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Dice Lunar Fury - Exalted 3e Characters



Luna's Concubine
This game will be my first foray into Storytelling the 3e Exalted system, so hopefully there won't be too many mistakes. This is a Lunars only setting, with the shapeshifters the star of the show.

Roughly one year ago, your characters all received their Exaltations in whatever part of Creation you are based in. After being rescued by the Silver Pact, it is discovered that not only have your Shards not been in the cycle of Exaltation since the Great Contagion, but you have all Exalted within days of one another. The loremasters of the Pact suspect that there is something big brewing in your future, and one Elder steps forward and volunteers to take you under his wing to teach you the ways of being a Lunar warrior.

As such, you are getting the following perks for free:
Mentor 3
You all start at Essence 2 and 20 Charms, 35 Abilities, and 15 Merits, and 18 Bonus Points.

As far as raising Essence goes, you already have 50 xp towards your goal of 125 needed for Essence 3.

Everyone knows each other for at least the past six months of your rigorous training at the hands of your Mentor, so if you wish to tie in various Intimacies of a formed Circle, please communicate and do so.

There is no restriction on Caste except for the fact that everyone has been tattooed already. If you all wish to play Full Moons/Changing Moons/No Moons, that is fine.

BP costs for raising a second or more MA Ability above three is waved, and the XP costs of buying up additional Martial Arts Abilities are 1/2 of normal.

Lunar Xp will be allowed to be applied to Sorcery spells and Martial Arts Charms for now, but that may change once the hard copy of the book comes out.

Current Xp tally: 29
Lunar xp: 12
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Princess Psychie

  • 1d18ee4eb43972156e47a4383c18a0ca.jpg Name: Gwendolyn Rae
    Age: 26
    Caste: Changing Moon
    Totem Animal: Peacock

    Str: 3
    *Dex: 5
    Sta: 3

    Cha: 3
    *Man: 5
    *App: 4

    Per: 2
    Int: 4
    *Wits: 4

    Archery: 4 - Bows
    Athletics: 2
    Awareness: 3
    Brawl: 1
    Bureaucracy: 3
    Dodge: 5 - Unarmored Dodge
    Integrity: 2
    Larceny: 2
    Linguistics: 1
    Lore: 2
    Martial Arts
    Melee: 2
    Occult: 1
    Performance: 2
    Presence: 2
    Resistance: 2
    Ride: 1
    Socialize: 3 - Mastery of Small Manners
    Stealth: 3
    Survival: 2

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Three Thousand Club

  • 94dddc9a9b3951fd545d3097f75e839c.jpgName: Toun Whitefang
    Caste: Full Moon
    Concept: Tribal Wargod
    Age: 28
    Home: Ice Walker Territories - Snow Fox Tribe
    Tell: Sharp Canines

    Essence: ●●
    Willpower: ●●●●●

    Spirit Totem: An arctic fox.

    Anima Effect:
    • For five motes, the Full Moon adds (Essence, maximum 5) non-Charm dice on movement rolls and feats of strength and gains (higher of Essence or 3) natural soak until his next turn. This power is free at bonfire anima.
    • An indomitable warrior, he adds (highest physical Attribute / 2) Resolve against threaten rolls and other fear-based influence as a non-Charm bonus.
    • Once per day, when he lands a decisive attack that resets his Initiative, he may pay ten motes and one Willpower to roll Join Battle with (highest physical Attribute) non-Charm dice.

    Limit Trigger: The Lunar must endure deprivation, poverty, or extreme physical hardship due to an adversary, or to achieve one of his or his Circle’s goals.

    Monstrous Urges:
    Enraged Behemoth Rampage
    The Lunar’s rage boils over into violent fury at the slightest provocation. If he encounters a physical obstacle in the way of his goals — a locked door, the guards of a noble he wishes to court, a booby-trapped corridor — he’ll attack it until it no longer impedes him. If he experiences a sensory stimulus he finds unpleasant, he’ll lash out until it ceases. He can refrain from physically harming anyone or anything he has a positive Tie towards, instead attempting to intimidate them into obedience.

