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Fantasy M/M idea. Action/Romance/Drama/Slight Horror.


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So I am someone who enjoys roleplays that mix Action, Drama and Romance all into one big angsty package. Therefore I tend to favor roleplays that can definitely be intense but fun.
I have an idea (sort of basic but I feel as though it can be enjoyable nonetheless with the right company) to create a roleplay set in a world completely overrun by zombies during an intense apocalypse.
Be aware of the fact that I am a furry and will be using a furry character.

This roleplay will contain fighting and intense scenes (though nothing that would go beyond limits set beforehand or anything that would break site rules) and will not always be about the romance/wholesome relationships.

I mean, thinking about it, zombie apocalypses are super intense and kinda crazy. A weird place and time to find love for sure, but not impossible. I do ask only for other Male characters for a M/M, sorry to sit you out on this one ladies but I just have a certain craving in mind right now xD

There are a few things to keep in mind and a few rules to follow with roleplaying with me though!

  • Do not attempt to control my character or completely flip the plot ideas/add random twists that make no sense. If you want a certain set of things to happen or have any ideas just let me know and we can discuss having it happen!
  • Do not make everything boring by bringing me a character that will never struggle in this world (characters that are gods, omnipotent, or just characters that are so so strong and smart that nothing could ever harm or bring challenge to them lol)
  • Be prepared to do a bit of planning when it comes to settings and the actual characters themselves, how they'll meet, where the story is gonna go, that sorta stuff.
  • I really only roleplay with those that are literate and have no problem typing out para/multi-para roleplay responses. Or at the very least match my response length.
  • I would appreciate getting to know your character a bit before starting but it's not a requirement lol
  • If we have a good roleplay and you are the partner I desire for one, we are friends and there is nothing you can do about it >:3
  • Please don't pretend like I am some sort of roleplay robot who can't hold a conversation xD, I would love to talk to ya outside of RP.
  • Have fun! That's what this is all about x3
I think that's all I really need to say but i'm sure there is more that will be covered later! If you have any questions just let me know! :3

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