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Multiple Settings M/M partner search! Many plots and open thoughts!

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That One Person
Hello hello!
I have been gone for a long time thanks to life being busy! I'm back now and ready to RP again. So sorry to any partner I left behind and if you want to pick back up or RP again, send a PM my way!
I am looking for RP partners here.
I am over 21. As for RP partners. I prefer to RP with people over the age of 18. That's all that really matters to me in terms of your personal life!

Onto the more important parts...My RP rules! PLEASE READ THESE!

---M/M only!!---
---I play only uke/bottom. That does not mean they will be wimpy useless things (Unless you are looking for that. If you don't like this that's all fine. To each his own. But please don't be rude about it. This is an RP and forcing someone to play a rule just because you don't like the fact that they don't play tops ruins the RP for the other person and takes the fun out of it. If you are not comfortable playing a top or not okay with the fact that I only play bottom than we are not meant to rp! ^^ ) I will also willing play female/male side characters.
---VERY IMPORTANT: VERY IMPORTANT [[This is long, but keeps getting ignored, so I just keep trying to make it more clear. ^^; ]]: I am looking for someone who will play manly and masculine men! I like my tops acting and looking like real men. I like them dominant. I do not want some perfect pretty boy emo guy that is skin and bones and is somehow super strong and emotionless like out of some anime. So please masculine realistic tops only! Masculine doesn't mean muscles and all that of course only. My point is not tiny scrawny dudes basically. You get it. Realistic ones too! They should have emotions like a real human does and real reactions. Manly doesn't mean no emotion ever, just like feminine doesn't mean some weak useless crying all the time thing. It's just one aspect of a person. My characters are not attracted to men who are not masculine/dominant. THIS IS NOT MEANT TO FORCE PEOPLE! IF you do not play/enjoy playing that sort of character. Good on you! You do you. To each their own as they say. All it means is that we will not be a good match. : )
---I tend to write 3-10 long paragraphs (Depending on what the RP calls for at the time). Please be able to write at least 2-3. 3rd Person writing. Might ask for samples.
---No God modding! Do not write for my character! Their actions/words/and reactions are not for you to control. It's no fun when people take over your character without permission.
---Don't do groups
---NO teenage RPs or teenage characters. I would prefer you character be over the age of 23! Be realistic with age based on rp factors such as your characters job/role.
---Please reply at least once every few days. I will do the same.
---Be friendly and lets at least know each other a little.
---I love drama and romance and am not a fan of comedy though a little bit never hurts.
---Have no problem with cussing, violence, blood, and gore, yada yada.
---RP through PM
---As for pics I will do real life. Descriptions only are also an option. You may also use realism style drawings/paintings. Not an anime fan so no anime stuff!

If you are interested in RPing please PM me!

Now onto some plots I have!
Crossed out means probably not looking but feel free to check if you are really interested!
Organized by categories of sorts!​
~~Coworker / Coworker's son~~
A(You) had been working with an older man for years now. Him and the group enjoy getting to gather for poker games and drinks on their nights off. One night B's(Me) father decides to be the one to host the poker night at his house. A had never met his son and when B brings some drinks in for the group gathered around the poker table he lays eyes on him and is instantly attracted to the young man. The problem is he is much older than him an he works with a boys father. When he excused himself to go up stairs for a bathroom break and sees B sitting in his room reading with the door open he decided to take a chance and speak with the boy alone. Things develop from there. I would do B's dad as well as some other and you would need to play some side characters as well! This will also have a good sized age gap so if not comfortable with that this isn't for you.

