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Fandom My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia: Next Class! (OOC)


J. Africa

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@The Explorer

We are in the process of doing another roll call y'all! You guys are the only ones who have yet to respond. Please as soon as you see this, reply Y or N to let us know if you plan to stay in the RP or not. The deadline is 8 am PST


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I'm still waiting on others to post. I don't want to flood the chat with third-party posts about NPCs and such.

Everyone in the infirmary, you're going to be there for a bit, so chat it up, make your own Nurse/Doc NPCs, etc. DO NOT check your character out. One of the DMs or I will post when that happens.

Everyone in the classroom, same thing. Chat it up, don't have your char leave. Thanks! Have fun! I'm going to lunch to play with my son. Yay!

@PlusUltra - Himiko
@Kapowne - Desmond, Heavens Man
@King Crimson - Ryusei
@HerculePyro - Lauren, Psyren
@Webs Elk - Christopher, Techtricity
@Spideep - Corvo
@Lilliana2 - Lily
@The Explorer - Seiryo, Tokutski
@ANIMEWEEB101 - Kotonaru, Senshi
@EMIYAman - Mukaido/Mr. Jigsaw
@ArchAngelLexi - Sabrina
@KingPoisonYugiohMha - Kurage, Victor
@BobbyJoe - Jimmy, Daiyamondo
@AniMANIA7983 - Samuel/Razor
@Venchi1986 - Jack, Queen
@SparrowVale - Yua
@GrieveWriter - Petra
@FROSTBITE4395 - Allanon
@J. Africa - Genki
Seiryo I will have to leave the classroom and join us, he is the only one there.


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No offense to the current head of NASA and his Quirk which gives him a man sized chicken body meant in my villain/hero post


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Okaaay, feeling a bit of disconnect here.

So who's in the classroom and who's in the infirmary?

I'm spotting some conflicting accounts here.

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