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Welcome to Mellora’s Advanced, Gifted and Extraordinary Academy, otherwise known as MAGE Academy.


MAGE Academy is a private college for the crème de la crème. All students from all backgrounds are welcome but they must prove themselves to be worthy of the incredible programs available, from STEM to the arts to technical trades and everything in-between.

Once through the extremely lengthy interviewing process, accepted students are given a full-ride and access to resources beyond their wildest dreams.

There is also a lottery, where one normal and average student out of hundreds of thousands of applicants is granted a scholarship to the academy. However, the identity of the scholarship student is kept secret and stored very securely in the administrative building.

In addition, there is another secret unknown to most students at MAGE: namely, the Mage program for all manner of witch, wizard, and supernatural creature. Non-magikal students believe Mages-in-training to be part of the Chosen Elite: the very best from each program, who have separate classes and dormitories from the rest of the academy. If the scholarship student shows an aptitude for the magikal arts they may also be accepted into the Mage program.

•Create a student profile and choose a program to be a part of, detailed below. All characters must be 18 or older as this is a College AU.

•Make friends, enemies, or magikal companions around the academy, or venture into the nearby village to meet outsiders.

•Practice your craft at any of the workshops around campus, or journey into the thick forest surrounding the academy for survival training.

Explore the fantastic world of Kaldera and MAGE Academy, and the secrets that lie therein.


Let me know if you have any questions! I’m very open to change so if you have ideas, I would love to hear them. Feel free to create your own lore!

Most humanoid races are acceptable. If you want to play it and there’s a good in-universe way for them to hide their “otherness” around mortals then you should be good! Of course, case-by-case if needed.

All RPN Rules apply. Be nice. Reply with at least 2-3 sentences each time.

Limit to 2 or 3 student profiles please.


Student Profile - write a sentence or more for everything below “Program” unless otherwise specified please!







List 3-5 general personality traits:

What makes you worthy of MAGE Academy?:

What is your dream?:

What is your biggest fear?:

Anything else you’d like to share?:

*Please provide a photo for your student ID below.
Post student profiles in the linked Characters thread for MAGE Academy

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Current Students:
Hiroto Sakemura (Mage - Exorcism and Witchcraft) [honeysweetest.co]
Alis Shaw (Mage - Conjuration and Enchantment) [ashtonthezora]
Mirabelle Wonderland (Mage - Healing) [AnimeQueenVA]
Liliana Clarke (Mage - Illusion and Elemental Magiks) [stcrlight]
Melody Mockingbird (Mage - Flora and Fauna Magiks) [Daylight Fantasy]
Minji Del Lune (Mage - Elemental Magiks) [sorengg]
Kailey Honoriston (Mage - Elemental Magiks) [riwole_]
Blessing Honoriston (Mage - Witchcraft) [riwole_]
Evan Martelos (Mage - Elemental Magiks) [Huntertabbysandshark3]
Noelle Crum (Mage - Elemental Magiks) [PepaCoy]
Kiva Fitzgerald (Cyber Security // Mage - Elemental Magiks) [LumaThePhoenix]
Maxwell Meritosa (Mage - Elemental Magiks) [ashtonthezora]
Hexyl Griffiths (Aesthetics // Mage - Elemental Magiks) [honeysweetest.co]
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Alis walked up to a flier posted outside the classroom door. It hadn't been there a moment ago, but in the magikal section of the academy things like that happened all the time.

Come one, come all!
MAGE Academy's Magikal Circus club presents A NIGHT OF WONDER!

Performance is in 7 days at 8pm in the Western Field.

Student ID required for entrance.

From experience, Alis knew the poster would update the day count as the night of the circus drew nearer.

Maybe I'll go check it out... she mused, before walking into the first class on her schedule: Enchanting 201. As a second year, she was in the 200 level classes for most magikal basics. She took a seat in the front middle of the room, just far enough to not draw attention but away from the troublemakers in the back.
Hiroto tucks his hair behind his ear, he holds his folded cardigan around his left arm and his schedule in his right hand as he walks around the campus hallway. He was very much lost but that didn't deter him finding his first class. When he finished walking down the second year hallway, he found a hidden stone hallway with a sign written, “Witchcraft classes down here.” Hiroto looks back at his schedule to make sure that this was one of his classes. Hiroto sighs and shakes his head. This is my second class today, I'll refind it later. He looks back the hallway, hoping to look for anywone who could lead him to his next destination but there was little to no one there. Sighing, he walked back down the hallway.

It took Hiroto quite a bit of time untill he reached room 200 for Tarot Reading. Just before entering the room, he reads a sign on the neighboring classroom. Magikal Circus Club, huh? Sounds interesting. I'll check it out if I have time. He walks into room 200. The room was not as crowded and almost everyone was wearing black or dark colored clothing. The brick room was covered with stars markings and each desk had a deck of Tarot Cards. Alright..., let's get to work.
Minji hummed as she looked down at her schedule, her eyes already lighting up as she saw the words 'lunchtime'.

Room 216...now where do I find that?
She shrugged after a moment of thought, surely she would find it eventually after walking around, right? With The hallways were empty, and there was no hope for anyone to guide her to the "Magick Conjuration" class; so wandering around would have to do.

