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Futuristic Magic Space Pirates? Magic Space Pirates! | Original Long-Term Partner Search


the Yee to your Haw
"Howdy, pardner! Strap on your boots, pick up your spellbooks and load your plasma rifles ‘cause we’re goin’ treasure-huntin’!

Now, it doesn’t take a genius to hop into some junky old spacecraft that hasn’t seen the light of travel in fifty years and floor it to the nearest nebula for a crazy weekend at the mall, but there ain’t no malls where we’re headin’, and if there were, I reckon the public wouldn’t want us near them, anyhow.

But we’re settin’ our course way further than that, son! Out there, where the clairvoyants can’t peek, where the smartest darn transmitter can’t catch a sound – there’s the gold streak worth our while! And if we have to shoot and slash and bewitch our way through every guard post on our way, well, that’s all part of the job. Now, we ain’t some axe-crazed assassins – eh, most of us ain’t – and neither are we plain ruthless bastards preyin’ on the lives of the innocent. Folks started callin’ us pirates down at the saloons after we’ve ransacked our first cruise spaceship, but robbin’ filthy rich thieves ain’t the same as pocketing change off of street workers, so none of the honest people were too heartbroken. Now, that’s a good word – “pirates”. No wonder it stuck with the Cap’n.

There are no uniforms, no ranks, none of that army-like discipline – the Cap’n hates that shit. We’re a proper tight crew, callin’ each other by names, stickin’ up for each other in tight spots… Gettin’ on each other’s nerves over living quarter arrangements and some such, of course, but space travel’s lengthy business so it can’t all be sugar and sunshine and pleasantries. We’re all hella qualified, though – “hella”, there’s another good word, they don’t teach you that on the outernet – bloody arsonists and mutants and magi college dropouts, but all talented beyond measure in what we do, down to the last man!

Now, we’re taking off in ten, so I better be goin’. There’s one last thing I gotta tell you though. From the holo-screens and info-boards to news broadcasts and banner ads, from paperback book copies to stellar museums and sky projectors, everyone’s repeatin’ the same old axiom: there’s none but us in the world. Humans, mutants, cyborgs, robots – all us, a form of us, an extension of us. Don’t let them fool ya. The Cap’n sure doesn’t.

Speakin’ of, the Cap’n will have my neck if I show up late. You comin’ or what?"


Hi, hello, how’s that for a prompt? I’m Ray, welcome to my search thread! Here’s some stuff about me and my concept that you’ve just read. It’s not particularly fleshed out right now because I want to brainstorm the details, but the groundwork is there. Well, anyhow.
  • I’m twenty-two years old.
  • I write long posts and like detailed responses, so if you tend to struggle with length when it comes to writing, we probably won’t get along.
  • I also consider myself literate and would like my partner to be so as well.
  • Looking for a friend as much as an RP partner! I work full-time and probably won’t be able to post more than once or twice a week, but I tend to be online really often to chat.
  • Now, my idea is for a small bunch of characters – three-four from each of us – as a crew on a spaceship in a futuristic world where technology and magic coexist, but, notably, aliens are absent. A ship needs – what, a captain, a first mate, a pilot, a gunperson, a cook, a musician…? – etcetera, etcetera, I find myself coming up with concepts here pretty easily, and hope you do too. The only rule is that they have to be exciting, unique, and maybe a little bit deranged all in different ways to spice it up.
  • I’m a sucker for group dynamics and character-driven stories, I’d love to plan out how the characters interact with one another, put them in situations that challenge their understanding of each other and themselves, have their relationships evolve and deepen through the experiences that they share… If you’re like me and know what the hell I’m talking about, welcome the fuck aboard.
  • I usually RP on here and chat on Discord but that’s all negotiable.
  • GMT+2 but working night shifts every other week so I don’t really have a schedule.
  • Uh, what am I forgetting? Oh, I’m also the queerest fella to grace this gay earth, and my characters tend to be so too. If that bothers you, do not contact me.
I think that about covers it! Shoot me a message if you’re interested, maybe tell me a bit about yourself, your thoughts on the prompt, what your preferences/no-no’s are, and I dunno what else. Oh, attach a meme you like ‘cause I’m starting a new collection. Cheers!

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