned against the wall, she smiled at her reflection. Her silky black hair was left down, and hung almost to her navel. Her outfit, chosen for the party originally, clung to her figure in just the right ways, the green silk of the two piece dress set one of her favorites. She’d gone natural on the makeup, but…she looked hot.

Who was surprised?

With a slightly more content sigh, Blake turned from the mirror to inspect her bedroom. Immaculately neat, like everything else in the house. Everything—from the massive makeup collection that sat on her vanity to the art supplies stacked in the corner—had its place and followed her sage and cream color scheme. The king sized bed held an excessive amount of pillows and blankets. The entire space was lit by the various lamps placed strategically in different areas, casting everything in a warm golden light. Wax melters and candles lended to the lemon verbena and campfire scent that pervaded the luxurious space.

Blake was nothing if not a creature of comfort. That much was apparent.

Satisfied that Mason could come over and not tell what a gigantic mess her life was, Blake left her room and made her way into the living room, where she plopped down on the soft white couch. A bottle of rum sat on the coffee table in front of her, courtesy of last night’s movie night and she leaned forward to grab it. Twisting off the metal cap, Blake took a generous swig before laying her head against the back of the sofa, wincing.

Now she’d wait.

What the hell was she doing?

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Lorelei Gardner
Lotta True Crime

somewhere on the beach
i want to go home
mikaela Xed Xed also hewy shh hery hery

Lorelei had given up on finding Xander within five minutes.

Her parents had driven her and her siblings here, something about a family bonding experience and somehow everyone had split up faster than usual. Which she was both glad and upset about-- she was alone, but since both of her siblings were A-WOL…. The chances of going home early was 1 in a million. Unless a health emergency had come up...

No, too difficult.

There were too many people around, grown-ups and kids her age alike, she sat in front of the fire for a few minutes, staring into the flames and enjoying the heat that emanated from it until a couple had come to sit on the logs near her and began making out.

She left instantly.

"Tick tock.” She muttered, inserting a pair of earbuds in her ears and the sound around her, including her own voice, was drowned out by music while she hummed along.

Lorie walked around aimlessly in the sand with an unmarked journal, the other hand lifted to her lips, biting the cuticles around her fingers.

Social... outings weren't really her thing. She hated crowds and Lorelei didn't see the point in forcing small-talk with a bunch of people she didn't know-- or really care to know. Nobody here was remotely decent enough to capture her interest. It was rare when someone actually did, though.

And he was so fucking sure he had the right

The people she had conversated with were mainly just her voicing her thoughts, she wasn't... attempting to keep up the conversation or initiate it in the first place, she was just thinking out loud.

She supposed that's what conversation was, though.

A bitter taste had filled her mouth and she removed her hand, mistakenly chipping off bits of black polish with her teeth, picking them out of her mouth.

But he’s ugly and I’m glad he’s dead

As far as nail polish went, Lorelei usually went with black or... a dark purple.

Or red.


Her face contorted into a grimace, waiting for the taste to fade. That was the main reason why she didn't really enjoy getting her nails painted-- that, and she hated the way the workers would poke and prod at her hands and toes. Felt weird. Hurt sometimes, too. But since Xander and Artie didn't really qualify for the whole mommy-daughter days, the expectations had fallen onto Lorelei.

Cuz’ there was no fucking candle in his pumpkin head

Her mother wasn't very keen on the color black in general, so that's why Lorie would go for 'dark' that weren’t black but seemed like it.

For some reason, her mother was fine with a color that looked like black, but as long as it was a dark version of a color other than black? It didn't make sense.

You’re not special for winning a game

Come to think of it, a good amount of things that involved her family didn’t make sense.

A girl who believed in magic had a fine line of logic and when to cross it.

With someone who you know was never playing

It was typically something she balanced on carefully, always curious to fall off and face reality as it was.

Senseless, emotional, and messy.

She could’ve killed you
She had every right

It always felt like Lorie was glued to that line, the curiosity was like a gravitational pull ready and willing to yank her down, teetering and tottering along it and every so-often she was like a child learning how to walk for the first time.

Gravity was different in Lorie’s world and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t fall off.

Wheels rolled against the sand, getting stuck on a towel that someone had left from earlier in the day and Lorelei yanked the handle, dislodging it.

She didn’t steal the cooler.

It was left unattended— and it wasn’t like she was taking it home.

Lorie sat a little ways away from everyone, it was starting to get dark, but from the many torches they had set up for the party and the sunset, she had enough light to work with.

