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Fantasy Magical Misfits CS

Name: Decible Naori



Appearance: brown hair and golden eyes. They wear a orange hoodie that has two yellow strips and one white strip across the middle and long red fingerless gloves black shorts and grey shoes with a brown and grey bag940BB84E-3F7A-40AC-909D-30B6F11EF560.png


Weight: 120 lbs


Personality: Decible Lacks empathy and apathy though this could be due to his lack of interacting with people due to his family basically keeping him locked away. as a result he lacks understanding in human emotions.Despite all of this he does manage to treat others with varying amount of respect to avoid the case of a catastrophe. he knows how to analyze and his analyses are most of the time up to par. (He does experience emotions he just doesn’t understand them)

Short Backstory: During Decibles Childhood his parents locked him away. He hardly interacted with anyone (if was able to) and never understood people or emotions properly. Due to this he also lacks empathy and apathy. Mainly homeschooled. His mother was trying to find a public one that would take him being tired of the explosions and stolen chemicals. (No idea why she’d bring them home though) nothing truly interesting happened during his childhood.

Hobbies:messing around with chemicals, reading, analyzing people (especially targets

Likes:weapons, history, analyzing, trying to understand people, bombs.

Dislikes:people, animals and gross things, other peoples opinions.

Fighting Style: knifes or random chemical concoctions that could be in his bag.

(Also side note I tried to make Decible appear androgynous as a means to confuse other peoples characters. Also If I need to change some stuff just let me know!)
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Theme OST:

【Loop Hero】 Soundtrack (OST)
YouTube· CmT
1 hour, 20 minutes, 12 seconds
Mar 8, 2021
[A]Regular- Death Tendency - Enter the Dungeon - Golden Win
Emotional- The Grateful Afterlife - Talkalion - Made in Cosmo
[C]Battle- Star Hunter - Steel Boss Rush - Cosmic Temperance
[D]Mystique - Anamnesis Of The World's Sin - Entropic Rhapsody
Name: Samson

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Screenshot 2023-04-28 10.14.44 AM.png

-Very long hair, bulky build, wearing long leather robes and garments, with one eye covered in bandages. Hair varies from Black, Gray, White, and even Crimson depending on his mood. His face darkened by a wide, long brimmed hat made of fine leather. Bandages cover his hands and ankles too, along with his knees and ankles. He wears old, color-drained boots, with cargo pants. Finally, he carries a satchel around his shoulder to hold his valubles.

Height: 6.1 feet

Weight: 130 pounds

Clan: Light Clan

Short Backstory:
Legends state of a man born around 1000 BC, who was gifted the blessing of strength and power. At the end of his life, God gave him one last gift, the eye that can see the future. He used this power to kill every heretic on the earth, until he ended himself. This man is named Samson, an unstoppable anger of a man. This blessing, the Eye of God, was not lost, but passed on to one of his descendants, who hides the power under his right eye. There are 6 more blessings scattered around the world, lost to secrets.

Samson (II) was adopted by the Church's ministry after it was discovered he had this power. To keep his aggressive tendencies at bay, the Church instilled the word of God unto him, keeping him disciplined. After earning high marks on his enrollment test, he was accepted into the magic university. Rumor has it he can see the future.

Hobbies: Rigorous workout routines, studying holy scriptures, and visiting churches

Likes: Animals, literature, the arts, classical music, meat

Dislikes: Blasphemy, lies, weakness, laziness, loud people

Fighting Style: Melee range, aggressive, fast and quick. (Berserker)


-Added character art
-Added character theme(s)
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Name: Kira Tanaka

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kira's appearance is edgy and captivating. Kira has long, wavy black hair that falls just past her waist and is often styled in loose beachy waves featuring electric blue streaks. Her striking blue-grey almond-shaped eyes make her a memorable presence. Her toned physique speaks to her years of martial arts training, and her confidence shines through in her posture and movements. She often opts for a vintage band t-shirt paired with ripped black jeans and combat boots, giving off a rebellious vibe that suits her unique style.

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 110 pounds


Short Backstory: Kira was sent to Astral High as retribution for causing trouble in her hometown. Kira comes from a family of powerful Lightning Clan magic users, but she has always struggled to keep her powers under control. She has a habit of allowing her emotions to get the best of her, resulting in sparks flying and electrical currents zapping from her fingertips. Kira is a flight risk, and her family wanted someone to keep an eye on her. But she usually avoids the teachers and minders to the best of her abilities outside of class.

Hobbies: reading, cooking, and practicing her martial arts skills.

Likes: nature, helping others, learning new things

dislikes: conflict, loud noises, feeling overwhelmed

Fighting Style: Kira's fighting style is a mix of lightning magic and martial arts. She uses her lightning magic to enhance her physical attacks and move quickly around the battlefield. She is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat and prefers to fight up close and personal. However, Kira struggles with maintaining control of her powers when she gets too emotional or angry, which can sometimes backfire on her in a fight.
Name: Dylan Martin

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dylan is slight of build, a little bit on the small side for his age. His skin tone is light with a clear complexion. He has dark brown hair and his eyes are brown. Typically, he wears black jeans with dark colored t-shirts, some plain, some with annoying pictures and/or slogans.

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 110lbs.

Clan: Dark

Short Backstory:
Dylan's mom died when he was just seven years old. His father was a good man up until then, but the death of his wife changed him dramatically. Dylan has had a difficult time processing his mothers death and his father has become ever more withdrawn. In the years since she died, Dylan's dad has all but closed down, going from completely ignoring the world to being extremely upset and violent without warning. As a result, Dylan has been lashing out more and more. This, of course, has landed him in trouble on more than a few occasions.