~~Homeless man / Good Samaritan~~
The weather was garbage that night. It seemed to always be lately. There was a strong breeze in the air and a heavy sprinkle that seemed to be falling non-stop. A(My guy) lives in a rather nice apartment on the 5th floor of of a 20 story building in a semi-decent part of town. Though it is not the best, it is certainly far from the worst. Being raised in a nice family leads him with money from his parents and a nice flower shop passed down to him though he is rarely in the actual store and works mostly as management. That night, he cooks himself a nice meal and puts on a random horror film on a random channel to watch and try to relax a bit. Though the weather is a mess, he decides to take his garbage out to the trash collection in the back of a building. It is nearly midnight as he steps out into the rain and quickly drops his garbage off in the bin. His eyes land on a man sitting by the trash, eating from a discarded box of Chinese food someone had thrown away. A had always been someone to help others and decides he can't just let the man sit there in the cold rain like that eating garbage. He asked the man if he wants some real food and a place to shower and sleep for the night. A spare guestroom in his apartment always sits empty anyhow.B(You) takes him up on that offer and....We go from there. Your guy could be an veteran, a formal druggie, someone who just ran into a lot of bad luck, lost his job recently, just a messed up horrible person, or whatever else.
~~ Gang Leader / Rival Gang Leader’s Younger Brother~~
The world is different. Everyone now is part of a group and if you're not...chances are you die fast. These gangs have territories and they do not like to share. There are safe zones. A place filled with bars that, at late night, tend to be packed with people. No one socializes with other gangs in these bars. They all know the consequences. Making friends with the enemy is never a good thing. B(My guy) makes his way to a bar in the safe zone at night. His brother hates it and he knows it, yet he really could use a drink and he needed to sneak out to breath if only for a moment. As he sits at the bar he spots A(Your guy) at a table surrounded by his adoring gang members as they drink and laugh their night away. After a small glance over he turns his attention back to his drink. YC approaches the bar and MC can feel his eyes on him. He knew he shouldn’t talk to the man. If his brother even knew he said a word to him he would be dead but the man is tall, handsome, even charming and he cannot help himself but to at least say hello. Nothing could go wrong right? YC decides to take this chance to charm the young man and get to his brother. However when he starts to feel for the young man things become much more complicated.

~~17th Century Salem, Taverns, Inns, and Gay Romance...Oh my!~~
The 17th century…A time of pilgrims and small towns. Taverns in faraway lands and the woods that surround it all.

YC is a man with one mistake that soiled all he had. A night at the local tavern ends in a drunken fight with another local. YC causes the death of that man with one blow to the head and is soon being sought after to to be put on trial and hanged. In a mere moments the man has he runs to his small hut of a house and grabbed a sack of cloths and all the coins he has and runs.

The woods that surround the small populated land is perfect cover for running. A few weeks from one town to another and he ends up at a tavern/inn far away from his own home. MC is a young man who runs the tavern and inn. Something left to him by his parents. Though not many cross that path, a few still do and stop in for a drink and a bed for the night.

YC decided to do just that. With the coins he has left he can stay for a few nights and enjoy a few drinks. MC is a sweet young man. Living and working alone in the inn. He gives the man the last remaining for 3 rooms, one being his own, and lets him drink for free for the night as the man looks like he has been living from one place to another and could use a break and a helping hand.

That night as YC sleeps, he hears a commotion that wakes him. The sound is the young inn owner crying and begging for help as the other man staying in the inn has decided to have his way with the young man. YC easily punches the man out and kicks him out of the inn. From then on, he decides to stay for a another night or two…but will that be the end? The boy is so beautiful to him…but will he remain there? How will he outrun his past mistake? Something he can not hide forever, but would never want to share with others and still fears can catch up with him.

This is little note I want to make for this plot [also could apply to the res]. I’m a little sick of having these perfect model type rugged and still somehow perfectly pretty guys. When I say masculine, it doesn’t mean they have to be perfection. I would love for someone to play an older bulky not so perfect looking guy here. Someone along the lines of Kevin Durand perhaps or just someone not so pretty boy tough guy looking. A big rugged just pilgrim times looking guy.

~~Zombies And Prison ~~
The world came to such a bad end. The streets where littered with those things. It was every man for it's own and the whole world fell apart. YC (Your character) is a man who has made more than a few mistakes. Involves in the world of selling drugs and making money, he ended up with one mistake that changed his whole life. Getting convicted of selling narcotics, YC ended up with a sentence of 20 years. He was ready to do the time, but luckily (or perhaps not so lucky) Within one week of being locked up, the prison fell apart. First is was one sick guy...Then two..and before he knew it the whole prison was overrun. He was one of the few locked in his cell, and the only one to survive. He always kept snacks hidden away under his bed and that managed to keep him going for a week till something happened. A group of survivors came running in there. They secured the bottom floor of the prison and made it their lives. Of course, they found the keys to all the doors, but the weren't just about to let some prisoners out of his cell. They did not kill YC, but they kept him in there whole they tried to survive their lives in their new home, taking rooms in the cells and going out when needed for supplies.

