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Fandom Looking for partner to do Star Wars (oc x oc)

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Action, Adventure, Star Wars
(Edit: 03/22/20)
Hi everyone!

I decided to edit this thread, because it seemed like it was the easiest one and the one with the most information on it already. (I didn't have a thread yet, that I could bump)
Since we're all in the corona crisis now and many of us including me are bored, because there's literally nothing to do, I decided to go on partner search for a new Star Wars role play.

Here's a bit about me:
- I'm 15
- I've been roleplaying for almost a year now (next month is when I reach one year (yay!))
- Depending on what's happening, I switch between one-liners and semi-literate, but I always try to write grammatically correct
- I'm a huge fan of OOC chat, as I love to meet people and make new friends
- I have 3 characters I could play: a smuggler/thief, a Padawan and/or a Senator just tell me which one would suit your OC or what you have in mind.
- I am also ditch friendly

Here's what I want from you:
- Even though I'm ditch friendly, I'd still enjoy if you told me that you feel like this is going nowhere and/or if you'll be gone for a while

And now most importantly: No romance. I just want a bunch (maybe not even that) of friends hanging out.

So that's It for my little thread
I hope to hear from you soon!
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