Hobbies: Creating graffiti, sketching

Likes: Camping, studying, pictures of his mom

Dislikes: His dad, authority, the universe for taking his mom

Fighting Style: Dylan is small for his age so he has learned how to patiently stalk his target from the shadows, attacking only when he is sure that his target is unaware of his presence. Drawing on the powers of the dark, he can project shadows, distracting his enemies and giving him time to sneak up on them and use his switchblade. If he feels he is backed into a corner, he can summon the darkness, causing the room or area to become completely dark, disorienting his opponent and allowing him time to make his escape.
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Name: Reve Emeranth

Age: 16
Pronouns: She/They

Appearance: Reve is almost the antithesis of what many people would imagine regarding the lightning clan. She has dark brown hair that is usually tied up in a bun, and a softer build. She's frequently wearing hoodies and comfortable clothes, rather than anything flashy. Her eyes are a piercing blue, and her skin is pale.

Height: 5'4
Weight: 150
Clan: Lightning

Short Backstory: Reve has always been a savant at Lightning magic. Particularly regarding reading, and manipulating synaptic signals. However, they are quite unremarkable at any other form of control over their element. This has caused her to become a bit of a nuisance. Empathy was not something that came easy to her, at least at first. So she spent loads of time studying and experimenting on her peers. Finding out what signals meant which reaction. This of course looked like her giving gifts one time, then decking someone in the face the next. It was quite effective in learning, as well as getting her sent to Astral.

Hobbies: People watching, espionage, sleeping
Likes: Blankets, espionage, the scientific theory
Dislikes: Physical contact, being awake, brocolli

Fighting style: Reve is best described as an enchanter. They manipulate their opponents senses by overloading, overriding, and reading their opponents synaptic functions, allowing her to stun or manipulate someone's perceptions. This requires a lot of focus, making her quite effective in a 1v1, but struggles if there's more than one opponent
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Rei Zyontis, 16
He/they | Demiboyflux
Light clan
coded by Sugarnaut

Rei is a small, yet sturdy-bodied individual with caramel-brown skin and soft, deep brown hair, matching his eyes. His straight but fluffy hair frames his face and covers the back of his neck. He generally wears semi-formal clothing when not in combat, although he doesn't mind being in his combat apparel even if he is not in a hostile situation. His semi-formal clothes consist of a grey button-down shirt, a white tie striped with black and a black suit vest, along with cargo pants and leather lace-up boots. He also prefers to wear a backpack in this clothing. Comparatively, his combat apparel consists of black gloves with rubber grips and belts on them to tighten the gloves if needed. He also wears Harajuku-neck fish-mouth hoodies with multiple pockets. Rei carries a small sling bag for emergency supplies as well, and he reuses the same pants and boots from his semi-formal wear as they are quite versatile for use.

❤️ Panromantic
⚖️ 47 kg
📏 160 cm

🎭 Innovation
🔍 Observation

🎵 Music
🧠 Philosophy

📖 Reading
❄️ Winter

💥 Loud noises

📅 Inconsistency
💸 Narrow-mindedness

Rei often went unnoticed in his childhood due to him being a naturally quiet person. However, what he lacked in speaking he made up for in observation, with his observation skills helping him gauge other people's weaknesses and use them against them. He is very shy and cries easily for things large and small as his community regarded him as quite unremarkable for a quote-unquote "child of light", emotionally neglecting him. Due to this, some people view him as a crybaby and others view him as aloof because he restricts showing others his vulnerable side unless he truly knows their intentions. Even though he has had a generally negative experience with people, he is good with empathising from what few encounters he's had. His parents try their best to help him with his sensitivity but at times they get frustrated and give up, which makes him contemplate his self-worth constantly. Rei has vowed to try and become a less sensitive person by coming out of his shell in Astral High. He thinks he's ready, but his stay in suffering might've been too short for there's always more to lose. Honour, strength, empathy; the only question is - when will he be exploited?


Rei is never one for harming people using his own hands, instead using a person's physical power and turning it against them, similar to Brazillian-Jiu-Jitsu (he does not have training in any sort of martial arts, his fighting style is only similar to BJJ). His light magic is exclusively used for passive things, such as healing, splitting colours in the light for art/helping visualise his art, or simply as a lamp light for reading at night. He is attempting to learn how to bend light so he can turn invisible, with him being unsuccessful so far.
Rei has a very heavy reliance on his chosen weapon of choice, a scythe that may be split into two parts: a staff and a sickle. The scythe is generally used for long-range attacks with the blade being attached to an internal mechanism in the staff that may strike out and be retracted manually which is strong if it hits, but also time-consuming and can be used against him. For example, if a person gets hold of the extending chain they can throw him off balance, or worse, pull him into close-range combat which he is very lacking at. He can be good at close range only if he has observed the other person's fighting patterns for a while. This has a major weakness whereby he needs to observe his opponent for a good while before actively seeking them out to fight them, making him very weak to unexpected attacks. To avoid this, he is generally seen sneaking around, quietly watching from a distance, which can make him physically unavailable. He uses his sickle in sneak attacks where possible, but it is difficult for him to cover open ground during the day especially due to his dark form of clothing. He uses his staff as a non-lethal form of mid-range combat. Without his weapons, he considers himself a deadweight, especially if he is in a team. He is hesitant - but will use his light powers for harm if he is in severe danger.

Rei is still learning his own fighting style. at the end of each training session, he usually ends up hurting himself accidentally as his weapon is not kind to mistakes. If he is not given adequate rest, he will a hundred per cent, not last the in next fight he is thrown into.
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Ayane Hikari

ImgCreator.ai A girl reading a book outside on a bench, blue hair, long hair, red eyes, seriou...pngImgCreator.ai A girl wearing a coat reading a book outside while its snowing, blue hair, shoul...png




135 lb

Water Clan

Ayane is a girl that often comes off as cold and unfriendly, however she does have a soft spot that she expresses in the form of looking out for and defending those in her social clique as well as looking out for those that can't seem to defend themselves against an aggressor. When it comes to expressing emotions that aren't a cold dismissal or something similar, like expressing gratitude or affection, she can come off as awkward, fumbling with her words and actions before attempting to regain her cool, icy persona.