There was a young man in the group. MC has never been the kind to leave people to die. He could bring scraps of food to YC and spend some time chatting with the man before he was pulled away by others telling him to leave the guy be. They didn't trust many people around and the prisoner was no exception. MC always felt all people were good on the inside even when they made mistakes. they only bonded through the bars until their safe heaven was starting to fall apart with a few breaches forced them to move up to another level of the prison to get away from those flesh eating things and soon, everything was falling apart and they needed to get out. MC wasn't just about to leave YC behind to die and against all the orders, he unlocked the doors and let YC free to come with them even if they were only moving to higher floor for better safety.

We can pick up at the start or the end..or the middle!

~~Sci-fi Captain's son / Mechanic~~
The earth had died out long ago. Thankfully, a few nations had the knowledge ahead of time and built ships that could take the best of the best and the richest of the rich into space to live their lives. That was over 100 years ago. There are currently 10 of these ships, each carrying 1,000-7,000 people on them, depending on their purpose. The smallest of them all is what they call the ‘floater’. A ship carrying the criminal of the highest levels to those who are temporarily placed there for breaking rules.

On one of the living ships, MC and YC reside. MC is the son of the captain and a bright young man who works in the greenhouse of the ship as one of the scientists working to keep the plants that once lived on earth still alive and well populated. YC is a mechanic working down below the ship. It is one of the lower jobs, as some people call it, but still one vital to keeping the ship going. The two had been born on the ship and been close friends since their younger days as both their mothers worked as Nurses on the ship hospital and bonded over the years.

YC has always been attracted to my MC and vice versa, though the two never pursued anything since neither knew how the other felt about them and did not want to ruin a friendship by bringing anything up. One day MC’s friends convinces the young man to go with her to something. An underground fight held by some of the younger people where amateur fighters hold illegal fights for small bits of money and supplies. It is something done just for fun, but highly illegal. When MC sees YC fighting in one of these fights, he confronts the other, worried that he will get in trouble and get sent to the floater. Still he helps YC when he is hurt in these fights and supports him, not wanting to tell the man what to do with his life. The two bond more and more as they start to see more of each other and…blah blah.
~~Mirror Mirror on the Wall~~ [Complicated/Confusing BUT interesting plot]

There is an empty house at the end of B's(Your guy) street. B is someone who people would consider someone taking up space for no reason. He never finished college and after some alcoholism issues, he now shares a small apartment with a few other people he doesn't even know. Once day on a walk with a bottle in hand after a rather frustrating day, B decides to go into this house. Inside is nothing but a dusty mirror. The mirrors glass is rose colored reflecting a lovely shade of pink. The mirror is of the hand held variety. Pure silver with roses decorating the edges the handle and has only a single rose on it. This mirror was an object that allowed people a glimpse in to another parallel universe. Once they are shown this world they can choose to go into that world. There is a trick to that deal though every person has an alternate in that world with their own life. When someone takes the deal then the original version from the mirror universe will disappear into their mind. your character finds the house and the mirror. The universe that the mirror shows is so different than his own. This version of him has a house and a good job in a world that seems to be years ahead in technology. My character lives in this alternate world and is the boyfriend of your characters alternate. After seeing this serene world and seeing their own alternates life the mirror shows a simple prompt. "Swap Worlds?" then either a yes or no. Without thinking out of a jealous rage, your guy says yes to this offer.

However...There is a catch. He gets the perfect life and everything goes well for a short time before the headaches kick in and he starts hearing his voice in his head, but this voice isn't really his. His alternate was locked away but had broken the barriers in your guys mind and is trying to break free and take his life back. This sends tour character into a spiral of loses a grip on life and looking at times like he is insane. However, he is not going to give up without a fight and is determine to make this perfect life last and to keep this young boy he is now falling in love with.

PM ME IS INTERESTED IN ANY OF THESE! OR come at me with your own plots!
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