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Realistic or Modern Looking for a man to my lovely guy!


Hello there!

So recently created this character and am dying to write with him!
I am looking for a love interest for him and am okay with slow romance.

I am open to most ideas!
Not too interested in pairing him up with a fan but if you have an interesting idea feel free to shoot me a pm!

I hope you are +20 just because I am too and it will make me more comfortable with writing.
Hopefully, you can also reply at least a few times a week.
Write in the third person.
At least a few paragraphs and no one-liners.

So here is my character:


Remy Fields
22 years old

Remy was raised in a poor neighborhood. His parents both had drug problems, and his childhood was miserable. He never usually talks about his childhood.
When he was sixteen, he left home to try living on his own. He flipped burgers and cleaned toilets to make some money but eventually, he ended up living on the streets. He has always been bad with money and would use all of his money in one day and always forget to pay the rent.
Remy made money by playing his guitar and singing in the streets. He stayed where ever he could, but it all changed a few years ago when a music agent heard him sing.
The man invited him to the studios and wanted to hear him sing on tape. That day Remy made a deal with the label, and his music career began.

The hype around the new singer was huge, and soon he had millions of followers on social media.
When his album was released, it stayed on top for many weeks, and their world tour was sold out in minutes.

He has been described as sex on legs because he has a raspy yet soft voice and a unique stage presence. On the other hand, he is the sweetest guy you will ever meet who always has time for fans. All in all, he has no clue himself how desirable he actually is, and that, of course, makes him even more attractive to most people.
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