Short Backstory:
Ayane was a very quiet and reserved child who was severely bullied by her peers as a result of her personality. And yet despite coming to class and returning home with bruises, scrapes, and cuts, no one did anything meaningful to help her. Not the school administration, not her parents. Heck, it was as if Ayane's family barely noticed she was there at all. The only way to survive, Ayane thought, was to take matters into her own hands, to strike the aggressors before they could hurt her or anyone else again.

As she moved onto high school, she saw more of the same. School administrations doing nothing to protect their own students, letting the bullies get away with nothing more than slap on the wrist. Ayane decided that if the adults weren't going to do anything, she would, beginning a spree of rampant vigilantism against any and all bullies at her school. Of course, this didn't sit well with the school's staff, but incompetent as they were merely gave the same treatment to Ayane as all bullies: detention and verbal reprimand, but other than that nothing else.

That was until a certain incident. Prior to this, Ayane had been jumping the school's bullies off campus, where the administration really had no authority over her, trying to avoid getting into serious fights on school grounds and only vandalizing their belongings a bit. But when she saw a group of 3 bullies corner another student in a secluded part of campus, she saw her younger self in the victim causing her to snap, charging at them and unleashing a hail of ice their way. The bullies were sent to the hospital for their injuries and Ayane to the principle's office, where she was subsequently expelled. Her expulsion was really the only time Ayane got any sort of attention from her parents, who transferred her to Astral High to get their trouble making daughter off of their hands.

Reading, rock skipping, swimming, nature walks, ice skating

Cold weather, snow, winter, quiet places, fiction books, nature sounds

Overly snoopy people, hot weather, summer, people who pick on the weak, egotistical people

Fighting Style:
Ayane plays the role of support and defender to her comrades in a group fight. She usually sticks by the rookies on her team so that they don't get overpowered in a fight so easily. In a fight where she's fighting alone, she tends to go all out in the opening stages of the fight in order to either end it quickly, intimidate/force the other side into giving up/retreating, or make an opening for her own retreat.

In terms of magic, she uses water spells to disorient or lay traps for her opponents, possibly opening them up for a follow up attack. She also makes use of ice based spells, mainly for harder hitting attacks, like forming and launching ice projectiles at her opponents, forming physical walls/barriers of ice, and constraining or trapping her opponents by either trapping them in a cage of ice or gathering water around their feet and freezing the water solid.​
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Name: Nuelie Nue

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Nuelie has shoulder-length light brown hair and dark brown eyes. A rather petite build and is often found wearing a bright green dinosaur hoodie, even if the weather is warm. Often can come across as an air-head and might not seem like she is paying attention but she actually does. When you come across Nuelie, you will always be greeted with a warm smile!

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 110 pounds

Clan: Light

Short Backstory: Despite her cheerful demeanour, Nuelie is the black sheep of her family. Despite the rise of magical humans, her family somehow were the only ones that were not blessed with this magical gift and for some reason thought of it to be of higher meaning, as if they were closer to their ancestors and that those that had developed the abilites were not pure. Due to that, their family members shunned and made degrading remarks to those that had the ability and each and every child from her family had been homeschooled. The moment Nuelie was discovered to have had abilities, she was downgraded from a family member to become the family maid, doing everyone's chores. As school was still a requirement, Nuelie's family really did not care where she ended up and tossed her towards the first magical school that they found.

Hobbies: Nuelie likes to bake (especially when no one in her family found out) and likes to crochet.

Likes: Her family, cats, smiling

Dislikes: Being reminded that her family doesn't like her, people that betray her

Fighting Style: Nuelie's fighting style is more towards evasion whenever she can. She carries around a mirror which makes people thing she might be narcissistic but it is actually so that she can point the light at the direction of someone else and amplify it, whether to cause a fire to burn due to the light or to blind a person. Due to her home schooling, she was taught that everything the eye sees are based on light and had been experimenting on it, which led her to being able to take away someone's sight so she is able to slip away or create an illusion of light so that her enemies would see the wrong thing and she can make her escape.
Name: Damien Shirogane

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Damien is a skinny and thin young man with shaggy shoulder-length blonde hair and piercing yellow eyes that convey his smugness and god complex. He has a modern style, often wearing black clothes that contrast his light magic. He has a small smirk on his lips most of the time, looking like he knows something that others don't.

(Don't mind the reference too much. An ai made it, lol)

Height: 5'9" (175 cm)

Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)

Clan: Light

Short Backstory: Damien comes from a very small family where he was spoiled rotten. He grew up to believe he was some sort of chosen one- a protagonist of his own planet. He believes that he is superior to others because of his abilities and uses them to manipulate and intimidate others. He attended a prestigious magic school before transferring to Astral High, where he hopes to rise to the top and gain even more power.

Hobbies: Damien enjoys playing chess and reading books on history and philosophy. He also likes to practice his light magic and experiment with new techniques.

Likes: Damien likes to be in control and to have others follow his orders. He enjoys proving his superiority over others and seeing them cower before him. He also likes to be praised for his abilities and intelligence.

Dislikes: Damien dislikes those who question his authority or abilities. He hates losing and will do anything to come out on top, even if it means cheating or using underhanded tactics. He also dislikes those who are weak or lack ambition.

Fighting Style: Damien's fighting style is a mix of offensive and defensive maneuvers. He uses his light magic to blind opponents and to create illusions to confuse them. He is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat and can hold his own in a fight. However, he prefers to stay back and let his minions do the fighting for him. He likes to think of himself as a commander on the battlefield.

