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Fantasy MermaidxHuman Rp anyone?

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Before i begin, i prefer straight pairings so im looking for a male OC to pair with this. =^^=
So basically, Aria is an oc of mine that ive only ever used once, and i really love her(shes in my pfp). Shes a blank slate kind of character, who doesnt remember anything about where she came from, or if she was even always a mermaid. Shes hunted by fishermen because after there was a kind of "war" between merpeople and humans, a lot of merpeople were wiped out. It was more like a slaughter of merpeople to be frank, thats why i say "war".
Anything from a mermaid is considered highly valuable, particularly their scales that they lose occasionally. So people got greedy and started hunting mermaids, and thats why the whole "war" started.
Aria was there for the war, but after some trauma that happened, doesn't remember anything except a few glimpses of the attack.
The merpeople believe she was supposedly killed during the war, since she never returned home.
She lives alone in a cove, near a beach that normal fishing ships have started docking at. Shes too used to her area and has a lot of fears, so shes uncomfortable leaving somewhere that she basically grew up in.

The world can be anything, modern, old timey, whatever, as long as the whole story I told just now stays relevant and makes sense. ^^ PM me if youre interested, and we can talk from there! Im a fast replyer usually but college is starting next month so i might have certain hours i cant respond within, but i always make time to respond to an rp! Its a great stress relief to be honest, so dont feel like you're bothering me!
Thank you ♡

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