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Fandom my mind turns your life into folklore (private)

// so for tony and amy, i have tony just walking into the room having no idea whats going on, and for peter and emma, i have it where emma moved in the day before/last night and she hasnt met peter yet

Tony was not ever one of those guys who felt the need to be right all the time.

That is a fucking joke. Can you imagine?

The truth was, Tony thrived off of proving people wrong and getting boasting rights about it. He had a need to be the center of attention, the smartest one in the room, the guy with a plan. The genius. It was the very center of who he was, and at this point in time he saw absolutely nothing wrong with it. So when FRIDAY alerted the entire building of a break in and intruder, Tony couldn’t help but feel the same amount of smug he felt everytime his technology worked.

FRIDAY, what is going on?” he asked from his workbench, not looking up from his project he had been working on.

There is a small body in the middle of the living room.”

Tony paused, and looked up at the hologram of the camera for that room. A little… kid, it looked like, was joined by Bruce, Natasha, Steve, and Clint, who were already in there minutes before the alarm went off.

What the hell? Are you telling me some ten year old somehow snuck all the way here AND got inside?” Tony set his stuff down on his work bench and immediately circled around to the center of the room. With a wave of his hands, the floating image became much bigger.

I seem to have been powered off approximately two minutes before my alarms went off.

What? Who turned you off?” Tony’s brown eyes scanned the live feed coming from the room. While the other Avengers looked tense, there didn’t seem to be any danger, hence the lack of urgency on tony’s end.

I do not recognize the person.” FRIDAY then pulled up a closer image of the kid that appeared to currently be in his living room. While it was a clear photo, it was also in black and white.

FRIDAY? What’s wrong with you, put this in color.”

But before his technology had time to comply, Tony was already on the move to leave his working area and broke into a light jog towards the living room.

Just a short minute later, Tony was already making his way down the stairs. He could hear a lot of raised voices and talking, so he made his voice louder to be heard as he made his way down.

Imagine my surprise when FRIDAY tells me a little kid broke into our compound. Someone better be pulling a prank and you better have a good explanation as to why-

By the time Tony made his way off the staircase, his eyes fell on the child in question. And it stopped him in his tracks. He wasn’t even sure if he was breathing.

The black hair. The freckles. The exact color of their skin. It was the spitting image of her. But most importantly, those vibrant purple eyes. Tony was almost sure his heart just stopped. He knew he should say something, but he found himself at a loss for words. He wasn’t even sure if his brain was working. Is this who he thought it could be?


Emma woke up to the sound of the small box fan in her room whirring, and the already busy streets of Manhattan coming to life outside her window. She sat up in her bed and stretched, letting out a quiet yawn.

Admittedly, she had almost forgotten where she was, as when she woke up she nearly jolted out of bed before seeing her things lining the walls of her bedroom. It was weird for her, to be used to waking up in her bedroom with her dad, to then be waking up on a couch at her grandmother’s, to now be waking up in her own bed again, but elsewhere.

Emma had moved in nearly all her things alone yesterday. It didn’t take long, as really most of her things were in boxes, and a nice few bystanders actually helped her carry in the few heavy furniture items she had. Most of her night was spent quietly unpacking most her room so as not to disturb the neighbors (or her roommate, whom she didn’t even know if he was home or not).

Emma got out of bed and stepped around the boxes scattered around her room and made her way to her closet, and pulled out a pair of black sweatpants and a white tank top that she then changed into. She didn’t have any plans today, and she had spent a while unpacking, so she wanted to be comfy.

Circling back towards her bed, she unplugged the laptop and her phone that lay next to her pillow and brought it with her as she made her way to the living room. The small blonde set her stuff on the couch and left momentarily to grab an apple and water from the kitchen, before coming back to the living room. Emma then laid out on the couch with her laptop on her stomach and booted it up.

Emma didn’t have to work today, but she did like to keep up on news articles surrounding the area so she began reading her work emails and the events going on in town as she took a bite from her apple. However, this took maybe ten minutes because she had done the exact same thing last night, so she eventually just turned off her laptop and set it on the coffee table and continued to eat in silence.
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