After many detours and an unfortunate journey into the 'Taming' class, Minji climbed a pair of stairs, letting out a sigh of relief as she saw classrooms marked in the 200s. Her eyes caught onto a poster as she quickened her pace to get to class. A night of wonder, eh? Might have to check that out later...
Melody galloped down the hallway holding a glass sphere in her hands, her horse half was well hidden from view. She dashed around the corner but tripped due to the sharp turn she just took. Her glass sphere escaped her hands when she fell, revealing her horse half. "Ah, my legs!"

She slowly got up to retrieve her sphere, "And my glass sphere got knocked away, bummer."

Melody looked around the hallway and saw that she was next to room 220. This isn't my classroom... She looked around the hallway before trotting down the hallway. Maybe I could find my class here?
Minji ruffled through her bag looking for a sweet to pop right before she went to the classroom, but paused halfway as she heard a loud thud. Hm? Her attention shifted to a brown haired teenager.

"Cute..." she remarked, her lips twitching with amusement.

She snapped out of her train of thought as the girl walked toward her direction, raising an eyebrow, did she perhaps find an classmate?
Melody holds her crystal sphere in front of her as she walked down the hallway. She took out a handkerchief from her pocket and whips some of the dirty spots of her sphere before gently folding it into her pocket.

She spots another person in the halls before walking up to them for directions, "Excuse me, do you know where room 216 is?"
Hiroto looked around the classroom before finding an empty seat near the entrance of the class. Relieved, he hung his cardigan around the edge of the chair and sat down. There was no teacher present in the class at the moment which Hiroto found strange. However, there were three Tarot Cards drawn up on the front board. He assumed that those were his instructions and began to shuffle in his deck in search of those three cards. It took him some time to find them and he placed them on his desk as shown on the board. He looked around the classroom to see if anyone was doing the same. Everyone else was waiting for the professor to arrive, it seemed. He took a long sigh, a bit disappointed that their professor wasn’t there yet. He turned back to face the front when a gust of wind enters the room, closing the door and causing some of the objects to fly off. The gust began to circle around the front of the room and manefesting a tall female cloaked with a dark robe. "Hello class, welcome to your Tarot Reading course. I hope we get along." Hiroto was quite suprised by this entrance. It seems like this would be quite a school year...
Ah... She had found a classmate after all. She unconsciously straightened her posture and brushed her hair to the side, revealing her ruby like eyes.

"Magick Conjurations? It's a few doors past from us..." Minji said lamely, gesturing toward the classroom. Should I have just introduced myself as a classmate? She might find it weird if i start following her... Minji internally slapped herself on the head.
"Aha, I see." Melody chuckled awkwardly. She looked back to see she had missed her classroom a few dorms past.

"Well, thanks for telling me." Melody bows her head to the girl before she walked to her classroom.
Alis looked up as a middle-aged man entered the classroom, briefcase in his hand, wearing a rumpled brown suit and yellow bow tie sitting askew around his neck.

“Welcome to enchanting 201 second-years. I assume you know the basics, so let’s get into it.” He set the work leather briefcase down on the table. First impressions didn’t mean a lot in the magikal world, but Alis remained unimpressed until he clicked open the briefcase and reached way further in than he should have been able to and removed a jewel-encrusted great sword before setting it on the desk.

“Who can tell me the name of this weapon?” The professor asked, not even bothering to introduce himself. Alis spoke before she even realized it, the words tumbling out of her mouth.

“That’s the Orolith Sword from the great Demon King battle 600 years ago, but how-?” Last Alis knew, that sword was in her family’s vault in the Outlands.

The man’s head swiveled to her, his eyes unusually blue. “Well, Miss Shaw, I would say it’s here because I asked to use it as a demonstration.” He turned to the rest of the case before continuing, “This semester we will be learning to cast the demonsbane enchantment like on the Orolith Sword here, as Miss Shaw so kindly identified.” His gentle smirk was all it took to flush Alis from her red roots to her toes, and she knew this class was going to be way harder than last year.
The teacher pointed to the three cards on the board, "Since Tarot Reading is a new course that has been implented into MAGE, I will first tell you all the meanings behind all of these cards and how to read them." She put her palms on the board before her magic started to draw cards and words on the board. "For the duration of this class, I will teach you all the meaning and history of Major Arcana."

Hiroto huffs as the teacher started to shuffle and pull certain cards out from the deck. She placed them in an orderly fashion similar to the order on the board. "Alright class, I will have everyone pull up a pencil, a notebook and everyone's attention up here." Her eyes were a dark green, and could very well match the darkness of the room.

Everyone pulled up their writing intruments and some paper and started to jot down everything she said up on the board.
"Ah....no problem," Minji nodded back. She sighed as she awkwardly trailed behind, still internally hitting herself in the head.

Don't turn around, Don't turn around. Minji chanted in her head, walking as softly as she could.
Melody walked in room 216. She looks around the room, trying to find a place to sit in that would support her centaur half. However, her attention goes to a desk with pillows underneath.

