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Multiple Settings New to Roleplaying :(

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*shyly waves* so uh, helloooo. After learning the basics of role-playing, here I am, willing to test the waters and learn more from experience. So I am looking for someone to roleplay with (hopefully longterm I guess, a little bit of warning: I get attached sooo) and maybe teach me more about the art of RP. I am generally open for anything, as my inexperience renders me ignorant to what I want. Although I would prefer a 1x1 interaction.

I am 20/F. (for those who think that gender and age is a factor)

If you think that we could be compatible, please hit me up ٩(๑~▽~๑)۶
Thank youuuuu~


The Red One
What kind of roleplays have you done before? I mostly do slice-of-life roleplays, though I've done a bit of fantasy and sci-fi as well.


The Charming Llama
If you're still looking if love to show you the ropes of rping. I've got six years of experience and I'm sure I can give you some tips.

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