Name: Alice Mordegard Glesgorv Schwarzchild

Age: 15

Gender: Trans Female


Alexander Moldoma Redesign She-They.png

Height: 5'3''

Weight: Variable

Clan: Water

Short Backstory: "Pain. Do you know how much pain I have felt since I came into being? Knowing every day that I will never have a true identity? That I am an everchanging mass of nothingness? Do you know what I put myself through every moment? My body is cursed, and no matter what I do, I will never be happy. Because my mind is cursed too." "Whenever I was born, the witchdoctor of our town told me that while my latent potential and magic was off the charts, my family's genetic curse had made it so that I would never be able to fit into human society, because I am monster. I am not human. I am an abberation against magic and god alike. I don't even know if I'm alive! It hurts. It always hurts. That's why I smile. That's why I act like everything is fine, because if I ever gave in, it would never be enough, I would consume, and consume, and consume until there's nothing left, I would exact that same pain I felt onto the world. But instead, I hide it, I hold back. Because that's the kind of person I wish I could be. Because I'm a monster that wants to be a woman."

Hobbies: Drawing, Singing, Playing with stuffed animals, Eating unealthy amounts of food and coming out no worse for wear.

Likes: Cute Animals, Cute Things, Dresses, Wearing Skirts, Sweet Food, Milk

Dislikes: Acknowledging the reality of her predicament, Talking about her past, how hard it is to sleep at night

Fighting Style: Unpredictable. Using her water based abilities, Alice possesses the ability to create, control, and turn any part of their body into mochi—specifically a thick, extremely viscous, naturally white-colored mochi paste—to manipulate as they please, including its viscosity, density, pressure, color, texture and stickiness. They are able to do this to create structures like walls and other large objects that are then hardened. It can be used as an effective blunt-force weapon and is capable of trapping people, even extremely strong ones, due to its sticky, stretchy nature. The latter is such that high-caliber gunfire is completely unable to pierce through it, and it is naturally immune to blunt-force trauma, Additionally, due to its malleability the mochi can be formed into a massive variety of shapes, such as fists, tendrils, and even spiked clubs. She is shown to be able to convert sugars, milks, starches, and suitable foodstuffs into more mochi. She is an incredibly creative fighter, and quickly adapts to her opponents.

  • he
/*right side (scroll)*/


(Jin by her friends)



she has sea-foam green hair, down to her back, curly. She often experiments with her hair, some days using a bun, other days, a braid. She gets really frustrated when her hair tangles up from the water, so she tends to just keep it down. She has dark blue eyes which stare into your soul seem to have stars in there. She has a slim body, and eyes that stare at you with such intensity that you may feel a shiver down your spine.


110 pounds

water clan

Short Backstory
growing up as the single child of Fei Ying Xiao, she was very much spoilt and always captured the spotlight. Thus made her glamour grow which actually makes her frustrating. She thinks it’s all about her and will try her best to keep calm. She and her mother had a close connection and she would never play with the other kids because she thought low of them. Jin then grew up as an extroverted girl. Life was normal for her, she was bullied a lot but she ignored it. She was outraged when her mother announced she was to go to a school and she hated it. Yet… she had to. She currently feels very against this school, thinking she’ll never find anyone to be friends with.

Jin is a quiet person, she usually likes to paint by the river or in nature or read by the windowsill. She’s highly skilled in embroidery but never sees the point of it. She also has a talent for swimming and loves to be in the water.

Jin tends to be on the pessimistic side, disliking many things. Her dislike list is longer than her likes. But she likes fishes, and often are amazed at them, she learns as much as she can about them. She also loves bubbles and pops them when she can. She likes attention a lot and will not hesitate to draw attention to her.

she dislikes people drawing attention away from her, people who scorn or insult her. She also hates the rain because she can’t swim when it’s raining and hates paper cuts, people and birds. She’s scared of birds.

Fighting Style
Jin is quite skilled at ambushes and can stalk a person really well. She does well at surprise attacks but not so much at straight forward combat. She usually lands on your back first before bringing you down with Swift punches and kicks. She also tries to trip you over sometimes. She does fast simple moves to stagger the enemy and will be weakened at direct punches so she tries to avoid them by running around or jumping up.
original theme: roald theme coded by weldherwings.
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Name: Nohea Ivory.

Age: 18.

Gender: Non-binary Transmasc. (He/They)

Appearance: Standing at a comfortably tall height, not much stands out on Nohea's exterior. Except for their lovingly curly, dark, and red hair. Delicate strokes of a vibrant, crimson color paired with the opaque feel of a dull black. A contrast compared to their spirited attitude. They don't look that much like a delinquent, do they?

Height: 6’3.

Weight: 179 lbs.

Clan: Dark.

(art by yours truly)

Short Backstory: Despite being a wild soul at heart, Nohea Ivory landed himself into a strict and polished family, a wealthy and secure bloodline full of snobs. In his eyes, at least. To his dismay, he'd find days full of taxing and weary duties not to mention the useless need to keep himself uptight, to follow the footsteps of people who were dead!

He was supposed to be a 'star child', someone to set the example for everyone else - But there was no way in hell he'd stand for his parent's beliefs, even less if they were imposed on him in the worst way possible.

Nohea doesn't like to admit or think their family was abusive - But they definitely were. Stern, physical 'lessons', how everything they did was wrong - It became a blur over the years, something that they try to get past. And while it's always been hard to move on from their folk's mistakes. It's not like they see them often anyway, while they've in no way forgiven them for their verbal and physical mistreatment, forgetting has become a lot easier with external help.

Hobbies: Writing, reading, traveling, volleyball, and cooking.

Likes: Beaches, ferrets, romance stories, tobacco, strawberries, visual novels, 90's music, the sound of waves, using headphones 24/7, and sunglasses.

Dislikes: Horror media, winter, coffee, minimalistic 'aesthetics', driving, door-to-door salesmen, the rich, sunburns, chemical smells, sleeping.

Fighting Style: Nohea's fighting style is recognizably defensive to the max. And this is consequence of his strangely unique power, one that comes from dark and obscene tomes underground, the fruit of beings the common dare not speak of - Blood manipulation. Through some shifty deals with a person (demon?) or two, Ivory gained the capability to manipulate his own blood at the push of a button. (Well, he doesn’t physically press a button, but you get what I mean.)

This dangerously useful tool comes with its consequences, as loosing more blood than you should every fight is already a major drawback. And as severe this power may seem, it comes with its benefits. Incredibly sharp weapons at the snap of a finger, blunt-force objects made entirely of oneself’s work. But, obviously, you can’t jump the risk of blood loss in fights.

