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Fandom Naruto - The New Order

Red Forest


Have you ever wanted to see the entire shinobi world come together as one village? With the New Order of the Kyūkyoku this is all about to come true. The end of the Fourth Great Ninja War villages have united into peace with one another, but the plans of Kumogakure have risen, and everlasting peace may come to an early end. Are you willing to fight for what you want?

What I am looking For From You:
  • You to play a total of 2 characters (1 jounin, 1 genin)
  • To forget everything you know about the events leading in the Manga/Anime after the Fourth Great Ninja War
  • Follow all RpN Rules
I currently have to planned arc's for this roleplay, and will continue to develop arc's as the roleplay progresses. So if you're interested in the roleplay please just reply to this thread, and I'll let you know when the roleplay begins.


Believing Heart

Failing at Deciphering the World
I love it~
I want to be a rebel, or someone who might be considered a traitor in the future, from Konoha; is it possible?

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