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Fandom Looking for Star Wars, Animorphs, Naruto, X-Men



  • Hi there! My name is Noam. I’m 22, use they/them pronouns, and I’m looking for a partner for an RP in the Star Wars, Animorphs, Naruto, or Marvel fandoms.

    A little bit more about me: I’m a big science fiction fan, and I love world-building, banter, and platonic relationships between characters (though I’m certainly not anti-shipping by any means). I have a fairly time-consuming job, so my free time is limited, but I will be able to reply at least twice a week if we’re doing longer posts, or every other day for shorter ones. My post lengths can vary—sometimes it’s appropriate to write only a few sentences, sometimes multiple paragraphs. I RP via PM, forum threads, or e-mail.

    I’ll happily write relationships between characters of any and all genders, but in general, romance isn’t my biggest priority while writing.

    I’m trans & gay myself, so if you want to have an LGBT OC, or an LGBT interpretation of a canon character, I’m totally down for that. (Or more colloquially: everyone in Star Wars is trans, fucking fight me)

    I’m very OC-friendly, please introduce me to your characters! I also enjoy doubling, mostly because I like group dynamics rather than for shipping reasons, but it’s definitely not required. I’ll ship pretty much anything, with a few exceptions that I’ll note as they come up. I seriously love any kind of AU—modern, high fantasy, Victorian, role-swap AUs, lay it on me.

    You can click through the tabs above to see my plot ideas for different fandoms! If you don’t like any of them, but still want to write with me, no worries—we can come up with something together!
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Put that 'me' in 'someone'!
Oh wow, another fan of animorphs, I can't believe it!
I'd love to do an rp with you where our OCs find Elfangor and the cube, if you're still looking!
I just can't start PMs yet since I'm still <10 post count, so you'd have to send me a pm if you're interested :)


just a stranger
oooh that new hope au is real shiny, but could I ask for more details in how it would go? Would this largely be rehash of the original trilogy, or...?


Writing is fun...Right?
Ah, if you're still up for Animorphs I'm all in!
I'd prefer OCs, if I haven't lost you.


oooh that new hope au is real shiny, but could I ask for more details in how it would go? Would this largely be rehash of the original trilogy, or...?
Honestly, we could go any direction we wanted to with it! A straight up rehash of the first trilogy probably wouldn't be that interesting, but we could make this as AU as we wanted, with the twins trading places being just the first point of divergence. I'd love to talk through it with a partner and figure out what we want to do, if you're interested!


Marvel's Minon
Noam Noam Yes Star Wars! I would love to do a prequel rp with you! Have you seen the clone wars series? I was thinking maybe doing something AU with that! Also what characters would you be interested in playing? I have a female oc I would really love to use :)


Doesn’t Play Straight Dudes Romantically
HELLO. Sorry for the caps but I’m very excited because we have a lot of similar likes and wow!! Okay I would love to do something Star Wars or X-Men with you!!

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