Exactly why his reflexes always seem to be at the top of their game, there's barely a moment he can be 'caught lacking'. Despite being armed with his iconic baseball bat, he prefers to keep his guard up every move. Opting to tire whoever he's fighting with before moving on to make the strikes himself. And when it comes to offensive, Ivory's nothing but heavy with his moves, slow yet powerful hits to delicately calculated places. It fares well with his overly defensive way to fight.​
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Name: Priss Bunguster

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Priss Bunguster Jet Fist Dual Hearts Emperor Dragon Fusion Mode.png

Height: 6'00

Weight: 3 tons (With technomagic prosthetics) 96 Lbs (Without technomagic prosthetics)

Clan: Lightning

Short Backstory: Though she possessed a weak body when born and was likely not to live for more than a few weeks at best, the intervention of a genius Witchdoctor, a steel-mage, and the implanting of dual lightning colliderss into her body allowed Priss to grow to have a strong constitution and far surpass what fate had originally set out for her. Her body is Technomagical, and thus hardened against magic in ways a normal human body can't be.

Hobbies: Soccer, Car-Modding, reading 1990's manga, shouting out the name of her attacks like she's in an anime

Likes: Eggs over Rice, the indomitability of the human spirit, screaming during fights, the Japanese power metal band Jam Project.

Dislikes: People with no resolve, being told she's obnoxious, being forced to give up

Fighting Style: in laconics, flashy. Her control of Lightning and unique bodily modifications, allow her to generate protective forcefields that redirect energy arbitrarily by bending the space that energy exists within. Priss can generate high power electric beams, most notably her flagship attack the "GUSTER BEAM" which is a generation of cold fusion that is gravitated towards opponents at lightning speeds, generating explosions in nearby matter by superheating air and moisture, and her other flagship attack "HOMING LASER!" Which releases a beam-spam of lasers that home in on targets. Her hidden technique and secret weapon is the detatchable nature of her lower arms, which can launch-off via technomagical chains and ports for plasmatic release.
Name: Krystal Drowsy

Age: 15



Height: 5'9''

Weight 145Lbs

Clan: Earth

Short Backstory: Krystal comes from a long line of Transmutational magic users who specialize in transmuting their own bodies into minerals of a high hardness factor. Her attendance to astral high is by recommendation.

Hobbies: Collecting Funny Rocks, Taking care of Pet Rocks, Eating Rocks, Listening to Rock Music, stone-skipping across ponds

Likes: Puns, Beef stew, Clanging Stones together and claiming it's "rock music", Alice's underwear

Dislikes: Things that have a 'bad weight' to them, plastic, littering, people who don't clean up their workout equipment

Fighting Style: Defensive with some offensive capabilities. Krystal's usage of earth magic is remarkably similar to Alice Schwarzchild's usage of her mochi-body techniques. She lacks the ability to fully degenerate into a superfluous liquid or shapeshift like Schwarzchild, but possesses a similar form of transmutative abilities. Using her abilities she is capable of transforming her body into mineral composite, ranging across the entirety of the The Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Her preferred forms are mystic diamond (which eliminates the tendency to fragment from diamond due to the sheer collective mass of her body but maintains it's unscratchable nature.) and Steel (... Which is steel...) Her secret technique allows her to blend her body with surrounding minerals to massively increase her size, allowing her to take a massive mineral form. She requires direct contact with pre-existing minerals to manipulate them and isn't as talented as some other people due to her specializations.

Kier Koumoto

Keir.pngImgCreator.ai  (1).png

Age: 17

Gender: Male, but in an androgynous way

Appearance: Kier is your average teenage boy, with shaggy, midnight hair and dark eyes that have a hint of purple. Though too proud to admit it, he’s on the shorter side, with very little muscle mass. Around the corridors of Astral High, he’s often seen wearing sleek clothes and following the dress code, reminiscent of his previous, more prestigious school. There is a small mole underneath his right eye, of which he will deny its existence and work to cover up. His face seems to be forever twisted into a frown and a scowl.

Height: 5’4"

Weight: 130 lbs.

Clan: Darkness

ImgCreator.ai  (2).png
Short Backstory:​

Kier is the type of kid you would not expect at a place such as Astral High, with both his upright demeanor and tendency to be obstinate. Most assume him to be a model student, through both grades and appearances. His family has money, his grades are superior, and his list of extracurriculars is impressive.

All of this would be the case if Kier hadn't made the most egregious mistake: wrong place, wrong time, wrong people.

Mixing with an unsavory group of friends is one thing, but having said friends pin the blame of every single high school prank on you, even the one where someone ends up critically injured, makes for a swift expelling and the first bus to the #1 school for magical delinquents.

Despite his reputation of being a bully at his previous school, he barely partook in their cruel games, instead preferring to watch from the sidelines. That does not make him justified in any way, since watching and not taking action is just as bad as doing the deed itself.

Despite his shortcomings (this is, in fact, a pun on his height), he excels in all academics at his new school as well. Kier is the student that reminds the teacher of the homework that was due, to the annoyance of his peers. He thinks he does not need friends, as all they'd do is disappoint his expectations, but that couldn't be further from the case. Prickly exterior aside, he is welcoming to hearing others' interests and likes to geek out about video games and books.

Maybe he has some trust issues, and maybe he’s a little distant, but one thing’s for certain: he will climb to the top of the food chain out of pure spite alone.

Hobbies: He puts effort into his studies, and he often likes to do things that occupy his mind, like reading. He often enjoys lazing around campus with a book, manipulating the shadows to turn the pages for him.

Likes: Video games and TV shows, your formula for an everyday teenager. He also likes to cook (poorly).

Dislikes: Messiness/things that are dirty. Sudden loudness and bad textures.

