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The worlds are seperate. That is how it has always been. No longer. Soon the worlds will collide. They will crash into each other and form on huge universe. When that happens the heroes of these worlds must unite to combat the ensuing Chaos. Strangely enough the combined Universes still act as separate universes. Somewhat. They didn't combine in any way. (Allows the settings of these different worlds to remain generally the same)


1.Respect Others.
2. If someone already has a character talk to me and I'll see what I can do. Multiverse theory is a thing after all.
3. I or a mod must okay your character.
4..Play your character the way they would act. Not how you want them to act.
5. Respect the mods ruling. If you come to me or my mods to solve an argument you will respect our final decision. This includes battles between characters, and if two people want the same character
6. Start out with four characters at most. Mods and I will determine if you can Handel more than that.
7. You're characters can and at some point will probably die. Don't worry too much about it. I have world building things set in case you ever want to revive.
8. Killing another person's character can only be done if okayed by the one controlling said character. This rule applies to everyone INCLUDING the thread owner AND the mods
9. Have fun and be open to new and sometimes whackey ideas
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