She was cross-legged, using the cooler as a makeshift table for her journal while she drew intricate lines, slowly and slowly it began to form a humanoid figure, smile lines existing without a mouth.

She had overheard a voice, but Lorie was too entranced to think anything of it.

You just caught her off guard tonight

Lorie glanced up to see a girl standing in front of her, speaking but she couldn’t hear what she was saying.

We listen to a lotta true crime—

One earbud was pulled out, staring at the girl emotionless.

It had taken a few seconds to piece together what she wanted.

Lorie had removed her book to open the cooler, grabbing a bottle of… pink lemonade.

What was the difference between pink lemonade and regular?

Lorie had thrown the bottle at her feet and closed the cooler, returning to her sketch.

“Go away.”
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Mason Rivera
flannel, jeans, the norm

Blake HolliSter HolliSter
He was only here for one reason, and that fucking reason was simple. It was to keep an eye on his little brother, although Drake had taken off to who fucking knows where very quickly, so... guess there wasn't really any reason for him having shown up.

Except maybe if he was near this time, he could keep his brother safe.

The last couple months had been nothing short of a fucking disaster. He was pissed. He was angry. He was perpetually hurt. Not only had he failed his fucking classes, not only had Drake nearly died, but he'd also ended up breaking up with his girlfriend. Not that it was all that big of a deal or some shit. He was... well, it wasn't like it'd felt like there was really anything between himself and Maggie that would've caused them to last.

They were just too different, in every way.

But it was fine.

Here he was, just a little over a month since everything had crumbled apart, and he still didn't feel like he had his life really under control. Not that it ever had been. But now he was standing here, watching his daughter playing in the sand with a few other kids as the sun set, while his attention was divided between herself and texts from Jade. The bitch wasn't someone that he necessarily cared about, but ahh... well...

There was the faintest hint of a smirk on his face.

Closest thing to a smile he usually got.

Well, until things got wild. Until Jade fucking lost it, and he had kind of a headache, but she was fucking fine. Some place. He didn't know, and he clearly didn't care to know.

Sure, he would've gone to get her if she'd really needed it, but she didn't.

And he had better things to do.

(Better girls to do, rather.)

After dropping Ari off with Raven, or at least making sure she had an eye on the little four-year-old, he was gone. Struggling to drive his car out of the crowded parking lot. Cursing under his breath on more than one occasion, and then he was driving his little car in Blake's direction.

It wasn't a super long drive, and he knew the direction well. As he parked in front of her house, there was a deep inhale, followed by an exhale to calm unnecessary nerves, and then Mason was opening the car door and stepping out.

A vague expression crossed his face, one that could probably be considered almost a smile as he made his way up to the house and knocked, then remembered she was kind of rich. So he pressed the doorbell and stepped back.

One she'd answered the door, the definitely not smile on his face warmed up.

"Hey," he greeted. "Not feeling the party tonight?"
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    tee, jean skirt, boots

Willa eyed this kid with suspicion. He was handsome, for sure, but she got the feeling that he knew that all too well. She could tell he was eying her up and was mildly annoyed, but tried not to let it show. He certainly seemed like a sweet guy, and she was relieved by his response to her question about the flask.

Once they stopped walking, she looked around. They were lit by moonlight and fireworks, but everyone was looking at the fireworks anyway.

She had an urge to roll her eyes when he asked if she wanted swim lessons, but was also a little impressed by his gall. After all, she wasn't one for subtlety, either.

"I can swim well, thanks," she said. "I love the ocean. I just...well, my bathing suit is in tatters at the moment. Haven't had a chance to buy a new one."

She grinned and said something she probably should have kept to herself. "But who needs one, anyway? Clothes work just fine."

As to the beers, Willa lifted her arms, showing her slim, unencumbered figure--spilling a little of her lemonade as she did. "See any beers here?" she asked playfully. Then she pulled her flask out of the back pocket of her jean skirt.

"Nothing good, just a little vodka," she said. "I guess I'll pour some in my lemonade. Gotta look like a good little student, eh?" She screwed open the cap and was about to take a swig first, but then remembered most people don't want to share drinks. When you hang out with people hiding on trains and squatting in abandos, you sort of have to lose your sense of disgust.