    Duration: Scene. Enraged Behemoth Rampage ends prematurely if the Lunar sees that his actions have caused a Storyteller character he has a positive Major or Defining Tie towards to fear or reject him.

    Untamed Primal Hunger
    The Lunar’s hunger drowns out all else. His player chooses a category of living creature — a species of animal, all animals whose heart’s blood he lacks, Dynasts, anything currently bleeding, etc. He’s driven to hunt his chosen prey and devour it completely (killing it first is optional). If someone attempts to prevent him from hunting or protect his prey, he’ll violently subdue them. He can refrain from physically harming individuals he has positive Ties towards, but a Tie towards a group isn’t sufficient.

    Duration: Session normally; scene if there are enough of the chosen prey in the current scene that devouring them all is narratively engaging. Untamed Primal Hunger ends prematurely if a character the Lunar has a positive Major or Defining Tie towards comes to harm as a result of her insistence in the hunt, or her feeding on prey instead of protecting him.

    Background Summary
    Toun was born the youngest of two in a family tucked away in the frigid lands of the north. With a greenfield unfit for farming, there were very few paths the tribe could take to feed themselves. Toun chose to be a hunter. With a crafty trap, he managed to bring down a moose alone by the age of 12. Since then, he had been scouted by tribal elders for his potential as a scout in ongoing raids. His unit was to stalk herds wandering away from rivals tribes. Find their tracks, follow them, and bring the kills back to feed the tribe. In certain seasons, they also turned upon their neighbors, pillaging for supplies and offered tribute.

    For a time, Toun took to his job with immense satisfaction. By adolescence, he was well versed in Icewalker scouting. hunting, and survival tactics for protecting their hunting grounds and feeding his tribe. However, the Stag tribe would not soon relinquish their herds, prey, and plunder. In retaliation for pillaging trade to the satrapies, they bunkered down for an ambush. One by one Toun's unit caught blades in their bellies or arrows to the chest. So he dug into the snow, burrowing a foxhole for himself as the last means to lure his prey. His hands were numb, clothing flaked with snow, his hunting spear broken. All he had left were tooth and claw. One by one the ambushers were dragged in silence into the foxhole, throats bitten or clawed open till none remained.

    He emerged from his hole, jaw dripping red with bloody slush, and thrashed the snow off his coat, settling on all fours. He felt a gentle hand sift through the layers of his now whitened hair, then his white coat. There a lady in white combed the blood from his dense fur and sang him to sleep.
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D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball

  • 20190923_194703.jpgName: Hazel
    Caste: No-moon
    Concept: Wyld Mutant
    Age: 19

    Essence: ●●
    Willpower: ●●●●●

    Spirit Totem:
    A black cat.

    From bobcats that prowl the Northern mountain ranges to jagarundi that stalk through tropical forests, Creation’s fiercest predators are sometimes its smallest. These traits cover small predatory cats as well as domesticated house-cats, a common sight in any farming community where rodents threaten the harvest as well as in the palaces of nobles.

    Essence: 1; Willpower: 4; Join Battle: 4 dice
    Health Levels: -0/-1/-2/-4/Incap. Domesticated cats will flee after taking any damage, while wild cats will flee after taking three levels of damage.

    Climbing and Jumping: 7 dice;
    Senses: 7 dice (see Night Vision);
    Stealth: 8 dice (see Tiny Creature)
    Wriggle Through Small Spaces: 7 dice

    Resolve 2, Guile 2

    Attack (Bite): 4 dice (4). Damage increases to 12 against enemies of the cat’s size or smaller.
    Attack (Claw): 6 dice (2). Damage increases to 8 against enemies of the cat’s size or smaller.
    Attack (Grapple): 4 dice (5 dice to control). Cats can only grapple enemies of their size or smaller. They cannot throw/slam grappled enemies.

