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Fantasy Life on the Sea


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On the Island of Tortega a crew of pirates where sitting around a table sipping on drinks. The tavern was the high class place. Of course that wasn't saying much on this island.

Pulling out the map Captain Ravin Teris looked at his crew. "This is where we are headed." He said as he pointed to an island right outside of Flovia's control. "According to rumors the Pirate Lord Cortez left a large fortune hidden there." He said. Of course he knew the journey there would be dangerous. With the Navy becoming more frequent so far out from the mainland and the merfolks leaving their ocean homes. "Dolen think you can plot us a course?" He asked.

Looking over he saw a wanted poster and cringed.

Wanted Dead or Alive. Beneath those words was a cliche looking pirate eyepatch and all. With white hair.
Underneath the picture read Ravin Teris one hundred coins. 'Least they could do was get my face correct.' He thought before turning his attention back to his crew.

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Joe would avert his gaze from his drink to where ever Ravin was looking. Joe would see Ravin’s wanted poster and try his best to hold in a laugh. As Joe calmed himself down he would slowly gets up from the table and silently walk over to the wanted poster and grab it off the wall. Joe silently walks back to the table and slam down Ravin’s wanted poster. Joe's laugh from before resurfaces but he forces the laugh to be silent. "Look at this guys! It looks just like him!" Joe says quietly but dynamically. Joe holds the wanted poster right beside Ravin's face. Joe continues to laugh.
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Dolen looked at Ravin's wanted poster, and you could see confusion on his face. He looked nothing like this, aside from the thin face and olive skin. Ravin didn't even have an eyepatch. Where was the blue in his hair? He looked at Ravin's and raised his eyebrows a little.
"You look old in this poster." He muttered to Ravin's picture, but also loud enough for Ravin to hear. It was an insult to the picture, not the captain.
He didn't want to see his own, or Joe's, if they had any. More inaccuracies in the pictures, probably.
Flovian territory was probably not the safest place for them to be, let alone to carelessly sit and enjoy some drinks of questionable quality at a somewhat reasonable price in a tavern. However, right then, Eodriel couldn't care less. Not so long ago, she wouldn't had thought she'd be so excited for an adventure of any sort. Yet there she was, listening to Teris' new plan, looking forward to the day they'd set sail.

When all attention turned from the map to the poster, as Joe compared the poster to Ravin's face, Eodriel couldn't refrain from laughing. "Like two drops of water!" She said, hardly stopping the beer she'd been drinking from coming through her nose. "Also, look at the bounty! I'd very much like to meet someone who would go out of their way to capture our Captain for the impressive sum of one hundred coins. Still, it seems that you're becoming famous here, aren't you?" She smiled at Ravin.
Ravin looks at his first mate and doctor glaring daggers at them. "Just wait till you get a wanted poster. I bet it will be worse" He whispered before smiling as he called over a bar maid he handed her an octagon shaped coin. "Refill. Whatever is left over is for you darling." She smiled and nodded.
"Next round is on you Joe."

Giving his doctor his full attention he nodded. "Everyone has to start somewhere. Soon enough we'll all have bounties worth ten times this."

He turned his attention to Dolen. "Thank you." He said understanding what Dolen met.
"Back to the subject at hand." He tapped the map where the island was. "Think you can get us here? Safely. "
Joe smiles, laughing thinking about how funny his wanted poster will turn out being. Joe turns his attention back to the map. “Pirate Lord, huh.” Joe comments. “So there will be a lot of treasure?” Joe grins and finishes what’s left of his drink. Joe turns his head to Ravin smiling; “Wanna make a bet?”
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It occurred to Dolen that another question had been asked, and nodded in the affirmative that he could. The adventure Dolen had been on with the crew had been amazing. He was glad that he has run away from his old life.
"I'll see if I can plot the safest course. Can I please look at the map?" Dolen pulled out a knife as a way to use a pointer and tracer.
The mention of treasure and a pirate lord made him sit up straighter. There might be higher stakes.
The captain was becoming infamous here. But at least the artist hadn't known of Ravin enough to get his face right. And, he hadn't noticed wanted posters of the rest of the crew.
Ravin moved the map closer to Dolen so the navigator could get a better look. Finishing off his ale he looked into the cup and thought over the treasure. Taking out his last octagon he placed it on the table. "I'd say atleast a billion Coin. According to the reports Cortez was taken out last rotation(year) by Warden Godfrey of Northern and Admiral Orientem." He said with a hint of sadness in his voice. "He placed everything he had left somewhere on the island."
"A billion, huh?" Joe looked intrigued. "Talk about hitting the jackpot." Joe smiled and looked around at the tavern. "We'd probably be able to do a whole lot with that much coin." He spots the waitress. He waves. "Like buying beautiful women, beautiful things." Joe smiles. He sighs. Joe turns to Ravin "So, when do we head out?"
'Easiest path...' Dolen pondered, looking at the island thoughtfully. 'Assuming geography isn't a jerk, the easiest path is...' Dolen stopped, as he realized the islands between the two destinations were few and far between on the path he was considering. They'd have little chance to restock. Dolen looked at the map again. Geography was going to be a jerk. The island was placed in such a way so that you had to endanger yourself in some way. He took the map off the table and began to study it some more.

