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Fandom Naruto: From Enemies to Friends

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Action, Adventure, Naruto Universe

Flame Demon

Wannabe consulting detective
I'm looking for people who want to do a Naruto RP with me the story line can be bend here and there, but here's the main point. This takes place during Shippuden.

Both the Akatsuki and the shinobis against them are winning and losing some, people on each side are killed, but neither is willing to give up, but there's one thing neither side has counted on, yes missions have gone perfect, plans have been made, foiled and succeeded, but one thing can topple everything, one thing can put the entire mission in trouble. Feelings, becoming friends with the enemy and even worse, falling for the enemy. This can happen during different times and different ways, but it can happen to the best of us.

Interested? Put what side you're on and who you'd like as crush.
Five great clans: Uchiha, Uzumaki, Hyuga, Senju and Namikaze
Akatsuki and Gaara

Once you've gotten the okay head over here:
Fandom - Naruto: From Enemies to Friends CS | RpNation
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The Silent Z

The Aging Millennial/Retiring Rper
I think I’d be interested in trying this out. Would a Chomei host/Jinchuuriki be acceptable? (Looking at the threads and saw tailed beasts being used)

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