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Fandom Mei's Fandom Search Thread <3


  • is u is

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  • or is u aint my bb

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  • is u monki

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mighty lil goon
Ayyyy whaddup
So here's another (new) forum of mine, this one containing specially fandoms.

ok im gonna note this: plz dont be intimidated i promise im not mean or blatant like this haha 👀 👀 👀
i want this to be mobile friendly so everyone's life is easier, including mine.
i have another thread that does include fandoms and with plots! -- but im going to make strictly a fandom thread just to make it easier really.
i'll link my og thread in case anyone wants to check it out -- some of the plots there will be listed here and here .

Alrightyyyy lets get to what you're gonna get from mwah: (sorry its a lil long but i got a lot to say!)

  • basically, im a lil monki (monkey for those who dont get it)
  • im 20 and on EST
  • i find myself to be very good at coming up w plots and figuring out shid -- but i do not like coming up w stuff all by myself. a lil monki like me cannot handle all the work
  • i write 3+ paragraphs, i usually try not to go under unless it's dialogue..? but i prefer to write a lot to include a lottt of detail
  • with that being said, if im like really into it, my post length will never be an issue -- if the rp is dry i have a harder time putting a lot of work in and may even drop the rp
  • i write as both genders, like fr. some people say that but end up making a preference?? i do prefer doubling though, for most of these fandoms tho
  • im very guuud ooc, its late here so im being very goofy and random. but im pretty nice, so approach me kindly!
  • im pretty flexible w figuring out stuff for the story, so ask me however questions u need to bc im super good at answering questions
  • im a student & part-time worker soooo my replies vary depending on how long the responses are
  • with that being said, i respond AT LEAST once a week, sometimes ill respond up to 3+ times a day, others it takes me a while bc of life
  • i prefer guidelines in the rp -- im not great at going on a whim of things; id like to have an idea of wtf our characters are doing
  • i know ive said i dont really tolerate ghosting in previous threads... but i change my mind -- ig im ghost friendly
  • like ill message you if there has been 7 days of inactivity, but i prefer a heads up if youre gonna be away or sumn'
  • if u read this, tell me your fav show // movie OR send me a cursed meme lmao (pls dont be gross tho, im lil bean)
  • also if u read this, tell me what you want to expect in this rp, what rubs u the right and wrong way, shit like that
  • uhhh and if u dont do at least one, im callin u out
  • i may request a sample of ur writing - be prepared
  • Also! If we have an rp that's only OC's, I'm VERY open to taking a request of a faceclaim you want me to use for your love interest as well as a name! however if you request me of this, I'll do the same to u !

AIGHT, lastly this is what i expect from my humble partner :

  • basically, ur lil (or big) monki
  • so i really believe in treat how u want to be treated -- if im giving u my 100% effort, i would like the same from you
  • the usual - follow rpn rules, whateverrr
  • this isnt a must but i would for someone who can respond around the same time as me
  • note : im not expecting someone to type a response 5 min after i post mine, but like id hope within the same day or so id see a response
  • i expect my partner to be willing to double, and/or be flexible
  • we dont have to ooc chat if u dont want to, im not gonna bother trying to make a convo w u if ur shy. its ok homie, we cool <3
  • send me a pm telling me what u want to do, pls dont comment on here
  • i really enjoy it when people are direct and clear with their wants, i hate passive aggressiveness lmao

have at it homies, here's da list of fandoms im down to do -- note : ***** means that im craving this fandom / pairing
lmk if there is a pairing not listed, ask me about it and ill let u know if ive heard it/am interested

***Dylan x OC
Emma x OC

I'm willing to write as any character from the show for u
**Jonny x OC
*Vincent x OC

I will write as ANYONE for you
Alucard x OC
Trevor x OC
I'll write as anyone for you, finishing up s3 right now!
****Bellamy x OC
Finn x OC

i will write as most characters from the show for u
****Scott x OC
****Stiles x OC
****Issac x OC

i will write as anyone from the show for u
********Jasper x OC
Jacob x OC
Edward x OC

i will write as anyone from this series for u
Striclty OC's
Jamie x OC
Fergus x OC

i will write as most characters from this show for u
*****Leon S. Kennedy x OC
Jake Mueller x OC

i will write as anyone from the game series for u
**Ethan Chandler x OC
**Dorian Gray x OC

i will write as any character for u
***Logan x OC
Gambit x OC
Quicksilver x OC
Magneto x OC
Beast x OC

i will write as most characters for u
Quicksilver x OC
Spiderman x OC
Iron Man x OC
Hulk x OC

i will write as most characters for you
**Sirius x OC
Harry x OC
**Cedric x OC

i will write as most characters for you
Kaname x OC
Zero x OC

i can write as most characters for u
***Glenn x OC
***Daryl x OC
***Rick x OC

I'm currently rewatching the show and can write as most characters for u
***Eric x OC
***Alicide x OC
Jason x OC

i will write as anyone for u
****Billy x OC
Steve x OC
Johnathan x OC

i will write as anyone for you (as long as its legal)
Woo-Bin x Oc
Ji-Hoo x OC
Joon Pyo x OC
Joon Hee x Oc

i will write as anyone for u
****Geralt x OC

i will write as anyone for u

ok so that's it for now. i might add more. im also kind of tired so--

if u have any questions, plss pm me about it. if u respond here, thats fine, ill probably respond to u -- but then im deleting our responses.

ok i hope to hear some input, ty for reading beans !

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