Melody walks down to the desk puts down her sphere down. She sits down, hopefully not drawing too much attention to herself.
Minji entered the classroom, cheering quietly as she had yet again avoided an awkward situation. Looking around the classroom, Minji's eyes lit up as she saw an lone seat near the back of the classroom. Time to sleep through the lecture I suppose...

Minji let out a sigh of relief as she slumped on her desk, not the most comfortable material to sleep on but far better then most. As her gaze wandered as she got ready to take a nap, she noticed the girl from the hallway a row in front of her twitching nervously. Hm...
Melody looks around the classroom, silently waiting for class to start. She started to play with her crystal sphere before started to wonder if she could sit at any seat with her crystal ball. She held her sphere as she stood up and walked towards the desked beside her. Surprisingly, she was able to sit at a regular seat when holding her sphere. Phew, well that's a relief.
Minji shrugged off her curiosity, snuggling her head into her arms for a cozier position. She closed her eyes, the quiet enabling her consciousness to slowly slip away to sleep...

Bang! Minji jolted up, her hair a wild mess, as she looked towards the sound of commotion. A young man with brown hair had burst through the door. "Good morning class. I am Professor Nobel and welcome to Magick Conjuration!" his tone brisk, "As the title suggests, you shall be learning about how to conjure Magick correctly and efficiently," the man set his briefcase down. He looked up toward the students, his red eyes piercing, "I assume there are no students who appeared to the wrong class, so I shall proceed."

Red eyes? Was he an Nephilim just like her? Minji pondered, the thoughts of sleep abandoned. Suddenly this class had gotten a LOT more interesting.
The teacher went on the lecture pointing out the purpose of each card, the background and the meaning of Major Arcana. There was a lot to jot down in this particular lecture and Hiroto's hand cramped up in the middle of writing. There was no obvious clock in the room so there was no way of knowing the time and all the students in the room seems to be really invested and interested in the lecture. Hiroto was less interested than the rest of the class but he had jolted neat notes along the lecture.
Melody was startled by the bang, her hidden deer ears jolted up in surprise. She smiled sheepishly at the Professor Nobel, certain that she was in the right room. Melody looked around the room, before straightening her back, ready for whatever comes next in the lecture. She rubs her crystal sphere for comfort.
"To start off with this class, let me ask you this one simple question," Professor Nobel looked around at the students, his gaze lingering on a select few, "What is Magick?"

A murmur of laughter spread across the classroom, with many knowing glances exchanged. Nobel waited for the class to quiet down, "Now it may seem like I'm an incompetent professor asking such an simple question at such a prestigious school, however I promise you...that half of the students here don't know what Magick truly is."

The statement left the class silent. Minji let out a smile, this lecture was definitely going to be interesting.
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Melody looks around, hoping that someone would have to answer the question for her. However, it seems like the class wasn't too keen on participating in the discussion.

Hesitantly, Melody raised her hand, "Magick is something we are born with and is spiritual energy that we cast out." She was expecting Professor Nobel to call her out for saying a wrong answer.
Minji nodded her head in agreement, her curiosity now only growing.

"Exactly. Well done, Mrs..." Nobel gestured toward the girl, "May I have the pleasure of knowing your name?"
"Melody. Melody Mockingbird," She replied, quite relieved that she wasn't in the wrong. She smiled before clearing her throat.
"Then well done Mrs. Mockingbird," Nobel flashed a rare smile, "As she has answered, Magick at heart, is our spiritual energy." Grumbles swept across the room.

"I could've answered that."
"She just got lucky."

Nobel hummed as he heard the complaints, "Well then if Magick is as simple as the spiritual energy we were born with...why are there so many ways of conjuration?"

The class again fell silent, the grumbles silenced. The class turned expectantly toward Melody, however Nobel had other plans. He diverted his gaze to Minji, "Mrs. Lune, can you perhaps offer an answer to the question?"

Me? Why me? Minji thought. She met the professor's gaze but decided to take on the challenge. Min took a deep breath, "Because Magick can be simplified even more. It is intention," Minji said, "It is akin to feelings. Some require poems to express feelings, some require words, while others require stories."

Minji averted her gaze, "Simply put Magick is the spiritual transforming into the physical. As Aleister Crowley stated, ' Magick is the Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.' " Silence enveloped the room which was quickly followed up by slow claps. Minji looked up to see the Professor clapping, another of his rare smiles upon his face. "Well done to both of you. Mrs. Mockingbird and Mrs. Lune apiece."

Minji awkwardly smiled back, her nerves calming, however a nagging doubt creeped on her mind. How did he know her name?
The lecture flew by, barely feeling like 10 minutes have past by for Hiroto. Some of his hair was slowly comming loose from behind his ear.

"Alright class, that is all I have to teach you all in this lecture." The teacher said, "I will be dissmissing you all early today. Be sure to meet in this classroom tomorrow at the same time." Before anyone could have a word, the teacher transformed into gust and flew right out of the classroom.

Confused, Hiroto stretched his arms and legs and put his notepad, pencil and deck of cards in his bag. He walked out of the classroom, now unsure what to do. I don't have any classes until 2 hours, what should I do... Hiroto thought to himself as he walked down the hall.

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