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Multiple Settings NEW PLOTS :D 1x1 Checks ~★

NEW PLOTS :D 1x1 Checks ~★
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a quick, but not limited list of my ideas and interests!


Lay my Curses out to Rest. Make a Mercy out of me.
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
We shouldn't
fear change
but only
who we might

About Me
- She/Her They/Them
- 6+ Years of Experience
- Semi-/Adv Lit
-100-1000 word replies from me
- I LOVE ooc chatter!!
- Music Enthusiast

- I play every/any gender (M,F,NB)
- LGBTQ+ Friendly
- I can play any gender pairing (MxM, FxF, MxF)

- It's okay to not have the best grammar, but please make your responses easy to understand
- Respond whenever you can, it's no biggie to me

- Romance is a SOMEWHAT Must
- Ghost Friendly, it happens :ghostxx:..

Strict No's
- LGBTQ+ Fetishization
- 2-3 Line Responses
- Discord RP’s (it makes me uncomfortable, I’d like to stay on site, thank you!)

okay, yay!! onto our plots C:
i usually like to create our stories, which we can swap all around to fit to our likings

Character A lives out in the middle of nowhere. A zombie apocalypse breaks out, forcing them to journey to the city where their younger sibling lives. Along the journey, Character B is introduced, both fighting for survival. It's the worst time to fall in love, but the best feeling is when you find someone who is right for you.

Character A is a successful general in the new world. This world is advanced (cyberpunk design, with destruction in the poor areas). Character A lives a life following the rules as a general, arresting those who don't comply with the government's rules. Character B is a well-known threat to the government. Character B has a huge bounty on them, dead or alive. Character A, being unaware of who Character B is, becomes friends with Character B- but soon finds out the truth, along with the true discovery of who Character B really is.

NEW - ☆
back story real quickly - Character A is a respected merchant. They sell all things, especially items used for crafting spells and such. Character B works for Character A, taking care of the shop and following orders. Character B started off working for Character A as a way to repay a debt owed. Once the debt was repaid, Character A offered Character B to live in the shop, in one of the spare bedrooms. Character A explains that it's because they find favor and comfort in the other's presence. That was a year ago.. how time flies by is beyond Character B. However, Character B finds Character A's constant trips out of the village to be saddening.

Character B finally measures up the courage to ask Character A to stay, stopping their rather sudden mysterious journeys. Practically in tears from begging, Character A still says no. An idea pops into Character B's mind.. why not ask to come along on the journey?

Living Life in Luxury is hard, right? Well, that's what Character A thought until their Royal life was taken away from them in an instant. Character A was captured by the rivaling kingdom, well known for its cruelty. Character B is the next in line for the throne, but needs to learn new tactics. Those tactics are best known by Character A. Character A is then forced to teach everything that they know to Character B. Character A is mainly a hothead who is stubborn and has a hard time listening.

Character A wakes up in a hospital, alone with no recollection of how they got there. They discover that they're in a building with multiple rooms, each being a level that they have to pass. They go on to the next level, where they find Character B, a maniac, who wants to hunt Character A down. With convincing, and a lot of running away, Character A and B finally come to an agreement to stick together to escape the place. Their skills are opposites, and yet they complement each other. (yes, this is basically angels of death c: )

NEW - ☆
Character A is a deviously skilled inventor, who uses their brains and skills for evil, causing constant mayhem in the city. The destruction of what used to be a beautiful city was their doing. Character B is a mutant... something and someone like no other. In this world, there are people here and there who have powers, but the percentage is very little. Character B finds themself with the responsibility for taking care of the city, risking their life to stop evil.

Now, this plot can go a few different ways:

A: Character B becomes friends with Character A, hiding their identity from Character A to find a weakness.
B: Character A discovers Character B's identity, blackmailing them and forcing Character B to join the forces of evil, using them as a muse
C: Character B is kidnapped by Character A.. slowly learning the ways and backstory behind Character A's deeds.. (somewhat Stockholm syndrome..but less intense? would be interested in making it dark- but then the romantic side would be off the table lol.)
if you like the main plot, but not options A - B - C, just PM me and we can brainstorm another route!

(Just some Ideas for now! I'd love to hear any suggestions from you! I also have more plots, but I won't list the rest here)

story troupes
we can plan our own plot with these basic story troupes that simply shape our characters! please dm if you have any other suggestions/ideas !
teal: very enthusiastic to do

ᕯ = new !
Pirate x Pirate
Mermaid/Merman x Pirate
Villan x Hero ᕯ
Villan x Citizen ᕯ

Sea Creature x Land Creature
Vampire x Human
Witch x Normie
Witch x Mythical Creature

Royalty x Royalty
Hunter x Prey
Cop x Criminal

God x God
Camp Member x Camp Member (possible double)
Soulmates AU

Arranged Marriage
Tattoo Artist x Flower Shop Owner

i know, there aren't that many.. sorry! D:

NEW - ☆ Harry Potter (OCxOC)
Voltron (klance)
She-Ra (catradora)
Maze-Runner (Newtmas)
The Last of Us (OC x OC)

thanks for reading C:

if you don't wanna rp, but wanna be friends, that's cool too!!
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Hey there! I'm super interested in Plot 1 and playing Character B. If you're not feeling up to that, I'm super open to creating something new! I'm really interested in soulmates au and villain plots. I've been wanting to try my hand at playing a villain and I think it'd be interesting to mix that with soulmates. Either or, dm me if you're interested! :D

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