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Fandom Marvel- The descent


The father of the Worldbreaker.
Set in a marvel World on the edge of the marvel continuity. In this realm strange things have been occuring in the past few months. It was first noticed by the cosmic entities, sorcerers, and super scientists of the Universe. First the universe was seperated from the others six months ago. President Reed richards discovered this and asked Hank Pym to confirm it, afterwards the two held a press confrence to explain to the United nations what was happening. Someone of some thing had quarentined their entire universe, no longer could they communicate across dimensions or even travel across them. Even Tony stark the Iron sorcerer found that the only dimensions availible to the universe were the sub realms connected to reality such as Asgard, Hel, purgatory, limbo, and the astral realm.

Shortly thereafter Charles Xavier addressed congress about a change he detected in the Phoenix force, which after the death of jean grey had been divided amongst the X-men. It wasnt only that though, the quantum forces, the power cosmic, magic, the psudo-magical properties of gamma radiation, hell even the power of spirits, and the Odin force. The effects of the forces remain the same, but somehow they have been intertwined in a way that people cant quite quantify, its as if some single force is fueling them all. Just one week ago the lock on the dimension was amplified, the 4th wall became unpercievable even to beings like deadpool, time travel became impossible, as did shrinking into the quantum realm. At this point Reed began to suspect a threat would be coming soon So he called a conference with the core avengers. Iron Sorcerer, Captain America, Black panther, Lady Thor, Hulk, Scarlet witch, and Quicksilver. As they gathered and he addressed them he watched in astonishment as portals opened and seemed to hone in on each avenger and warp them to an unknown location. Seeing no other alternatives he gathered the greatest minds the world had to offer and has them working overtime to figure out what is going on and how to defend against an unknown threat.

Meanwhile the core avengers awaken scattered throughout a seemingly endless realm. With no idea how they arrived or where they are. Their only hope seems to be to find each other and hopefully figure out a way home...yet a feeling of dread is washing over all of them as they wander under the light of two suns one white and one black.

(Hello y'all this may seem similar to my other fandom story Justice league- Displacement. That is entirely on purpose, the idea is to lead to a crossover event in another universe. If all goes according to plan this will be a very long storyline with several plots and sub plots, and even a sequel. For fans of mine who are already familiar with my multiversal theory you can expect ample references to previous and future projects. And as per usual the events of this universe will effect the events of future universes. But you neednt worry about that, thats my problem. All you need to ask yourself is where do you fit in in the marvel universe.)

Please keep in mind all claimed canon characters will need to be edited so that they are not mirror images of the real characters or composite versions. I expect to see your own creative flare on Canon characters as this is OUR marvel universe not disneys.

Gm's characters

Reed richards- President, one of the worlds smartest men, scientist supreme *None of the other fantastic four are alive in this universe.

Tony stark- Iron sorcerer, Leader of the Avengers, Candidate for sorcerer supreame.

Charles Xavier- Congressman, Omega level mutant, Emvodiment of the Mind stone.

Stephanie Strange- Sorceress, Candidate for sorcerer supreme, grandaughter of Stephen strange who is currently the ancient one.

Hercules- God of strength, champion of Olympus, betrothed to lady thor.

Logan- The wolverine, one of the world's first five mutants, Uru metal skeleton, millenia spent in asgard.

Thania Odindaughter - *genderbent thanos, older sister to thor. Galactus's nemesis.

Galactus- Proprietor or balance, destroyer of worlds, master of the power cosmic.

Victor von doom- Master Doom, terrorist, sorcerer, supergenius, arch enemy of Reed richards & Tony Stark.

@PolikShadowbliss characters

Lady Thor Odindaughter- Daughter of odin, Weilder of Mjolnir, younger sister of Thania, Betrothed to Hercules.

Lady deadpool- Crazy merc with a mouth, 4th wall breaker seeking the 4th wall to break it.

X-23- Biodaughter of logan, ???-metal skeleton, hydra trained, brotherhood member with transdimensional experience.

Captain marvel- Half skrull half Kree, cosmic warrior, embodiment of the space stone.

Spiderwoman- Alternate universe spiderwoman, *Other spiders still playable, fighter of nazi's, stranded in our universe.

@Scatterbrain characters

Hank pym- The Unstoppable ultron, supergenius, inventor, one of the smartest men on the planet.

Steve rogers- captain america, Cyborg super soldier, stalwart defender of justice.
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The father of the Worldbreaker.
Here is a link to the other half of the coin.


The father of the Worldbreaker.
Feel free to claim your characters or make OC's. You can find the CS skeleton in the Justice league thread, it will be the same format. As for the world lore it is relatively open. Just gimme a shout if you have any questions or want any lore information.


Devil's Advocate
Just gonna get my claim list out of the way so that things are set in stone
Black Panther
Ghost Rider
Don't think I went for anyone else


The father of the Worldbreaker.
But if you could elaborate on the symbiotes and also the year, assuming also future?
Set in 2019.

The symbiotes will be biological organisms created by Reed richards and peter parker in the hope of making effective organic supersuits for their fellow heroes. The way symbiotes work is that they bond with their first host copying their powers and adding them to whatever host comes next. So in venoms case he was bonded with spiderman first and so he grants spider powers to the wearer in addition to the added strength and morphological powers of the symbiotes. In the case of other symbiotes it depends on their first host. If hercules wore a symbiote it would become super strong to a degree much higher than venoms nornal levels, in addition to whatever other powers come with hercs base (will not copy the effects of his magic items.)

Symbiotes other than venom were all born at the same time in a clutch of eggs after venom and spiderman seperated. They are all siblings and unlike canon they are not more powerful..(unless they found a more powerful initial host.)

One of the Symbiotes called Gristle is worn by Reed richards, it possesses immense intellect and impressive matter manipulation powers granted from this Reeds Power set.

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