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Looking for some roleplays!


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Okay so I have a couple plots I'm interested in right now.

Please write paragraphs.

Be literate. Be nice. Be flexible.

Play a male character.

Roleplays do not have to have romance, I like natural arcs.

Plots in spoilers are filled.

Rose Weasley x Scorpious Malfoy ----

So depending what age you wanna play them at; I have always loved playing them with the dynamic of secret friends. School aged I was thinking them being paired together for a project; adults I was thinking that they work together. Just little starting points, we can hash it out.

Celebrity x Fan ----

So I all I have is a starting point, your character is a celebrity; my character is very average. After work early afternoon she's at the park sometime; literally bumps into your character (who's run off from his entourage to have some 'time to himself') she apologizes and tells him to have a good day. He is surprised by the fact that she isn't asking for an autograph or a picture and thinks she doesn't know who he is. She admits she's a fan, but also respects that he's a person. And yeah. See where it goes.
Ancient Egypt; Royalty x Servant ----

Loose plot; my character is a servant in the palace who was taken from her home as a child, although she has been in egypt for several years she still longs to return home. One day she finds word from another servant that her brother is allegedly in egypt, bearing the scar of an accident from a story my character has shared. The next day she is offered freedom for both her and her brother by a high priest if she will complete a task. She hastily agrees, only to find out she's been asked to deliver a poisoned drink to the prince (since the pharoah is sick) and yes.
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Hello, I'd be interested in doing the Celebrity × Fan, if it's available. Also I would have sent you a private message, but alas I don't have ten posts yet. Oh and I feel that I can meet all your requirements as well. Looking forward to hearing back either way. Thanks and I hope you have a wonderful day.


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I am interested in the Celebrity/fan pairing. it sounds fun! :3

And I am totally okay playing as a male character >:3

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