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Realistic or Modern Mafia Story

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Hello All! I have a mafia roleplay idea!
Please be:
~ 18+
~ Able to write a literate paragraph
~ Be open to going off site

Arlyle is a modern day coastal city run by 3 different Mafia families who have staked their claim on the town. Join the Mafia, become the biggest name in the city of Arlyle and stake your claim, Or simply live out your life as a low level member of the family making your way in the world. Either way, there's a spot for you in Arlyle.

The Duplantier's: The French Mafia which rules a majority of the town. They were the first crime family in the town of Arlyle and thus have the largest territory of all the families. Known for their poise and their almost squeaky clean image.

The Romano's: The Italian Mafia is the second oldest crime family in town. They control a majority of the docks and southern area of the city. Known for their cunning and their ability to enact swift justice.

The O'Connor's: The Irish Mafia which has the smallest territory of all three gangs. They are known for their rash attitudes and harsh punishments. They take no crap from anyone and are more than willing to show that.

The Police Force: Be a member of the Arlyle police, trying to take down the biggest names in the city. Whether you're a detective or a beat cop just starting out, bring swift justice to those who break the law for sport.

I have this up as a group RP (lmk if you're interested in that) But I'd love to do it as a single 1x1 roleplay as well!

I would love there to be romance, drama, angst and action involved. Some pairings we can do:
Mob boss x Civilian
Mob boss x Mob boss
Mob boss x member
Mob boss x Other mob member
Member x Member
Member x Other mob member
Member x Civilian
Mob boss child x member
Mob boss child x Other mob boss child
Mob boss child x Civilian
Mob boss child x Other mob boss
If you can think of any other pairing you'd like to do, lets do it! I don't have any specific plot, lets come up with one together!
If you're interested, let me know!
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Rusty of Shackleford

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I know...maybe a bit too much about the Irish mob. I'm probably blacklisted from ever going to England, but that's alright! I'll probably retool another mafia character I've used before!

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