    Combat Movement: 7 dice
    Evasion 1, Parry 1 (see Tiny Creature)
    Soak/Hardness: 2/0

    Special Attacks
    Ambush Hunter: The cat adds three dice on all attack rolls made from stealth.

    Batting Paws: Whenever the cat makes a decisive savaging attack against a clinched enemy, it uses its rear paws to bat at it and snap its neck, adding +5 to the raw damage of the attack.

    Leaping Pounce: If a cat moves into close range with an enemy of the same size or smaller and deals 5+ damage to it with a withering attack on the same turn, it may pay a point of Willpower to reflexively make a clinch attack against its prey

    X Stalking Shadow Hunter (Latent): When the cat makes a withering attack from stealth against a larger enemy, it uses the higher of the two damage ratings for its attacks. This does not allow it to grapple larger characters.

    X Underfoot Menace (Latent): The cat treats any attack it makes against a larger enemy as being made from stealth for the purposes of its Ambush Hunter and Leaping Pounce special attacks.

    Keen Hearing: Cats double 9s on hearing-based Perception rolls.

    Lands on its Feet: Cats apply the double 8s rule on all balance checks. When a cat suffers falling damage, it ignores all dice of damage associated with the fall, and converts automatic levels of damage from the fall to dice that must be rolled.

    Night Vision: Cats can see in dim conditions as though they were in broad daylight, and reduce the difficulty of Perception-based checks made in deeper darkness by one.

    Tiny Creature: Cats add +2 Evasion against any attack made by a larger foe. In addition, larger characters subtract two successes from any Awareness-based roll made to notice it.

    Anima Effect:
    • For five motes, the No Moon shrouds herself in a shadowy penumbra until her next turn. Vision-dependent rolls made against her suffer a −2 penalty until her next turn. This power is free at bonfire anima.
    • For three motes, she senses the location and general nature of a nearby place of power or occult significance — a demesne, manse, spirit sanctum, shadowland, Wyld zone, otherworldly gateway, sorcerous working, or similar. She adds (highest mental Attribute) non-Charm successes on rolls to navigate towards it. The Storyteller should choose not the closest place of power, but the one that’s most interesting and narratively relevant.
    • Once per day, while her anima is at bonfire, she can expend it completely to either gain one Willpower, add (Essence + [highest mental Attribute]) sorcerous motes to a spell she’s shaping, or add a free full Excellency on a mental Attribute-based roll other than Join Battle.

    Limit Trigger:
    The lunar is notably humiliated or rejected as a direct result of her appearance or mutations.

    Limit Break:
    Primal hunger and hearts passion collide into a dangerous combination. Reverting to a madness that compels her to a tively hunt for a fleeting feeling of "love and humanity". This becomes a defining intimacy she must try to accomplish at any cost. All inhibitions are shed in search of the basest instinct, and no shame is too great a cost. This freedom burns with a dangerous desperation. While seduction, reason and wiles may be her first effort, she will quickly resort to bribes, begging. The longer this progress, the worse it becomes. Any lengths means any lengths. Threats, violence, taboos, or worse. All but means to an end. While physical intimacy is the most common outlet sought, other methods are viable so long as they serve the same goal. These are a little more challenging given that the Lunar is not in a healthy state of mind.

    Should the scene end with no resolution, she will either revert to a wild nature in hope of relief, or collapse into a catatonic ball of shame and regret (which she very well may do anyway.)

    This lasts for one scene, after which her limit resets. The limit can be ended early if; as a result of her actions she is able to meet her goal in such a way that it establishes a positive or negative tie. Her actions bring notable harm to a major or defining intimacy.

    Background Summary

    As a little girl, the greatest wonders to her were that of magic. Letting her mind go wild with the magical feats of the Dragon Blooded and the Immaculate Order. Stories were always welcomed by her, and she hung onto every embellishment. It was her dream, to one day, be like them. To have her dragon blood awaken into a grand Sorceress and become mighty and wise like her heroes.

