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Naruto: The New Order

Red Forest


The Shinobi World has been in peace and harmony since the end of The Fourth Great Ninja War fifty-five years ago. The Hidden Leaf is the current leader in new ninja technology, and to be new founders of the New Order. The New Order is the new belief that the entire Shinobi World should be under one ruler, and each hidden village having a separate leader that communicates the Kyūkyoku’s rules and orders. As it will take a lot of time persuading the other ninja villages to comply, another war may be the only resolution to make the New Order happen, and the Hidden Leaf is willing to do so if necessary.

What I need from you . . .
  • Forget everything you know about what happened after the Fourth Great Ninja War in the Manga and Anime.
  • You as a player will need to comfortable playing multiple characters, preferable a total of two or more. (1 Jounin, 1 Genin Character)
  • As this roleplay progresses characters will need to be created based on locations. You main characters will be your hidden leaf shinobi, any other characters created for this roleplay will be considered secondary.
  • Be willing to help the roleplay continue, with at least a post per week, if not more. This will be finally attempt to start this roleplay, and thus some of plot was re-written based on some new possible ideas.
  • Each Arc leads into the other, and different outcomes will come with changes to each arc, please be ready for change.
  • I need you to have fun! And last of all comply with all of RpN Rules.


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