Fighting Style:

Shadow manipulation: Where there is shadow, there is strength. Kier manipulates shadows into a corporeal form that can interact with the environment, but only as far as the shadow is able to be cast. Both complete darkness and complete light would be a strong counter to this ability.

His preferred fighting style is to stay at a cautious distance and let tendrils of shadow do the heavy lifting. Quite literally, as his shadows can lift a person off the ground and throw them around like a ragdoll. This force of brute strength makes it difficult to get close to him, and that's the way he'd like to keep it.

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Riku Blade

Age: 16

Female, but has a more masculine appearance





Short Backstory:
A troublemaker from the slums of a nearby city. Riku grew up being raised by a bunch of wanted criminals, and after her adoptive family was captured, she was placed in an orphanage. In the orphanage, she got into alot of fights, and in one of them, her caretakers learned she had the ability to create swords out of thin air. Because of her dangerous ability and her unpredictable actions, she was sent to Astral High in a chance to change her for the better.

Skipping Class, Being in charge, Fighting, Asserting Dominance, being tough.

Working out, Videogames, cute boys (and girls), Fighting, being the boss.

Anyone who dares to make her angry. She is pretty infamous for having a grudge against others for a long time.

Fighting Style:
Riku possesses the ability to create swords from nothing, and prefers to fight up close and personal. When fighting ranged opponents, Riku dashes around to confuse the enemy, while finding a path to close the distance. Riku can also cause swords to burst from the ground around her to impale opponents at close range.
Riku can also alter the size and shape of her swords, to be able to strike at just about anything that can be hit by one.​
Twelves Reign
Age: 17

Gender: Female

Tall and lanky, Twelves goes out of her way to dress in the exact fashion she hates, dyeing her hair and piercing her ears in an effort to seemingly spite herself. She's also often in dark formalwear, either suits or dresses

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 168 lbs

Clan: Light

Short Backstory: Twelves is a rather unusual young lady who spent the last six years as the Black Sheep of the mighty Reign family: owners of the Red Reign Clothing Empire. Despite coming from money, Twelves is convinced she's cursed. After the mysterious death of her mother, her family began excluding her from everything. Her stake in the company was revoked, inheritance dwindled to next to nothing, and she was pretty much excommunicated from family events entirely. The exact reasoning for this was never understood publicly, but it definitely had an effect on the young woman.

Twelves soon began acting odd, at first simply dying her hair black and always wearing dark attire which wasn't too out of the norm for a young woman in distress. But then she began acting out, vandalism and inciting violence from known delinquents. She would put herself in situations where she'd get caught or attacked constantly, leading to a worryingly consistent string of self-destructive behavior that had counselors scratching their head. Even more so because despite in her own words stating she was 'just getting freaky', she never once seemed happy with her shift in lifestyle.

Eventually it was gleamed that these actions were because of a non-specific HIM making her do them, but nobody's been able to find out who HE is or why Twelves is so insistent on following HIS commands. Some have even suggested an imaginary friend being formed to cope with her situation, but it didn't change the fact that Twelves' behavior just kept getting worst for herself and everyone around her.

Eventually, one of her stunts had her expelled, and her family were all too happy to dump her in Astral High.

Hobbies: Shooting branches off of dead trees, Studying, Singing when she's alone, Talking down to herself in the Mirror, Forcing herself to sit through Disturbing Foreign Films so she can bring them up randomly, Bird Watching

Likes: Opera Music, Westerns, Farmers, Cattle Grazing, Birds

Dislikes: Dark Colors, Gore, Overt Sexual Themes, Piercings, Drawing Attention to Herself, Her Brother, Herself

Fighting Style: Oddly enough, Twelves acts more like a gunslinger in combat than anything else. As she can fire beams of pure light magic from her fingertips, she's taken to forming finger guns with her hands and just blasting at opponents until she's safe or they're defeated. Though on the lankier side, her limberness makes her more evasive than her often unsteady gait would imply. Beyond that, there's always the problem of HIM. For some reason, Twelves will act on orders from HIM in the middle of combat whether they help her or not, making her more unpredictable than most would assume.

Baxter Baker
Nicknames: BB, Double-B, B-Dubs

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Bax is a giant slab of muscle plain and simple, often wearing sporting gear or borrowed uniforms from his family's eatery: Pastel de Nata


Weight: 210

Clan: Earth

Short Backstory: While at first glance BB may not seem like the type to get lumped in with hardcore delinquents, his track record speaks for itself. For years he's had a habit of pushing limits in every way possible, good and bad. First it was just getting used to his earth magic and keeping his whole neighborhood up with the sounds of earthquakes at night, then there was the time he repeatedly broke into school overnight to show the lunch personnel 'how Real food is made'. This string of behavior would culminate in the worst kind of thrill-seeking becoming B-Dubs' daily routine.

Besides that, Baxter's overbearing as hell, knowing just as little about personal boundaries as he does about any other kind of restraint, making him essentially kryptonite to Introverts everywhere. Worst of all, he'll just take random ideas other people have and run with them to the extreme. Like the time a classmate at his last school told him it wasn't possible to sled in a school locker. The next hour consisted of Baxter immediately hospitalizing himself after snow-sledding his locker off the gym roof and directly into the principal's car.

Suffice it to say, the staff didn't want him back after he was patched up.

Hobbies: Exercise, Training, Sports, Cooking, Thrill-Seeking

Likes: Endangering Himself, Stretching Rules to their breaking point, Ham and Turkey with lettuce and Colby Jack, Making statues of himself, Breaking statues of himself to Assert Dominance.

