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Multiple Settings Looking for a partner! Who's up for it? (always open)

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Hey everyone!
First of all here's a link to a song I've been "binge-listening" if you're interested. (go watch it! Now! (jk – or am I))

Music aside now – let's talk business. I don't really know how the "spoiler" thing works, so we just have to do everything written down boringly. Bear with me please.

Fandoms I'd be interested in doing:
- Star Wars
- Harry Potter
- Glitch Techs
- She-ra
- How to train your dragon
- The Orville
- Dragon Prince
- the owl house
and so on. So if you'd have an idea for something that isn't on there, just ask. I might know it.

No Romance, but that's it

And last but not least, a little about me as a person:
- I'm 16
- I prefer OC over Canon
- I love chatting OOC, though it's not a must if you don't like to do so
- My time zone is CE(S)T

I guess that's about it and I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
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