Furthermore, the island was neutral if politics, so getting to the treasure would be quite messy. It was probably well-known. So, actually, the dangerous(but not fatally so) routes might be the crew's best bet. Dolen had a fairly good handle on geography, but even the Night Star hadn't sailed everywhere.
Populated, flourishing islands....After 20 minutes, Dolen jerked his thumb at the islands, and then made a chopping motion. It was code for sailing between islands, but no idea which ones.
Ravin saw the motion and nodded. "Alright than." He moved his hand and took out a second pouch of money. This was what he designated as ship funds. "Let's go and get supplies." He divided the money up giving everyone 2 star coins. "Joe find atleast two weeks of food, doc get whatever supplies you think you'll need." He proceeded to tell the silent members of the crew. "Meet back at the ship in a couple of hours." He said before standing up.
Joe looks back at the coins. “Understood, captain.” Joe stretches his arms out then stands from his chair. He grabs the coins and starts walking towards the tavern woman. Joe grabs the her hand bringing it up to his lips and kisses her hand. Joe then places a 2 octagon coins and a square coin, as a tip, in the hand he just kissed. “Bye, love. I do hope to see you again.” Joe then departs from the tavern and goes into the town market. He’d scope around the are looking for cheap meats, bread, vegetables, and fruit. And other things he’d be able to cook with and prepare for meals.
A billion coins indeed sounded tempting. However, in that case, it was safe to assume they weren't the only crew after Cortez's fortune.

After Ravin closed their meeting, Eodriel decided to take a walk around the docks, as she wasn't in need of any supplies. Being prepared for a longer expedition had become a habit of hers. A useful one, needless to say. Nothing out of the ordinary was happening in the harbor area; she could spot some people running errands here and there and others having conversations in every possible language. It was well past midday but still long before the sunset. Not having anything particular to busy herself with, Eodriel slowly headed in the Night Star's direction.
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Ravin shook his head at his vice captains actions. One of these days a woman is going to do something about it. Weather or not it's good only time will tell.

Looking around he saw some people eyeing him. He got up and walked out slowly going the long way to the Night Star incase anyone was watching
Dolen had long since walked back to the Night Star, slipping out. It was best not to discuss their plans out in the open. Code came in handy. He had learned from wandering to never draw attention to himself, so he appeared to be walking slightly aimlessly as if he had all the time in the world.

He wondered what supplies he'd need, so he focused on the medical supplies instead of the food or writing supplies and then went back to the ship. He sat down on the deck.
Joe made his way back to the ship with sacks of fruit, vegetables, and bread, as well as meats hanging over both of his shoulders. Joe does his best to get to and on the boat without anything falling. Joe had few close call but he managed to get on the ship without too much issue.
An old man with steel grey hair and goatee looked at the ship and drank a two gallon bottle of rum. He chuckled as he looked at the Night Star downing the rum wiping off the residue. He turned and walked away stopping to look at Ravin as he entered the docks. He nodded at the younger man as if he knew something as he left.