Dislikes: Rule books, Getting hit in the head with Rule books, Improperly Stored cooking Ingredients, Microwaved foods (All of them),Dirty Kitchens,

Fighting Style: Baxter's a Devastating All-Rounder to go up against, as he can manipulate the very earth around him with forceful motions of his body. His physical aptitude makes this particular problematic, as he can raise a solid wall of rock up for defense and shatter it into a rain of spikes in quick succession. His bulky form does hamper him somewhat, leaving him open to speedier opponents who can manage to interrupt his movements. Restricting him physically with grapples or alteration of the environment will put a hold on his assault as well, though the most certain method of depowering him is simply putting him in an environment with less earth to work with. This will force him to rely more on his own physical aptitude which, though still dangerous in its own right, is far easier to contend with than a Baxter with massive mounds of stone to work with.​
Name: Desmond Turner

Age: 17

Gender: Male

IMG_7792.jpegHeight: 5’8

Weight: 142lbs

Clan: Wind

Short Backstory: Born in a long line of wind mages, Desmond always felt the need to prove himself to his family. Because of this he tries his hardest to push himself, leading him to have somewhat of an abrasive personality and unwillingness to cooperate with others. Because of this he gets into a lot of fights, which led him to the Astral High Boarding School. His family is very prideful when it comes to wind magic. Saying things such as: “We are the strongest wind mages in our town, maybe even in this city.” Of course, this is just marketing for their dojo. He is going to inherit the dojo in the near future, just as long as he can make it to graduation

Hobbies: Training, Listening to Music, Reading

Likes: Manga, Parfaits, His dog Bluster

Dislikes: Interruptions, Falling Behind, Spiders

Fighting Style: Desmond’s fighting style is all about weaving through his opponents attacks and striking hard with wind magic. If you’re looking for someone to pierce through someone’s offense. He can also shoot wind bullets with his fist and kick up a small tornado to trip up opponents. He’s a tricky fighter to deal with, but as long as you can see through HIS weak spots, victory is within reach.
Name: Ruby (Nickname Sparks or Rainbow on account of her hair)

Age: 17

Gender: Female


Ruby is a relatively tall person, with a very athletic toned build. Don't let the cute face and smile fool you. Under that leather jacket is a lean mean fighting machine packed with muscle. Has a lightning bolt tattooed on her back.


Height: 6,3

Weight 182 lbs

Clan: Lightning

Short Backstory: Ruby grew up in a wealthy family of famous Rock and Roll stars her parents being world famous, her brother and sister pretty well known as well. She was following in their footsteps, seemingly having a natural talent for Drumming and the Electric Guitar. Unfortunately she had somewhat of a wild rebellious side, neglecting studies for training, rocking out or anything else that didn't involve schoolwork. By no means is she stupid, far from it in fact but her ways got her sent to Astral High Boarding. School.

Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, training her Lightning abilities, drawing, chess, Biology, playing instruments

Likes: Working out/boxing/weight lifting, chilling out, dying her hair, jamming out, singing

Dislikes: Bullies, cocky/arrogant people, people who make fun of her hair. Like seriously don't, you my get zapped.

Fighting Style: Ruby has a complex and versatile fighting style, being offensive and defensive. She'll attack from a distance but has no problem getting up close and personal and pummelling someone with her fists if needs be. Due to the constant experimental training she does Ruby has a very fine control over her Lightning powers allowing her to have a wide variety of tactics. She tends to study her rivals before hand, coming up with a strategy before she fights.

Name: Leonardo Del Ponte

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Leonardo's appearance is always prim and proper. He keeps his hair styled in a mohawk with shaved sides. The new growth is always either shaved off completely or trimmed with a design.

Height: 5'4

Weight: 174

Clan: Earth Clan

Short Backstory: Leonardo was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth. His father did not come from money so he was taught to not be a snooty brat and not to judge based on wealth, but based on merit and actions. Growing up Leonardo showed exceptional talent in his ability and in combat. He earned respect but those who earned his ire were met with exceptional brutality, which is what landed him in a school for delinquents.

Hobbies: Reading, painting, training, rules, cooking,

Likes: A good movie, sweets, animals

Dislikes: Spoiled brats, selfish people, loud music

Fighting Style: Leonardo is a tricky fighter that relies on indirect attacks that confuse his opponents. Leonardo has fine control over earth and has been specializing in manipulating crystals. He usually keeps his distances to release crystal dust into the air, so fine it can barely be seen except by decerning eyes. If his opponent is able to discern his trickery then he reveals his brutal nature and attacks them relentlessly till they bow out. When in close range he usually has his knuckles and feet attached to crystals to amplify his attacks.

Name: Celeste Tsisana

Age: 15

Gender: Unlabeled [any pronouns]


(Picrew link)

Height: 5'2

Weight: ~115lbs

Clan: Wind Clan

Short Backstory: Logically, Celeste should probably have been a dark magic user. Their bloodline has carried dark magic for generations, and every child in their family before them has ended up presenting with powerful dark magic before the age of eight. It came as quite a surprise to them and their family when Celeste ended up possessing control over the winds instead.

No one knew quite why they had turned out this way. From the day they gained the blessing of the winds, their family attempted to train it out of them, hoping that they'd end up a dark mage like her predecessors. Even so, no matter how hard they tried, Celeste simply had no talent for dark magic.

Celeste's family eventually gave up entirely, sending them to Astral High to get them off of their hands, and promptly began to pretend they'd never existed.

Despite their harsh upbringing, Celeste isn't that bothered by it. They've developed quite the carefree nature, and they have little regard for what others think of them. With their dangerously sharp wit and penchant for mischief, they'll fit right in at Astral High and they know that well.

Hobbies: Celeste has an inclination for the arts - particularly theatre and music. They play the violin and the French horn, and have displayed interest in adding the drums to the list. They also enjoy sketching in their free time, though they often come up with a new idea before completing the previous one.

Likes: Companionship, their magic, music

Dislikes: Being idle, complete silence

Fighting Style: Often varies depending on the situation. In a typical fight, they prefer to stay at a range. Using their control over wind, they attempt to disrupt the opponent as much as possible - tripping them, disarming them, obscuring the battlefield, etc. When this proves ineffective, they instead begin condensing the wind itself into highly concentrated blasts, capable of doing actual damage. When desperate, they can manipulate the winds enough to allow them to levitate and maneuver in the air, but they lose most of their offensive and disruptive capabilities due to the concentration it takes to do so.
Ramira Lamina




Typically has a mask that he wears for anonymous attacks on strong mages, plus he sees the mask as an asset during combat cause it keeps his emotions hidden.

