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Fandom Monster Hunter: Eclipse (Character/storydriven monster hunter rp)


Hey there!

We’re looking to plan and start up a story-driven Monster Hunter roleplay and trying to see if we can pick up some interested players.

Right now, we’re looking at a Monster Hunter game mostly focused on the Old World, taking place after the events of World and Rise. The plan is to expand upon and connect some of the lore presented in the games in order to create a more cohesive picture of the world of Monster Hunter as the characters explore and get to the bottom of the mysteries they’re presented with. Players will be led into the story I’m not looking for a strict word count requirement or anything, the vibe is definitely “quality over quantity” in that way.

All throughout the country, monsters have started moving across the land, attacking towns and villages, tearing down defenses and ransacking communities. It’s a strange new behavior, separate from the rampages where hordes gather together under the control of an apex wyvern, and already, these random, adamant attacks have exacted a heavy toll on the people of the Old World. Wyverns and monsters have been spotted moving in massive numbers, and even those not participating in this mysterious migration have been behaving aggressively and erratically — even communities of monster riders have reported their companion animals turning on and attacking their handlers.

In an attempt to get to the bottom of these strange behaviors all over the country, hunters and specialists of all kinds have been called to the great walled city of Verudo per the Guild’s instruction. The aggression and migration have moved the guild to act: To build weapons, to protect and help rebuild the affected towns and villages, and to study this strange phenomenon and figure out what is driving these devastating attacks. Specialists are being sent out to explore the ruins of the old civilization or to study the monsters themselves in an attempt to decipher what’s causing their behavior. An army is being built, including warrior and scholar alike, and it’s time to act and discover the truth of this great migration.

Groups of hunters have been called together in great barracks as an answer to the call — for training, to shore up defenses, and to study the strange, organized herds of wyverns. The mission begins in the great walled city, where hunters and scientists alike will be gathered together for this immense operation to begin.

As For Us…
The plan is that characters involved in the roleplay will be hunters, scientists, scouts or trackers, or one of any other number of possibilities gathered by the hunter’s guild to investigate a migration of monsters across the Old World, ultimately converging on the territory once known as the Schrade kingdom. Monsters have been seen behaving erratically, and in large groups, even working in such militaristic and intelligent ways that it seems almost human.

The roleplay will begin in the walled city of Verudo, a heavily-fortified city acting as the guild’s headquarters for the matter at hand. The party will be working at first to help fortify, protect, and provide relief to impacted communities before being sent out to further investigate the migration and find its cause. The investigation will take the characters across the Old World as they learn more about the migration and its causes.

For that reason, characters don’t necessarily need to be hunters exclusively — of course hunters are a welcome part of any team, but characters can also specialize in any number of other activities too. Trackers, behaviorists, biologists of all kinds, researchers, blacksmiths, or any other useful specialization will be more than welcomed as well. I’ll be acting as a game master more or less, controlling NPCs and guiding the characters through the world and providing important lore as we go.

(Cowriter: Sleipnir Sleipnir )

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