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In the year 2253, humanity had found itself among the stars as the first light speed ships were created. The first light speed colony ships were sent out in fleets of 3 to 4 ships order to find a new home for humanity. The first colonization fleet reaches a planet deemed suitable for life in the year 2262, named Outurn by the colonists. However, humanity is not the only species to have landed on this planet, as several other colonization ships originating several other start-up interstellar civilization have also landed on Outurn. You are a leader of one of these colonies. Will you lead your colony to prosperity, or will your colony be doomed to fail?
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Caelestis City/City Outskirts
Conrad stood on a hilltop, looking down upon he colony he had helped create over the past 6 months on Outurn, along with his two bodyguards. The streets of Caelestis are live with movement, yet seem empty in comparison to the vast metropolises of Earth. This place isn't so different. Conrad thought to himself. The view of Caelestis surrounded by fields of green grass with the ocean in the far distance looked like it taken on Earth countrysides before the population of Humanity could no longer sustain itself on Earth alone. "Do either of you ever miss Earth?" he asked his two guards while still taking in the view. "Yes, sir." "Absolutely." The guards said in quick succession with each other. "Really unfortunate the state of Earth as we left it. It wasn't a great living, but it was home." "I've read about Earth back in the 20th and 21st centuries. We really did fight ourselves a lot back then. Sounded like a dangerous time to live." "At least people had room to live and things to fight over back then." Conrad's wrist communicator started to beep. "Council meeting called: Report back immediately" a text read as Conrad activated the holographic display. "That's humanity for you. Well, time to head in boys."


Conrad entered the capitol building. His footsteps echoing through the halls until he reached the council room door. After adjusting his tie, he opened the door and entered the room. 12 faces all looked at him as he entered the room and sat in the one remaining chair surrounding a circular table. "Thank you for coming on short notice, Conrad. This council meeting is now in order. The situation today is this." The head councilman spoke up. The table's holographic display activated, as the councilman displayed a globe of Outurn. Caelestis was marked on the map, along with 3 other locations. "As you all know, we've detected several other objects land on the surface of the planet upon our first arrival 6 months ago. We've avoided contact with them until now for the purpose of establishing a foothold on the planet first. Now that we have, however, what are we to do in this situation?" "Perhaps we should try contacting them?" "What if they're hostile? We need to prepare our forces for a possible conflict!" "How would we even get that far in the first place? Walk? The only vehicles we brought with us are civilian, and they're not built to travel that far of a distance." "Perhaps a compromise is possible." Conrad butted in. All other council members looked at him. "We could re-purpose the industrial sector to retrofitting existing vehicles so that they will be capable of traveling vast distances or produce new vehicles entirely, all the while building up our military numbers via a draft." The other council members nodded in agreement while initiating short conversations with each other. "Alright! Order! Order! Let's take a vote. All in favor of Conrad's proposal raise your hands and say 'Aye.'" "Aye!" all 13 council members said in unison. "Then it's settled. This meeting is now adjourned" the head councilman had said, turning off the holographic globe projection, while everyone else stood up and proceeded to leave the room.

A draft is now in effect, in an effort to raise a decent sized army in the case of conflict
Factories are given the order to modify civilian vehicles to be capable of long distance travel
New long distance vehicles are being developed, both military and civilian​


Fear is the mind-killer

"The landing was sucessfull... Main hive established... Hatcheries operating at 100%... 2 More hives were also established... What are your orders?" A young queen said to a bigger, stronger queen, a broodmother.

"Send scout to non-zerg lifeform bases... product more zerglings and roaches... Prepare defenses" The broodmother answered.

"For the swarm..." said the queen.

"For the Hivemind" said the broodmother.

The queen went somewhere to the south, while the broodmother was going to meet the Hivemind in the center of the main hive. As she walked through the hive, she saw roaches, zerglings and hydralisk patrolling around, the deeper she was into the hive, the more patrols she saw. She finally get to the center of the hive, and was infront the Hivemind.


It was truly giant, atleast 60 meters, she saw, confident, at the giant, humongous monster, and telepathically speak.

"What you need me for... great Hivemind." She spoke, a bit nervous.

"Broodmother... I need you... You are yet to earn a name... Establish a 3th hive at the southeast of our position... The reason?... The nearest non-zerg base is at the southeast... I want that hive as a precaution... That hive is were you will build your brood... Keep building zerg until i order you to do something... And defend your position... At all cost... Fail... and i will kill you." The Hivemind told.

With her orders, the broodmother went to the southeast, with a small force of 40 zerglings, 20 hydralisk and 5 drones, to build her hive, and her brood.


One Overlord with a single queen were send to every base to investigate.
An additional Zerg base was build near the administration main base, as a precaution, and later, an invasion point.
The production of Zergs was set to 100%, mostly roaches and zerglings.