So she held the flask toward Justin instead, saying "Wanna add a little fun to that Coke?"
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Casper Deering | Artie Deering | jizzyballer jizzyballer

The emotions, they were mixed. On the one hand, Casper wanted to melt. On the other hand, they were being really nice to him. He leaned into Artie as they looked, watching their face. He took his sketchbook back eagerly, hugging it close. He stared for a moment, taking in their appearance, lips pursed, before he said lamely, “You’re welcome.”

Then they repeated his name and again he wanted to melt into a puddle, though it wasn’t quite as negative this time. He nodded, hard to process emotions crossing him for a second before they settled back down. “Mhm! Though I was supposed to be in the same grade as you to start with…” He shuffled his body, fingers twisting around his pencil. He smiled, a wide, watery thing. “So I guess we’re back in the same grade!!”

A silence lapsed for a half a second of awkwardness before Casper asked, “Are you having fun at the party?”


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Esther Deering | Petra Wolff | jizzyballer jizzyballer

A smirk slipped across Esther’s face as she returned Petra’s curt nod. “Glad to hear it,” she said, following the fucking dork and obeying her directions happily, though she… could’ve set the watermelon down lighter.

She took her half, making… as quick work of it as she knew how, though it was admittedly still pretty slow-going. As soon as Petra’s question cut off, she looked up to her face, then followed her eyes down to her finger.

Now, it’d be very easy to freak out. Instead, Esther wordlessly grabbed as many napkins as she could grab as she put down her own knife and handed them to her. It took half a second to realize that no, that wasn’t going to work for her to curse under her breath and take off her shirt. Her sports bra kept her more than decent, even with the rest of her body on clear display. Fat overlaid muscle, subtle rolls to her sides and dips beneath her ribs, high-waisted pants cinched almost level with her bellybutton. More of the underlying muscle in her upper arms was visible as she pressed the shirt into Petra’s hand. She stared into her, attention rapt as she said with all the clarity and force she could, “Keep pressure on that and follow me.”

To be clear, Esther was freaking the fuck out herself. But her and Aaron were killer at the whole ‘handle the crisis and cry when it’s done’ shit—They had a lot of practice. Which is how she’d already texted her aunt and mom about where she was and was a finger’s touch away from calling Petra’s mom as she opened the door to her grand cherokee and shuffled Petra in, making sure she was buckled in before she shut the door and pressed dial.

Now, driving while on the phone might not have been the best idea, even with Petra’s mom on speaker, but it was the best option she had. She very quickly relayed the whole knife thing as she buckled in, started the car and, after a half-glance at Petra, rolled down her window. “Got a garbage can in the--” She looked to her finger. “One second.” And after a moment of shuffling, a garbage can in Petra’s lap.

Quicker than was likely wise, she backed out, maneuvered out of the parking lot and onto the main roads.


Running Wild

Zach Lombardi

Zach didn't like crowds or parties. Too loud, too noisy, too much people. The one place he felt comfortable in situations like these, was behind the bar, his little safe haven that kept the crowd a good distance away and limited his human interaction to drink orders and the occasional rambling drunk.

He had figured tonight would be a nice, eventless night working behind the bar, except he had completely forgotten to account for one thing, or rather, one person. Havana Rose Lombardi. His little twin sister.

Her parting declaration of "He's single, ladies!" had several heads turning and looking in his direction, drawing the very attention he sought to avoid by working the bar because people thankfully, rarely remembered or paid attention to the party workers who served food and drinks.

Zach immediately dropped his gaze to stare down at the counter as he polished off one glass, than another, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, all the while hoping that no one would pay any real attention to Havana's little stunt and quickly lose interest and go back to partying. His bright red ears, were perhaps the only obvious giveaway that the declaration and subsequent stares had made him nervous as his face remained as stony and impassive as ever as he continued to busy himself with various tasks behind the counter.

The greeting of a new customer had Zach looking back up and staring right at a curiously familiar face, and it took several seconds and her mention of his name before everything clicked into place. Kira. One of Havana's friends back in high school who had well... how did you put it? She'd seem to enjoy disturbing him back then, little comments, a few things here and there, some of it was fuzzy, some of it was as clear as if it happened yesterday. Needless to say he was never good at dealing with her, not that he was ever good at dealing with anyone but, she had been among the more difficult ones. One needed to look no further than his last conversation with his coworker Raven, than to understand just how awful he was at conversation, which by the way, he was still rather puzzled by that interaction. She seemed upset by the whole thing but then if he was disappointed wouldn't that just be troublesome? After all, it was 'no strings attached'. He'd thought about apologising but then she'd said not to talk to her and well, now he wasn't entirely sure what to do, not that he was ever sure anyways, conversation was, again, far from his strong suit.

