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My Hero Academia: Our Steps


Average Student
In the bright, cheerful city of Los Angeles, the beautiful beaches and the non-stop fun that could be experience during a trip isn't the only type of excitement that could be in store for those who are visiting as most come to see sights, take note of another way of life, and basically just enjoy life. Though with so much to do, what draws most isn't the landscape or the friendly atmosphere, it's the chance to see the number 1 hero in all of America, Paragon, a woman told to be a backer behind the construction of the U.A. present in the city. This school is suppose to birth top-notch heroes, putting them through life like experiences and teaching them proper use of their power. The result of their training have proved to be correct as a handful of the Pro-hero you see today has attended this very school.

Basically in this roleplay, we will be students who attend UA in Los Angeles. It should be noted that we will start the roleplay by traveling to the school by yacht.


That One Tall Guy
@aDistraction I don't wanna seem impatient but I'm just curious when you plan on making the main thread, and I also wanted to know if you already had a set plan for the plot and school details because if not i'd be down to help.

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