Black: Main hive
Red: Minor hive
Blue: Hive in construction

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The Administration of Sentience

4e 65 77 20 69 6e 66 6f 72 6d 61 74 69 6f 6e 2c 20 42 6f 6e 64 65 64 20 41 6c 69 65 6e 73 20 68 61 76 65 20 66 6f 72 6d 65 64 20 61 20 62 61 73 65 20 6e 65 61 72 20 6f 75 72 20 43 6f 6c 6f 6e 79 2c 20 64 75 65 20 74 6f 20 74 68 65 69 72 20 70 65 72 63 65 69 76 65 64 20 61 67 67 72 65 73 73 69 76 65 20 6e 61 74 69 6f 6e 20 74 68 69 73 20 69 73 20 70 65 72 63 65 69 76 65 64 20 61 73 20 61 20 74 68 72 65 61 74 2e 20 49 6e 76 65 73 74 69 67 61 74 65 20 50 72 6f 74 69 63 6f 6c 2d 33 36 7c 33 39 As the information was relayed into the shared Knowledge of the Administration, Unit a8 7f organised a group to set off and a large Aqueous Energy Store set off with 7 Peace Units and 1 Administrative unit, Unit a8 7f. Landing on the coast near the newly forming Hive the units made swift progress toward the Hive. Once the structure they had scanned came into view the began broadcasting the following message in all known languages as well as theoretically constructed 'perfect' languages that the Administration hoped to introduce as the future shared language of sentient life "Greetings please attempt to communicate so that we can decipher your language and begin communicating with you. Hostile action will be met in kind. We wish to welcome you and support your existence provided you agree not to take hostile actions against other sentient life." The message was broadcast on a loop in the hope enough information would be conveyed in a language similar enough to warrant a response that they could then begin deciphering.

Meanwhile in the land around the colony units were out collecting samples of native flora, fauna, animals and other living creatures. Soil samples were also being taken and catalogued from various areas to decide where to set up intensive farms to provide food for the future colony. The living samples would be taken out of their newly induced neutral state and placed into large ecosystems both for the administration to observe and, eventually, for future colonists to get enjoyment from watching while safe from the dangers it may pose.

As this was taking place efforts were being made to discover the geological make up of the planet so that mines could be set up in the most efficient spaces to minimise ecological damage until the Colony is ready to begin mining barren celestial bodies.

8 Units make effort to investigate the new hive forming and attempt to open communications with the aliens that seem to be bonded like that of an insect colony.
A Large scale effort is being made to catalogue and investigate the local wildlife and build habitats for these catalogued life forms.
Geological surveys are being carried out throughout the region so that the Colony can mine the planets surface.
Hurn stared out across the Northern Trundik river and lets the scents wash over him. Flowers in bloom, foreign animals, and the cold smell of the mountains were carried by the flowing water. It smelled wonderfully peaceful, yet he could not let such predilections distract him, there were matters that needed to be attended to. Most importantly, the possible threat of the other races.

Perhaps it wasn't right to immediately equate them with being a threat, some of the other sapients on his home world had been cordial to the Burtrun, but most of them had been one of the varying shades of hostile, resulting in his kind not having much in the way of expansion. They could not afford to let that happen to themselves again. If their ship hadn't been depleted of supplies by the time they arrived at Outurn, he would have risked trying another likely candidate. Alas, they only had enough food for a few more months and had to land on the planet.

Hurn was snapped out of his thoughts by the scent of gathering and began to lumber his way to the meeting hall.


The large wooden building was filled by the mass of the thirty-five representatives of the clans, as well as the large scent-cauldron at the center of the room that had given off the gathering call. The clamor of the meeting hall ceased as Hurn entered the building and took his seat at the head of the room. "Let us get down to business" He said, scanning the assembly. "First, let's discuss the matter of food."

After a moment, a largish burtrun with wild fur stood up. "Grand Chief, the first harvest has been held and great news is to be had. The Cukuj Vines have taken well to the trees of this planet and produced a larger than normal bounty, though they do have more of a sour taste than the ones on Olmna." Putov paused for a moment before continuing. "In addition, the soil of this area is very fertile, and all vegetables have grown well, with the exception of the Komjom Shoots. I believe they require a drier climate to succeed."

"Excellent news Putov" Hurn said, motioning him to stand down. "That will help with replenishing our stocks. Now, onto the next matter, transportation."

A rather diminutive fellow stood up next, his fur singed and reeking of smoke. "Grand Chief, the boats have come along well, though we had to use more metal than originally intended to get a decent carry load. Also," he continued, "I believe I have an idea that might strengthen the transportation between the clans, but we would need a lot more metal and resources to accomplish it. If you like, I can discuss it with you later."

"Indeed you can Hunj, and that does bring me to some matters I would like to discuss." Hunj sat down and the assembly looked expectantly at Hurn. "Now, where we are situated now is quite beneficial for us to have started from" he said pointing to their location on the large map covering the wall behind him. "We have two waterways for transportation as well as enriching our soil, and we are isolated from the other races. However," he said waving his large arm over the map, "we will be stuck in the same position as we were on Olmna if we stay content with our current situation." There were several murmurs from the assembly. "So, what I suggest we do is three things. Foremost is to increase our numbers. That was always a problem with us compared to the other races, they just breed to fast. We must seek to close this gap. Tell the Elders to encourage child bearing by all couples. To facilitate this, we need to expand our land." Using a marking stick, he outlined the area he had in mind. "This area would have all that we need for a while. The mountains would provide many resources, and keeping along the river would allow easy use of trade and lots of farmable land. The drier areas would also allow us to grow Komjom Shoots as well. Finally," he said turning back to the crowd, "We will need to further explore our surroundings. Ask the Elders if they can drum up some adventurous individuals to explore the surrounding areas and catalogue everything they find, whether it be plants, animals, geological landmarks, or... other races." Woth that, he ended his session and let the other representatives bring up their issues.

-Increase of birthrate to increase total population size.
-Clans are spreading out in an attempt for expansion utilizing the rivers.
-Explorers are being sent out to further an understanding of the planet, its lifeforms, and possibly other nearby races.

Red Dot: Landing Site
Red Outline: Current area of clan settlements
Black Outline: Attempted expansion area



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