Which was why, when he saw the smile that stretched across Kira's face, Zach mentally braced himself for the coming interaction because it seemed like this wasn't going to be the usual routine of order, drink, done.

"Hey... it's been a while. How have you been?"


"You haven't forgotten me yet, have you?"


"It's been so long since high school. I hope Hav's doing good, whatever she's doing."


Was she doing good at college? Honestly he had no idea. They were studying in different places and he'd never been good at keeping up to date with what people were doing, most of their conversations and interactions were initiated by Hav, usually when she was curious, bored or had... you know, done something...

Zach just stood there and waited, staring quietly at his former schoolmate, waiting for her to deliver her next line, her next words, hopefully an order. She looked... different, older, then again, they were all older now so it was only natural that she looked older. He did too and so did Hav. There was something though, perhaps it was her gaze... he wasn't quite sure.

The silence continued until finally Kira spoke again.

"So, Zachy, what've you got?"

What had they got? Was she expecting him to list out every drink they had available? That did sound like something she'd do. He really didn't want to-

"How about a cosmo? Extra shot of vodka, if you could."


That, was not what he expected. Still, Zach was all too thankful that she hadn't made him recite every drink they had at the bar just for the kick of it.

He made quick work of the order with the finesse and expertise of a seasoned bartender. He'd always been good with his hands and then there was experience he'd accumulated from working at the Lux every holiday after he finished high school. Zach topped off the drink with the extra shot of vodka and the slice of fresh lime before sliding the glass over to Kira.

"Your cosmo."

just keep working




by nil​

Havana, Raven


hery hery

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Crumb Slut
minty austin
beach party

ethan (@demonology)
Minty held onto the girls' hands a little bit tighter as this guy knelt down in front of them. Even as he flashed a kind smile at them and asked for their names, she was tempted to just pull them away and run.

Even before the whole "being a wanted felon" thing, Minty was always skeptical of strangers.

But when the girls giggled and told the boy their names, Minty couldn't help but smile herself. She loosened her grips on their hands, and turned her attention back to the man before her. He seemed nervous. Minty couldn't decide if that made her feel worse or better about the situation. He mumbled something under his breath, earning a raised eyebrow from the blonde. He repeated himself, louder. Minty confirmed with a nod.

He was cute.

She felt a blush rise in her cheeks at that realization.

Minty had never dated anyone. It wasn't ever really an option for her. She had grown up listening to her mother chastise young women for their promiscuity, calling them whores and jezebels. And her father...

Her father told her he loved her.

And if that was love, Minty didn't want it.

There was one girl, back home in Tennessee. She worked at the local supermarket, and was maybe three or four years older than Minty. She had dark skin and a wide smile, and Minty thought she was beautiful. And that terrified her.

She caught Minty stealing a pint of ice cream once.

It was Jan's fourteenth birthday, and she wanted to surprise her with some rocky road.

But she didn't have any money, and her parents never did anything for their birthdays.

The beautiful girl with the dark skin and wide smile stared at her for a moment when she found her stuffing the pint into her tote bag. Minty immediately broke into tears, apologizing profusely and swearing she would never do it again. She would cut off her own hand and pray for forgiveness before she ever considered stealing again.

The girl with the dark skin and wide smile gently shushed her and told her that it was okay. Take the ice cream -- I won't tell anyone.

Minty shook the memory from her mind, telling herself to focus on the present. She smiled at the boy, letting go of Lillie's hand to return his handshake.

It was surprisingly firm.

"It's nice to meet y'all," she said. "Ya know, officially."
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the hothead

Ivy K.


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Bonfire Party



Oh, how Ivy loved the sound of her Mustang’s engine as it resonated through the custom exhaust system; it was like music to her ears. She couldn’t help but grin as she pushed the sleek black vehicle twenty miles an hour over the speed limit, her tinted windows rolled down and her left hand waving in the wind. It was a miracle that she had yet to drop the joint that she’d been smoking on the way to the beach; she pulled her hand back inside momentarily to take another hit before returning it to its original position.

“Please don’t smoke and drive,” her mother had told her about thirty minutes earlier as she and her husband began to pull out of their driveway, “You know I don’t mind you smoking… even though it is a nasty habit. But please, not while you’re on the road. It isn't safe.”