    The problem was, Hazel was a but a simple peasant. An orphan to boot. There was little chance that such blood flowed through her. But it didnt stop her from dreaming. Perhaps one of her ancestors had an affair with with a Prince of fire! Or other such nonsense. Childhood imagination.

    But this did not stop her from acting out her dreams. In the back alleys and river wharfs, it was perhaps he favorite pastime to find and watch the traveling shamans and local diviners. While most where given little, if any, credit... Hazel believed. Sometimes with her badgering, and sometimes their good nature, but the girl learned from them. Learning about their magic and their wisdom. Some even tried to show her how.

    And as the years passed, her wonder never died. And she found herself at stalls, trying her hand at telling the fortunes of bemused travelers or bored locals. It couldn't be said she was good, but she enjoyed it.

    Yet, on one particular day, an actual Dynast walked through by, dressed in the robes of the Immaculate Order. Her heart nearly exploded, as she recognized their name from the stories she knew and loved. And to her excitement, the amused Dynast found her setup to be quite novel, so allowed her to read his fortune.

    Even if she couldn't give him a performance, the memory of having tea with him was not something she would ever forget.

    But not because of why she thought...

    In quite they sat, as she poured the tea and told him the rules. And in more silence they finished. The girl could barely contain her excitement, could barely focus. However, when Hazel looked at the leaves, her breath stopped and her eyes glazed over. The world passed by in a blur to her and she spoke in a language she could not understand. Seeing things she could not understand.

    It was over quickly. But confused and embarrassed she looked to the Dynast... and his face as serious as stone, and his hand at his weapon. He looked stunned. Like he had heard something he had never thought he would hear.

    The Dynast got up and turned to his brethren. The spoke in hushed tones. And when they turned back... the girl was gone.

    As among the breeze, one snippet of that conversation was overheard by her. "...we need to kill her and everyone else who might have heard..."

    Horrified, Hazel ran for her life... unfortunately she did not have much of a head start.
    How it was that she had kept running, she did not know.

    Days, it had been. And every day she hear them behind her. Every day an arrow sank next to her. Even now, she had ran into the jungle, further and further east. Stopping only she could run no more, where fate somehow kept her safe until she woke.

    It was a black night, with not even a moon to guide her. She still did not stop, looking behind her, their lights were too close. But so too were lights on front of her. They were here too.

    Her head swam with fear and grief, that she would die. And as her head spun, so too did the world. The lights stretching into a swirl until the petered out entirely, leaving her on pitch black.

    Her and the Silver Lady.

    Helpless and scared she cried, the lady of the moon embraced her like a mother. Comforted her.

    As she pulled Hazel to her feet, the black became alight with stars all around them. She called Hazel a child of the moon, and as such she had nothing to fear of the night. She pulled Hazel into a dance and they twirled about the stars for several steps before she spoke again.

    Saying that if the moon did not look upon her, then nothing else would. To let it be her comfort and her shield. The Lady let go of Hazel and reached for the stars, and pulled down the night, wrapping it about the girls shoulders like a mantle. As the night was peeled away, it shown where they were as clear as day.

    On a cliff, three monks with lanterns held high, frozen in time.

    Once more the silver lady took hold of Hazels hands, "Let no one stop you. Reach for the power I know you have. I trust you. Now trust me, but know there will be hardship." With those final words, she spun Hazel and let her go, sending the girl off the edge of the cliff and into the dark.

    The vison ended as suddenly as it begun. And her feet once more pounded against the jungle mud at a full run towards the lights ahead. Trust me. She heard once more in her head, she did and something swelled inside her. Hazel picked up speed she didn't know she was capable of. The girl burst out of the brush at full sprint...

    She ran between the Monks, and from the cliff she leaped, falling backwards in faith.

    In the air she gracefully turned to look... and the last they saw of her was her defiant eyes reflecting the light of their lanterns back at them.

    And from the darkness, seconds later. A splash.
    The horrors of the Wyld were like nothing she could have predicted. Even with her new power. It was frightening, how it twisted her body. Bending bone and shaping flesh. Even now she could not recognize herself. And not just her body, but also her mind. Every day she could feel the taint penetrate every inch of her. And every day brought the horrid realization that she might lose another bit of herself.

