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Dice Lunar Fury - Exalted 3e Lore



Luna's Concubine
One Tusk is a Full Moon elephant totem, that Exalted before the Great Contagion. He is a powerful warrior with an Essence rating of 4-5 (you are not quite sure which one, but it is up there), and has agreed to take on the lot of you as his apprentices. He is a harsh teacher, is very strict, and is sparse with his praise, but when you have earned the rare smile, you know you have done well.


The valley in which you live is hidden away from prying eyes by powerful magics that 'convince' people to avoid noticing it. Protected by reality generators to keep the Wyld at bay, along with weather control towers to keep the temperature at a pleasant level, the valley is home to three thousand permanent residents that look up to One Tusk as their lord and protector, both humans and a few beastmen. Outside of the valley, there is a desert tribe known as the Vashni that provide an additional level of protection from intruders. They are a fiercely independent and tough warrior tribe, and they take their task of keeping interlopers out of the valley very seriously.

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