Ivy couldn’t help but snort and roll her eyes at the brief memory. “As if,” she muttered, before taking another drag and pressing down harder on the gas pedal. She knew that she needed something in her system in order to get through the rest of the evening; While she didn’t mind going to a bonfire party (despite not being a big fan of the holiday being celebrated), the idea that she’d probably be under constant watch by her mother and step-dick was almost enough to make her wish she’d stayed home instead.

It wasn’t long before Ivy had reached her destination, where she sat in the parking lot for an additional ten minutes watching the fireworks and finishing her smoke sesh before deciding to leave the comfort of her car. And when she finally did, the young woman made a beeline for the nearest food stand.

Her high had just begun to set in, and she was developing a serious case of the munchies. As she waited in line, she pulled out her phone and shot a quick text to her friend Amy, who’d mentioned something earlier about getting funnel cake.

The line was moving steadily, and soon Ivy found herself nearing the counter. She’d just reached the front when something–or rather someone–prompted her to leave her spot. “Is that who I think it is?” Ivy called out once she drew near the tall, curly-haired boy she hadn’t really seen all that much since he graduated. Once she came to a stop in front of him, she offered Toni a bright smile and a gentle nudge on the shoulder.

“Well, if it isn’t my favorite smoke buddy! Kinda surprised to see you here… it’s a good surprise though. How’ve you been?”

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Remy Bates


Remy wasn’t ready to rejoin society here, but he would never really be ready, would he? Unfortunately, his mother was no longer giving him a choice. She was annoyed with him, and she made it obvious, huffing when she came home to find him slung over the couch, scrolling mindlessly on his phone or rewatching games. He dropped his brothers off at school and picked them up, but that was the one thing he actually seemed to do around the house these days. Even that was done halfway - he dropped both boys off at the middle school, even though one was currently attending the local high school. The one that still had students that knew Remy.

After a lecture about this, Remy had started to do more around the house. His hardworking mother deserved the help. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for her and she had finally given him no choice - he was going to the party tonight. He was going to get over his fear of seeing his old classmates. He was - hopefully - going to become more like the old Remy. Except Remy knew that wouldn’t happen. He had planned to just avoid the party altogether and spend the night somewhere else, telling his mother some lie to cover up where he had been all night. Of course, Andrea Bates knew her son better than that and foiled his plan by driving him to the party, dropping him off and refusing to leave until he walked into the group of people already congregated.

Remy ducked his head as he joined in the party, almost more embarrassed that his mother dropped him off than afraid of being recognized. Once she was satisfied and drove off, Remy looked around, his eyes landing on the bar. Perfect. Alcohol would certainly be the easiest way to get through this night. Plus, in his experience, bartenders made the perfect friends. They would listen to your problems with no complaint and kept the alcohol coming. Remy couldn’t even count how many bars he would sit in, talking the ear off of whoever got stuck listening to his problems. Back at school, half of the time his laundry money would end up in some bartender’s tip jar.

He sped up, putting on the brakes when he recognized the two people at the bar. Zach was no issue - Remy had no issue with him back in school and had no relationship to ruin with his former schoolmate. But Kira? She was the absolute worst person for him to face right now. Remy had no idea if either of them had seen him, but he refused to back down. Allowing Kira to see him back down and run from his problems was the worst thing he could imagine right about now.

He fixed his posture and continued to approach the bar, doing his best to keep a straight face. He ignored Kira at first, leaning up against the bar. He turned to give Zach a charming smile. Just like Logan, Zach was someone that Remy could face right now. His old friends, teammates, and Kira? Totally different story. “Zach, buddy, good to see you again. I’ll take the strongest thing you got. The quicker he got drunk, the easier he could get through this night.

The last thing he wanted to do was face Kira, but he knew that there was no way out of it now. Maybe it had been reckless of him to approach the bar, but he couldn’t back down now that he was here. He turned to face her and immediately regretted it. A rush of emotions surged through him as soon as he was face to face with her - pain, regret, anger, frustration. He couldn’t even put a name to most of the emotions. Still, his smile barely faltered, as a result of practice from the many interviews he had done after rough losses. Be graceful, grateful, and gracious on the outside, regardless of whatever is inside.

“Kira,” he said, keeping it short and simple. There was nothing to say to her, there was everything to say to her. He wanted to cut her out of his life for good and he wanted to revisit their relationship, try to make her see how she had hurt him. He didn’t know what to say or do.

All he knew for sure was that he needed a drink.

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