1. Brook

    KISMET | Dystopian Future | Rebellion [STILL OPEN]

    KISMETWelcome to Acta. It is your home, it has always been your home no matter how much you don't want it to be. The Section Leaders... they control everything-- they abuse everything. They are murderers dressed as kings and queens, watching us starve from their balconies. Watching us suffer...
  2. Brook

    Futuristic KISMET [LORE]

    KISMETWelcome to Acta. It is your home, it has always been your home no matter how much you don't want it to be. The Section Leaders... they control everything-- they abuse everything. They are murderers dressed as kings and queens, watching us starve from their balconies. Watching us suffer...
  3. Brook

    KISMET | Dystopian Future | Rebellion

    VOLUME 1, CHAPTER 1Our story has yet to begin. coding by cychotic [ You don't need to use the code if it too confusing but for every post, I need the character's name and location.] [/code][/spoiler]
  4. Senor_Fluffy

    Fantasy Come explore a world of words with me

    Hello there, I am Senor Fluffy. I am looking for a partner who enjoys weaving words and exploring different concepts. I would like 2+ paragraphs per post, speak up if you can't make this happen. I would appreciate a daily post or every other day, if longer just a bit of communication would be...
  5. Vicky

    Multiple Settings Vicky wants YOU to join up!

    G'day/mornin'/evenin'/night, ladies and gentlemen. * Name's Vicky. * I'm looking for a partner to embark on a slew of life-threatening and mind-boggling adventures. * Am 19 and still growing. * I live out my days among pines and birches of Finland -- drinking grog and dreaming about braving...
  6. Casey

    Multiple Settings I Want You! [Partners wanted! ALWAYS OPEN! MCU/Marvel, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, more]

    Hi all! I don't want to crowd this post with text, but I'm looking for long-term roleplayers to join me in developing stories with me! (More cliche than expected. Sorry.) Find the TLDR; at the bottom. r u l e s: As stated, I'm advanced-literate, so I do expect a level of coherent response and...
  7. LeftHandedBass

    Futuristic Long-Term Sci-fi RP

    I am looking for a Long-Term, long paragraph Sci-fi RP with someone. I like to RP as more of a DM than a character, and so I would be playing as the environment and the side characters, whereas you would be the main character, sort of like you're playing a video game. Please message me if you're...
  8. Mel28

    The Selection

    Rules: 1. Basic understanding of English is a must. 2. No one liners-- there is a two paragraph minimum per post. 3. Please don't ghost this RP. Only express interest and make a CS if you can be active! 4. Be polite and respectful to me, my Co-gm (Beauty_Belle) and the other rpers. 5. This is...
  9. OnyxReaper

    Iron Battalion [Open]

    Iron Battalion Our story simply begins in an international academy for students aiming to learn and to pilot the 'Knights' which are no more than mecha built of the original designs of the British, harnessing Divinity to power and mobilize them. It's been a century since the occurrence of...
  10. Soma Schicksal

    Lost Secrets of Nano 2.4: IC

    It was a few hours before the crash, a few hours before the distant would come closer together to survive and solve the mystery of how their ship crashed, but in the few hours before the crash happened to the U.S.S. Aurora Groh was meeting up with his personal AI Delta, this would be the second...
  11. TheHappyPikachu

    As Yet To Be Titled [DRAFT]- SEEKING help, coders, Co-Gm & more!! (Darling in the FRANXX / Maximum Ride Inspired Rp)

    Experiments. That's all we ever were, that's all we'd ever be To them…. So why did it still hurt so much, when they cast us aside? When they called us useless or stupid time and time again, They never loved us, they never saw us as human, not even from the second we were created Born just the...
  12. LeBirb

    Fandom You Need Not to Ask for Redemption

    ...AND SO WE WILL RING A BELL OF CONDOLENCE, AND SAY GOODBYE TO THE OLD WORLD. :// . Planet. Earth ... We may have finally arrived at the coveted 'Golden Age' of our species, however the cost of this achievement has become a global taboo. At present, much of the world is inhabitable. Lakes...
  13. All I want

    Fandom Into the Breach based

    Hi all. I'm looking for a writing partner for a rp based on Into the Breach by Subset Games. I've been sating an interest in classic sci-fi lately, moving through Asimov's Foundation series one at a time, so my current narrative style will probably be based on that together with influences from...
  14. Cartoonicat

    Futuristic Into A New World

    1x1 between @Cartoonicat and @Coleiosis School Library Backpack Contents Phone Phone charger Notebook & pen Water bottle Umbrella Snack (1) Laptop Wallet Quiet. Cold. Save for the rain pitter-pattering on the other side of the window, the library was chillingly silent. Hanzo had studied...
  15. Axeykins

    Futuristic Settings/ lore

    (To be filled in soon!) Thought we had a thread like this but forgot that was one from the old one that got lost in the abyss from an update lol
  16. vRH

    Futuristic 「 R E A P E R 」

    「 R E A P E R 」 In the year [DATA REDACTED], a private corporation named [DATA REDACTED] was founded. While its name wasn't known by many, it had a very good reputation in the shadows of society. The corporation is known for giving top notch services and high-grade products to its clients, that...
  17. Soma Schicksal

    Lost Secrets of Nano 2.4

    Deep in the future humanity has reached the stars and now we have several Earth United research stations all over the galaxy. After the station is mysteriously destroyed a few survivors find themselves Trapped on a new planet the group is forced to survive together. They will work together after...
  18. Shannon Trevor

    Futuristic The Pathfinders

    Colonel John Lachlan is a Pathfinder. Part explorer and part soldier, Lachlan is one of the Coalition Navy's elite, sent to explore and map the furthest reaches of the galaxy. With a small and loyal team, the crew of the Relentless travel the new frontier in the name of humanity. Before the...
  19. Purity

    Multiple Settings ⛤Hiya! (In a real squeaky voice)⛤ [Lit - Adv. Lit]

    [class name=container] border-radius: 0px; position: relative; text-align: left; z-index: 0; background:url('https://i.imgur.com/yuJqWV4.png'); background-size:1182px 675px; font-family:Courier New; cursor:pointer; width: 1182px; height: 675px; padding: 0px; overflow: hidden; [/class][class...
  20. Sephus

    Futuristic Starbound: A Timeless Voyage

    Pvt. Walter Pierce gripped his safety harnesses as the transport groaned under the stratospheric pressures. A single breach in the hull would instantly crush the three dozen bright-eyed recruits. How was everyone so care free? His thick brows knit together as his azure eyes flickered from...