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Fantasy Moonflower Reform School ~ Interest Checks <3 ~

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Mystery, Super Powers, Supernatural

Egg_Splat :3

Your personal stalker~
In the world, species of all sorts live together on the earth together with the humans. Vampires, Werewolves, Yuki-onnas, and many more magical species live among the humans, living together peacefully as days go by.

But, of course, there was never an end to crimes(obviously). As more crimes committed by teenagers and children because the lack of food, money or abandonment(?) , reform schools and juveniles have never ran out of business. Most of the reform schools and juveniles have their graduates sent back for another crime, making the government pay the staff in those programs with thousands a month in hope that the staff will not give up the children and their jobs.

But, among the terrible, trashy juveniles and reform schools, there were a few that were the most successful. And the most famous was none other than Moonflower Reform School(Surprise!!!)!

Moonflower is known for their successful attempts to reform children and teenagers to helpful citizens to society. But, almost 30% of the people inside of the school never leave. The ones who were set free were always suffering from mental disorders and tend to visit psychologists often, which definitely caught the eye of the public(They aren't blind after all! || Okay... I'll stop now...)

But, a few of the graduates told their tales from their experience in the reform school, but reporters ignored them and threw them out of the offices. They shared the horrifying ways the students were disciplined, the challenges they had to face to survive, the lack of food, the pain they experienced both mentally and physically.

The students weren't stupid either. They plot their escape from the school everyday, only to be caught and punished again and again. All of them want to be saved by the government, but they were neglected and ignored.

What would happen next as the new students enroll? Join this RP to find out!

( I understand this might be vague, but I'll have a Lore Thread coming out soon....!)


Heyo!! IT'S ME, Egg_Splat :3 I understand that this may seem like a sandbox RP, but who knows! Maybe your participation will keep it alive! Now, I have a few rules if you are interested ~

1. No bullying or harassment allowed! There must be friendliness in this family of ours!

2. If you plan to leave this RP, don't just leave without notice. Tell me first :3

3. Please.... No one-liners or one paragraphs. It's...unbearable...! I understand if the situation doesn't allow you to write much, but don't make it your writing style. Please TvT

4. PUNCTUATION AND PARAGRAPHING MUST BE OBSERVED. I don't want members to be straining their eyes, trying to figure out what you are trying to say....

5. Please post as much as you can

Thank chu~ Please join if you are interested TvT

Egg_Splat :3

Your personal stalker~
The Lore is out! I'm sorry if I'm not good at writing lores....

Egg_Splat :3

Your personal stalker~
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Egg_Splat :3

Your personal stalker~
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