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Fandom Multi-Fandom Ideas

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Adventure, Multiverse, Mystery


a determined artist
Recently I have become interested in a multi fandom rp, unfortunately I haven't found any that seem to be accepting or are too far into a plot for me to join. I would make my own but I would rather just be a participant rather than the driving force and despite my best efforts most rps I start end early. I wanted to throw around some ideas with people on what could be cool and what kinda plot could be made. Although I would rather OCs not be included aside from and character that is unique to the plot of the RP and is an important part in the story.

Some few rules I came up with that we can discuses include

- Try to be reasonable with the power of the character you pick.
- If you don't understand how a character acts it might be best to pick a different one unless the character had no real personality to start with like Pokemon protagonists. In which case as long as it doesn't go against the events of the character's universe all is fair game.
- A character death should rarely happen but if the player allows it than it should be fine, if your character kills another however be ready to accept the possible consequences of that such as your character being hunted by the others.
- Respect other fandoms even if you don't like them, we can talk all about what we do and don't like in an OOC or something but remain respectful, don't become the stereotypical youtube commenter.

- Lets avoid playing as real people please, characters that actors portray are fine just not real people. This doesn't seem like it will be an issue but I just thought I would make sure.
- I think 3 characters is enough for one person to handle.
- Respect people.
- If you are no longer interested in playing please let us know so people wont hold up the story waiting for a reply that might never happen. Iv had many RP die because of that.
- First come first serve on characters.
- If a character has multiple souls or personalities they could count as multiple characters depending on how different or how often they switch.

-One setting that is rather popular but I enjoy is the mansion set up, It doesn't have to be a mansion but I like the idea of everyone is a large building in the forest. There could even be a room that simulates settings from these fandoms.

-Character sheet-

Sex: (Unless unspecified in series)
Basic overview:
Appearance: If you use fanart for this please just post the link to it rather than the picture, we want the artists to receive credit.
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a determined artist
If we send all the characters into a building (Mansion, Large home, castle, hotel, village, etc) It can be in the middle of a large forest that once you go to far you end up back at the center. Maybe there should be some sort of mystery to solve slowly to figure out how they got there and how to get back.


Here Lie 222
You've got my attention.

(I know the OOC and character thread exists, but I would rather wait until I've got a 'go ahead' of some form.)

EDIT: Thanks for the like. I take it that's my go-ahead.
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