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Fantasy Life on the sea: A pirate fantasy adventure


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Would you rather die free on your feet or live in the chains of society on your knees?

Flovia considered the smallest of the Necroian Kingdoms is infact the largest with a vast Empire of islands spreading from Necros to the continent of Nimeria far to the east.

Because of their large spread of Islands there are areas that can't be protected all the times. This has made piracy wide spread throughout Flovia. Whether it be those that intentionally do harm, or those that don't want to be chained down by the nobility. That those in power deem outlaws.

This is the story of a pirate crew as they seek freedom and treasure.
Hello !! Before I continue, is this an interest check or the start of a thread? I'm extremely interested in a fantasy pirate setting, and would love to join !
Many thanks 💖💕💝
This sounds like a blast. I'd be willing to join if you're still looking?

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