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Colosseum Longterm Rp Search: Dragon Fights!

  1. Yougan
  2. Solo queue!
  3. Volcanic!
  4. 365.76 meters (1200 ft), 91.6 tons
  5. Yes. He can siphon his magmatic energy to create and/or conjure volcanoes within the arena that can erupt on his command.
  6. Yes, I'm fine with insults relating to the dragons' power and fierce, not for any real-life insults. But I might not be the best at using them myself.
  7. Yes, I'm fine with whatever is in the bounds. As long as there's no killing... at least no perma-death.
  8. I participate in this by my own will and I am the only one responsible for my mental health, I understand and agree with this. For real. Bring it on!

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