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Naruto: 100 years later


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Once there was a hero. A young orphan, a loser despised by all, who against all odds, grew up to become the greatest shinobi of his time. A man who led the ninja world in war against the greatest threat in its history, and after emerging victorious, ushered in an era of peace. His name was Naruto Uzumaki. One hundred years have passed since the death of the hero. The order he brought to the ninja world has begun to give way to the tides of time. The nations once again distrust each other, while rumors of a new threat from the west arrive.
A new story is about to begin.

A campaign for 2 to 6 players, set in the world of Naruto, some 150 years after the main story (Boruto not considered, canon until The Last). A system based on d10 will be used. DnD 5e will be used. The frequency of posting will be agreed upon by all interested parties.
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