5'8 Ft

156 lbs


Short Backstory:
Ramira comes from a long line of Dark Mages, who typically worked as bounty hunters and assassins, with most members of their family either ending up as Bounty Hunter/Law Enforcement Personal/ Military Personal or an Assassin for a criminal group. Though Ramiras mother was actually a Bounty Hunter while their dad was part of a Military Special Operations Squad, which led to Ramira being mostly left alone with a babysitter, and their parents rarely being home. While the few occasions Ramiras parents were home, they got taught fighting techniques and were trained in their magic abilities. Ramira used what he was taught to get into constant fights with other people, some were considered duels while others were random attacks done on people who either made a name for themselves as being good in a fight or just pure boredom. He was eventually recommended by his babysitter, to be placed in Astral High after he accidently injured someone in a duel, which his parents hastily agreed to.

Fighting/ Dueling, Reading, Soccer, Paintball, Stealth, Listening To Music, Magic Practice.

History, Scaring People, The Night, Tea, Wars/Battles, Winning, Sweets, Challenges.

Sore losers (Who are also bad sports), Dogs (Bad Experience), Daytime. Boredom, Cowards.

Fighting Style:
Typically Ramira prefers to use their darkness and shadow magic to fight tactically, and elusively, baiting their opponents into falling for traps or abusing whatever weakness they can find in their opponent, occasionally even going on the defensive in order to analyze their opponents fighting style before then adapting to it.
Though when angered, too excited or fighting multiple opponents, they will be very aggressive targeting the weakest link first if they are dealing with multiple adversaries, before working their way up to the strongest foe. They won't let up on their attacks and will power through attacks with an indomitable fighting spirit, using their speed while placing a lot of power into their attacks while trying to fight their opponent up close and personal, using all their energy in order to try to end the fight as quickly as possible. (Though once they run out of energy they will become gradually weaker, and either switch to defending or give up.)

Theme Song:
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Name: Jack Point

Age: 17

Gender: Cis Male

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 155 pounds

Clan: Fire

Short Backstory: Up until him starting at Astral High, Jack's life has been pretty normal so far.

Well, aside from being kicked out of his old school for setting of fireworks in the bathroom ( Though in his defense, he didn't really think that the school would catch on fire that easily from such a small rocket so you can't really put the entire blame on him).

Hobbies: Singing, being provocative.

Likes: Being the center of attention, spicy food, cats

Dislikes: Dogs, anything sweet.

Fighting Style: None. Jack is so bad at the offensive part of fire magic that he'd probably just set himself on fire if he were to try it.

What Jack lacks in offensive magic, he more than makes up for with his supportive magic.

Jack specializes in a form of magic that allows him to temporarily enhance the abilities of other people by literally singing their praises.

The magic can also work in reverse, so by lampooning someone via song he can temporarily diminish their abilities instead.

This magic, while powerful, has a few drawbacks.

For starters, it's not exactly a subtle magic. People are going to notice if you burst into song.

Secondly, he can only affect one attrubite and one target at a time.

Thirdly, it requires him to come up with a verse or two that's relevant to the situation. And he has to be able to actually sing it before the magic works.
Name: Kaisei Yuya​

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Male

Appearance: Kaisei dresses himself in the morning with a simple uniform for school, donning a white t-shirt, black tie, trousers and boots. His short brown hair flails atop his head in the windy mornings, his deep grey eyes staring deep into the soul of many who look back. Overall, he is quite simple in his appearance, but don't let that fool you into underestimating him.

Height: Five foot ten inches

Weight: One hundered and fifty two pounds

Clan: Wind

Short Backstory: Kaisei was born into a family of wind users, people who could manipulate the very breeze that you'd feel on a cool summers day, the tornado's that run rampant around the world with their destructive force and even the particals within the wind, should you become powerful enough to do so. From a young age, the male has had the inability to speak, making it hard on his daily life to communicate with others well. Throughout all of his life so far, he has used a pen and notepad to express his feelings and talk to others, to which he dislikes because of all the animosity it has brung him over the short span he has lived. He used to be a victim of constant bullying back in his younger days, the 'butt of the joke' so to speak as his fellow classmates riduculed him for his disabilty. This only drove the boy to become stronger, so strong that he wouldn't have to be the victim anymore. He began to utilize wind magic in an unfamiliar way, using the force of the wind around his limbs to propell himself forward or cause more of an impact with punches, to defend himself with a wind-like barrier, not so much using it for a long distance attack.

Once he had become strong enough, people had stopped bullying him out of the fear of his unique style of manipulation. This, however, did not put a dent in his goals, he would strive to become stronger still. This time, to push himself to the limits at a new school and gain greater understanding of his own abilities. Astrall high was the perfect place, there was plenty of chances to test himself with all of the strong fighters present in the school.

Likes: Kaisei likes peaceful enviroments as he gets migranes in loud/crowded places. He wants to make friends, be apart of a group and experience the school life together with them. He has a big sweet tooth, if you give him chocolate he'll be your best friend forever. He loves to spar, mainly in close combat situations where it's intensive and quick paced. Naturally with the love for sparring, comes the love for martial arts and sports, always wanting to be out and about in the field doing something.

Dislikes: Kaisei loathes bullies more than anything else, he will always stand up for a victim of bullying if he is present to witness it happening, no matter how many the group. Bugs are a weakness for him, as they are just about the scariest thing he can think of, especially spiders. No matter what you do, you couldn't get him to kill one, because he would be too terrified to do it himself. One thing that he doesn't particularly hate, but doesn't necessarily like either is fruit. Some days he can eat a lot, others he can't stand them. Don't know why, just how it is.

Fighting Style: Yuya's combative style mostly revolves around close combat fighting, using his fists or legs to deal heavy blows whilst the usage of his wind magic relies solely on supporting these movements.
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