Ravin watched the man leave and wondered what that was all about. Shaking his head he boarded the Night Star. "Everyone ready?"
Joe puts the meal ingredients in the ship storage. “All good here, cap!” Joe locks up the storage and pockets the key, making sure no one can sneak in and eat all of the food. Joe heads up to the deck and leans back against the mast.
Dolen gave a thumbs up, putting the medical supplies in Sick Bay. "I still need to finalize the route. Any suggestions? I was thinking of sailing through some islands, just don't know which ones." Dolen said as he came up beside the first mate and captain. After all, he hadn't traveled to every island, just a few. Dolen navigated surprisingly well in a city.
"Helmsman take us out." Ravin said as the salt water filled his nose as he grinned from ear to ear. He looked over to Dolen and thought for a moment.

Grabbing his map of the Flovian Islands. He frowned as he saw the options"Hmm Cana or Rishi." He said showing them. They were close to the island they were going to. "Problem is Rishi is firmly in The Priest's territory. He isn't known for provocation but really can't be certain with one of them. We'll have to be discrete." He breathed. "As for Cana it's the eastern Naval headquarters. Don't think I need to tell you why thats a problem."

He bit his thumb as he thought it over. "If we try and go around that would add a week to our travel." He looked at his navigator. "What do you think."
Joe looks to Dolen. “What’s it gonna be kid?” Joe thinks about of the possibilities of what would happen if they went to the island. Joe also thought about the kinds of women he’d meet on the islands. He smiled.
Two ships met in open water. One bore the flag of the Navy while the other has a simple green and red flag.
The Priest Warden of the region looked at the Navy ship and frowned.

Ever since Cortez was defeated Admiral Orientem had been hounding them thinking they had the treasure. Which they didn't. He looked over at four of his men. They all took out their bows and arrows. The tips of the arrows turn blue. "Wait till I give the order." He said. "We don't need to start a fight." He said. The last thing he needed was to put his people in a fight.

"They're asking to board... It's Colton." The first mate said. The Priest nodded.

Captain Colton looked like many Flovians the olive skin, short black hair and a full beard. A few hints of grey for a man of forty eight "Col." The Priest said. "We don't have it." He said firmly.

Col nodded letting out a breath. It was clear Col didn't want to be here as much as The Priest didn't want him there. "Tell your men to stand down." Col said before pulling a bottle of Flovian wine out of his jacket and handing it to the Priest.

He took it and looked at the man. It was clear Col was tired of everything. "We tried sending men but they all go missing." The Priest said. " From the reports other pirate groups have as well. Only a fool would go looking for it."
Col nodded at that. "I'll tell the Admiral...." Col paused as he looked at a wanted picture. "He one of yours?" He asked. The priest raised an eye and looked over to the new wanted pictures he saw the top one Ravin Teris. Col walked over and grabbed it. The priest saw as Col's face went from stunned to angry to sad. "He isn't those are recent bounties. Do you know him?" Col looked up from the picture. "Yeah I do. Though the picture is all wrong." He said as he handed it back. Some tears forming in the man's eyes.

He wiped his face and brought back his usual stoic appearance
"I'll let Admiral Orientem know." He said before walking towards his boat. He stopped amd turned his head back. "Take care Godfrey." "You to Colton."
As much as the quantity of medical supplies was more than enough, Eodriel appreciated that Dolen had thought about buying them. She stood by the starboard, slightly leaning over it, watching the distance between them and the harbor slowly grow longer. She let out a chuckle upon hearing Joe call Dolen a kid. "If anyone should be considered the kid of the group, it would have to be our captain. Wonder if Joe's ever gonna call him that," she pondered.
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Dolen pointed to two well-inhabited islands that still led to the islands. He couldn't believe he was employing this logic, but the safer they were, the more danger they were in. Not that he shared those thoughts aloud. Committing crimes was also a very bad idea, even if that was officially the Night Star crew's job.
"Assuming nothing holds us up, the trip should take us less than a month." The distance on the map was on the shorter side, but still not that short, so he had provided such an estimate.
His captain had also raised the concern of going around and Dolen saw the point. He considered for a bit of time before he changed islands so that they went through two islands that would almost be considered through them. That wouldn't add as many days as a week, but still more than before.
"This trip will take us a few days more than the original route I had planned." He traced the new route with his finger.
Ravin looked up at his Navigator and nodded. "Alright let's do it." He said putting his trust in his navigators knowledge. He turned to their helms man and told him where to head.
Once they were off he headed to the bow taking out his telescope he watched for trouble.

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