    It had been ayear, and only a few days ago did the Wyld Hunt finally give up, only for another group of predators to pick up her trail. She did not know who or what they were, but she would not give in.

    However she did not get far. As the beasts eventually cornered her. Beasts, as well as men and women. They were creatures of protean flesh like her. They too were Moon Mad. They took her by surprise and forced her to the ground.

    The man, he raised his spear, about to plunge it into her. But the woman stopped him with a touch, and gave him a nod. That this was who they were looking for. And not some random chimera.

    The woman saw that Hazel was released, "Luna has smiled on you, that so little has been taken. I have seen much worse. You can understand me, yes?" She asked.

    Hazel nodded in a wide eyes stare. The woman smiled in response."I am Leaf-Song. Seer of my tribe, and I am here to bring you home."

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Red Shadow Claws

Five Thousand Club

  • Name: Idris Storm Strike
    Age: 21
    Caste: No Moon
    Totem Animal: Stag

    *Str: 5
    Dex: 2
    Sta: 2

    *Cha: 5
    Man: 2
    App: 3

    *Per: 5
    *Int: 5
    Wits: 3

    Athletics: 2
    Awareness: 3
    Brawl: 2
    Bureaucracy: 2
    Integrity: 3
    Linguistics: 1
    Lore: 3 - Spirits
    Martial Arts: 3 – Tiger Style
    Occult: 5 - Spirits
    Performance: 5 - Prayer
    Presence: 3
    Resistance: 2
    Socialize: 2
    Survival: 3

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Two Thousand Club

  • 500px-Lady_nym_by_quickreaver.png
    Name: Selket
    Age: 23
    Caste: Full Moon
    Spirit Shape: Scorpion
    Tell: A tuft of hair or a tiny black barb shaped like a scorpion's stinger, that appears either in her hair or at the end of any tails she possesses.
    Concept: Barbarian assassin
    Limit trigger: The Lunar discovers a significant obstacle that prevents her from achieving one of her or her Circle’s goals when success seemed almost certain.

    Selket was born into a tribe of desert barbarians living in the area close to Chiaroscuro. As a child and a youth, her life was that of a nomad, wandering with the tribe as it hunted and foraged, fought with other tribes, and occasionally traded with Chiaroscuro. She soon became a skilled warrior, fighting with a pair of wrist-mounted blades once used by her deceased father, and also developed a talent for sneaking into enemy camps and killing people of importance.

    A few years after the Scarlet Empress's disappearance, a wealthy yet foolish merchant prince of Chiaroscuro got it into his head that Selket's tribe had a massive hoard of treasure, and began hiring mercenaries to wage war on the tribe, so that he could take the treasure for himself. Though used to fighting other desert tribesmen, Selket's tribe soon found itself on the backfoot against disciplined professional mercenaries, who often had outcaste Dragon-blooded in their ranks. Eventually Selket was one of the few remaining members of the tribe, all of whom had since scattered to the winds. The mercenaries continued to pursue her, convinced that she knew the location of the nonexistent treasure; Selket survived by hiding and and living in the desert, and waging a one-woman guerrilla war against the mercenaries.

    The fortunes of everyone involved would change when Selket Exalted as a Lunar. She took the scorpion for her spirit form, since like her it was a creature of the desert that possessed a deadly sting. Soon after this, she was visited by an elder Lunar of the Silver Pact, who told her of the true history of Creation and the role she could now play in it. Selket agreed to join the Silver Pact once she had taken care of her remaining issues, and after receiving her Moonsilver tattoos from the Lunar who came to her, she used her newly-gained abilities to kill the leaders of the mercenaries, before sneaking into Chiaroscuro to confront and kill the merchant prince responsible for her tribe's destruction. She left to join up with the Silver Pact right afterwards, taking with her the Ichneumon Blades, which the merchant prince had acquired in some way, and had been planning to sell to the highest bidder.

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